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Hello and welcome to our channel! Here you will find lots of fun for everyone. We create super funny compilations. You can watch a lot of funny videos about animals, pets, cats, dogs, kids, babies, fails and so on. We guarantee that you will laugh super hard and leave our channel with a smile on your face!
We are opened to all kind of interesting animal clips so feel free to share them with us. If you
think your furry friend deserves to be famous, send us youtube links or clips of your pet to:
The content in our compilations is licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. If you have any questions about compilation or clip licensing, please contact us: tigerlicensing@gmail.com
You are free to share our videos' URL on any other social media and web pages. DO NOT REUPLOAD videos to your channel or any other channels. Reuploading our videos will result into a copyright strike.



  • :)

  • why are you using my content without my consent ?

  • This whole "Tiger" channel is inappropriate and NOT funny. I will avoid this channel in the future.

  • try to make it more funner

  • Grumpy cat and moustache cat memes plz

  • *******

  • videos where animals are hurt are not funny, they are horrible and should be banned!

  • your channel should be banned from youtube! u post videos about cats and dogs (mostly cats) get harmed, i watched one of your videos (before i knew about the channel) and i saw a cat with a plastic bag on its head! it could have been dead and its NOT nice to watch cats get harmed!, i hope you'll see this comments because it is VERY important!.

    • Stfu, you should be banned from youtube for posting that comment. Better get outta here then, if you don't like it! He didn't put the bag on cat's head so what huh? Idiot.

  • Your videos are disgusting, cruelty to animals is not funny at all. I asked youtube to remove your channel. Shame on you!

    • I thought the same thing glad someone else agree!.

  • My grandchild loves you guys!!She watches you guys everyday here in Fresno!!Keep up the good work!!;D

    • animal cruelty is not funny. Children should not watch this and consider it funny.

  • best vids ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! also I love ur cat vids

  • How is it funny when a child repetitiously slaps a cat and the mother yells at the cat because its being smacked which is ABUSE! So funny. Idiot you are. You Tube needs to take down your abusive videos.

  • All your submission feature several clips depicting animal abuse. Why this channel still hasn't been terminated is beyond me

    • I agree. I will intentionally avoid this "Tiger" channel in the future. NOT FUNNY at all.

    • stop whining and grow up.

  • jesus how many channels does this guy have

  • Now where do I start First of all, I want to say that your content is disgustingly, horribly bad When you wanted to start a DE-tv channel, did you think you were funny? Did you really think this through? I think not or not as much I saw 1 of your videos. It was the most unnecessary and boring thing that could exist on a video website. Apart from your weird and almost non existent taste of humour, you are also a normie. I bet you don't know what this means because judging from your channel you haven't kept up with the internet for eons. A normie, horrible creator, is someone who doesn't understand internet culture and just consumes and takes whatever they like with no opinion or reasoning. I can see that you have an ancient dead meme on your banner. That literally gave me cancer when I came to your channel. These types of videos mostly appeal to small children that don't know what clickbait is or don't mind the terrible structure of your content, from music to images. So the minority of people who like your videos are easily "programmable" kids. Do not use clickbait or things like this to grow, especially with a young audience. This is a dirty way of growing. I don't want people getting unmotivated or having a bad day after watching videos like this. Because I know I got unmotivated and didn't want to continue thinking, creating and making art. I'm talking to you as a outsider, someone who understands the internet and actively creates to contribute to it, whether this is art, memes and discussions. Please rethink your presence as a channel. You have more haters than subscribers. People do not like you. This is not something you want. I can also see that you have more channels. I bet you do for getting more money, because I saw how many ads you put in your videos. Filthy scum.

    • Hes totally right this person is cruel

    • tl:dr wall of text. (i know i am being a little biased here,but i just don't feel like reading a wall of words THAT LONG, especially if it's a hate comment)by the way, how are your fingers doing?

  • Like i said in one of your videos, your channel needs to be removed. Your videos used to be good before all you posted was misleading titles and thumbnails. Maybe if you posted actual funny content you'd have 1 mil by now.

  • subscribe my channel, please (thx for help): de-tv.net/ch/UCFHjPVH3piivv_DNPoGfALQ

  • you suck. your name, your music and watermark. die.

  • You guys have like, the BESTcat videos around!!!!

  • Cats or any animal for that matter, should never have anything plastic over their faces. This can cause them to panic which raises their blood pressure, makes their hearts race and they can pass out. It happened to my cat when she got hold of one my shopping bags, plastic, and it wrapped around her neck. I had a real problem catching her. She passed out and I took her to the vet who said it was a close call. Today, all plastic bags are in a cupboard or drawer. This is not funny at all.

  • Was soll das, Selbstbefriedigung?

  • Wow! I love your videos, and I love tigers too!

  • Bro, Can you suggest me about my channel? I always follow your videos and I wonder how do you do research so good to make those videos.

    • I hope you achieve great success not posting animal cruely

  • Keep funny.. '(^_^)' good luck..

  • Where do you get videos ? I have seen my daughter in one of your clips that I have not given permission for anyone to use

  • Redneck dilemmas: My sister is also my doctor because she cured my virginity.

