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Find the craziness in engineering from me, Mehdi Sadaghdar, but don't try them at home...
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  • Are you Iranian?

  • Hey, Can you check this video out? de-tv.net/tv/video-BSdSDfOWbNs.html

  • DE-tv and all the demonetization bullshit really sucks, man, but people really love your videos, don't leave all your fans.

  • Hey, Mehdi. Originally I came to your channel because I saw an amazing compilation of you hurting yourself in your videos. Now that I've found your channel and seen your content, I can say that I am 100% a fan of yours. Thank you for teaching me things about physics and electrical engineering that I never learned in any school I've ever been to.

  • de-tv.net/tv/video-10AQeNIXm84.html

  • I subbed because Cody needed assistance, and you provided it. If Cody says you are good people then that is good enough for me. Excited to watch your videos now also.

  • I had to make this! de-tv.net/tv/video-65mahEXgK2E.html

  • Thank you for hosting this wonderfull channel. Please consider covering some of the rudiments of electricity.

  • Dear ElectroBoom Can you make a replica of Walter Lewin Faraday's Law demo? I would like to see if it can be replicated.

  • سلام اقا تشکر و خسته نباشید بابت این ویدیو ها ، خیلی زحمت میکشید و کانال متفاوتی با بقیه دارین راستی یه ویدیو دیدم که از نور لیزر برای چرخوندن یه پروانه کوچیک استفاده کرد واقعا یه همچین چیزی امکان داره؟ از دقیقه 2 این ویدیو به بعد de-tv.net/tv/video-MfyL7IZl4_I.html قبلش که چرتو پرته :D

  • sir I liked your videos and how you explain things. If you do not mind making videos on Two transistor series and shunt feedback amplifier and explain how they work it would be great.

  • de-tv.net/tv/video-6NjeJVyZp_k.html hey man>...check this out..... this man claiming of generating free energy....

  • Hey, i want to get into electronics so i built my self a lab power supply. Only thing i'm missing is a suitable transformer. I have disassembled one but i'm to afraid to connect it since i don't understand how it works to 100% Don't want to electrocute my self haha. Wanna push me in the right direction? The one iv'e got has multiple "winding's"? and that confuses me. I really want to get this lab running so i can start experiment and learn :D Very nice videos btw.

  • I dig your channel. You just need more videos to make more of that sweet youtube views money. Here is a link to a free energy concept ive not seen before. You should make one and tell us about it. de-tv.net/tv/video-pFC6unmgYFI.html

  • hey there, big fan of your channel been watching your videos since the electric guitar one haha. de-tv.net/tv/video-0pgiek6q7Vo.html a lot of people would like to know the science behind this, as you may notice in the comments, here s the link de-tv.net/tv/video-0pgiek6q7Vo.html thank you and hve a good day

  • Dear ElectroBOOM, 1) FULL BRIDGE RECTI 2) How come all Iranians are so much smarter than Westerners? In our own language? Seriously. Every Iranian I meet, even ones who've had the "same" "professional" training I had, always know WAY MUCH MORE THAN ME about ALL OF THAT TOPIC. Even though they're speaking in a second language for them. 3) Having watched your videos about not electrocuting yourself in the bath etc, I got thinking about grounding rods. In New Zealand, generally we ground the electricity in our houses. It's 240V AC. So grounding things seems like a good idea. Also, typically the copper (or lead) pipes for the watery stuff is grounded through the same rod. The rod is steel, I think it generally has a light hot dip zinc coating. The copper wire is clamped to the steel with a combination of steel/galvanised steel/something or other connection. Also, usually most of the components have been covered in lots of paint. GFCI outlets are uncommon. The wire connection is usually at the top of a foot-or-so long rod, and prone to being snapped off/blown off in the wind. They're also usually right next to a door and in the garden. These factors improve fatality rates. I always check mine, remove all paint, and remove all oxidation from the surfaces. Then reconnect them. Because of your videos, I checked the resistance of a dry and heavily oxidised grounding wire to rod connection across it by exposing the copper from under the insulation ~few CM up, and filing off a bit of the paint and zinc ~few CM down. After I got out of hospital, I turned off the oven and hot water cylinder and tried again. The resistance was 50 Ohms. It was very dry at the time. Then I checked the resistance between the rod and the dirt around it... Just a centimeter or so away, the resistance was over one megohms. Deeper down, it dropped to a few hundred kilohohms. The rod wasn't that super deep, about one foot down. At that level, the resistance was about 1000 ohms. But I had had to dig and pull stuff around, so that's not super reliable. I'm sure that when the soil is wet, it's a lot less... But still. After cleaning the connection and exposing fresh copper, the resistance in this gap dropped to 0.01 ohms. I wondered how well grounding rods like this can be relied upon. With the corrosion at the top where it's connected, and how rusty/degraded the rods get. Basically..... Why are we using steel instead of brass rods? Are we morons, or am I missing something?

  • Hey man - I love your channel. Keep up the great work. I don't understand much of the lingo you sling-o, but I'm definitely a fan. I would like you to do a video on the damn phone charging cables. I have been through too many cables (3 is too many, imo) and I'm tired of replacing them when the "fast charge" function stops working on my Samsung. It downgrades to "cable charging" and takes longer. How can I maintain the integrity of the cable so it lasts longer? Thanks!

  • it would be great if you can make a video to convert single phase to three phase

  • Mr