  • So wonderful Channel, thanks a LOT

  • Refer With a Dog Trainer - Part 2 We are back with more answers about dog training and obedience from Joanne Lekas, owner/operator of Happy Dog Behavior Training out of Waltham, MA. Mrs. G: Joanne, what is the biggest training mistake that humans make when training or interacting with their dog? Joanne: Well, the first that comes to mind is speaking to your new puppy in English and expecting him to understand what you want him to do. Anticipating at him saying, "Sit, Sit, Sit," will not teach him Respect to sit. You must get the behavior first, usually with a food lure, and once you are predictably getting the behavior, THEN add the command just before the behavior happens. Beast consistent with this order of things will ensure that your pup will get the connection between the action and the command that goes with it. The help biggest mistake is ignoring your puppy when he is being good and providing all kinds of attention (even negative) when he is doing things that you don't want him to do. Endow with spontaneous acts of good behavior and these are the behaviors that your puppy will soon chose to do on his own, without prompting from you. Mrs. G.: How should one go about choosing a training venue? Joanne: Whenever possible, use personal references and observe a class. Mrs. G.: What if a dog owner cannot afford classes and/or cannot fit them into their schedule? Joanne: Other good options are books, DVDs, dog training websites, DE-tv and even some TV shows. Be included for shows that use positive reinforcement training. I'm happy to provide reading recommendations to anyone who wants to contact me. Mrs. G.: What's your favorite training experience? Joanne: I love teaching puppy classes. Absolute is cuter than a room full of puppies playing. But superficially I love enlightening and helping new dog owners. It makes my day whenever I get an email telling me of a client's good progress with their pups or telling me that things have improved since our session. Mrs. G.: If you had one thing to say to dog owners about dog obedience, what would it be? Joanne: Be patient and kind to your dog. Don't try to try to train when you are tired or frustrated. Don't get angry at your puppy. If you are feeling frustrated, take a break and play. If he does something wrong, teach him what you want him to do instead. If your puppy isn't responding to you, consider that you are probably working with too many distractions. Put about how you can make things easier for your pup by starting out in a quiet environment and moving into more distracting environments as they understand what is expected of them Thanks, Joanne! This has been enlightening and very helpful to our readers.

    • please, shorten the MASSIVE wall of text!

  • nice videos...

  • Hi Tiger FunnyWorks! I'd love to speak with you about some business! Do you have a business email I can contact? :D

  • Hello! I subscribe to your channel and your channel subscriptions me, please. Thanks.

  • Hi. In your compilation of funny dogs, what is the name of the ragtime melody? Love the music. Thanks

  • Nice channel. I enjoy a good pet video from time to time... My favorites are the kittens, simply cos they are always mischievous and daring... :)

  • Great channel!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great channel! You got me, I subbed. I too have many funny and excellent cat videos on my channel. I hope that you can come visit sometime, you will not be disappointed. Keep up the good work, my friends! (=^_^=)

    • They post vidoes of animal cruelty bruv


  • LOL great channel

  • привет красавица!подпишись на мой канал!я подписался на твой!поддержим друг друга!есть скайп?

  • I subbed back!

  • Please stop posting videos of "angry/scared" cats. Situations where cats are scared or angry are very serious, and can be very harmful to the cats. Please don't encourage people to make these kinds of videos and and post them as "funny cat videos". When cats react to inanimate objects (printer, power cord, other objects), that can be funny/cute. When cats are chased around by humans, and the cats are clearly trying to get away or defend themselves, that is not funny, that is abusive. Humans who do this to their cats should be reported. There are all kinds of "funny/cute" cat behaviors and actions that are not abusive. It's really not hard to tell the difference between a cat being funny and a cat being scared or threatened.

    • Agree 100%. I will avoid this "Tiger" channel in the future. It is NOT funny at all.

    • thank you, i was hoping someone would say this. except i hate when people intentionally show a cat an object they are afraid of, its not funny at all

    • I'm just saying what any cat expert or veterinarian would say.

  • All this time I was trying to understand why you quit your lego channel and now I think I know why!!!!! Is it because you don't want to make any more vids on that because it takes to long so you made this because it doesn't take as long and you have a lot more subscribers........ Am I right?

  • Noice vids.

  • Hii, loved the videos on your channel, lots of those are old time favourites of mine (especially the cat videos) Also read your "about" section, talking about copyright issues and stuff, I only really got one question about this. Do you guys ask the original owners permission before making the compilation videos? Just curious really :) Again keep up the good work

  • We have to appologize you guys, but currently we have lots of work and that is the reason for little bit more rear uploads... Thanks for understanding ;)

    • Your videos SUCK. They are NOT funny and they depict animal abuse.

    • you should apologize for posting videos of animal cruelty and stop posting them

    • can you tell me what software you are using for the video on here please... thank you

  • stupid dude!

  • The one on cats under anesthesia is very inappropriate and should be removed, these cats all belong under the supervision of the vet and should not be at home where they can hurt themselves, I notice most of the idiot human owners are not American, this tells me all i need to know.

    • What do Americans have to do with this? I'm Greek What I've gathered here is that Greeks adopt a lot of animals which had no home. They also have the needed things in order to own them. For example me and like 2 neighbours. We saved a cat. The cases of animal abuse in Greece are rare. Very rare. The most common thing is kids throwing small rocks at cats in villages, and that is also disappearing. What are you smoking? Are you saying that because we're not American we can't take care of animals? Or do Americans have stronger feelings on animals? Or maybe they know more things than us so that they're good owners, Hell, I don't know

    • You are racist.

  • hi hi i like your videos really very nice and i hope subscribe my channel

  • You have a great collection of shows, they're pretty hilarious. :D

  • Jesus loves you so much !

  • I like more cats than dogs. But, I'm sad you have remove " Funny comparison between dogs and cats " I have two cats: they aren't exactly so!

    • This thing is back, it's on our 2nd channel; Tiger productions.

  • looooool

  • i sub your channel funny vids though hope u sub back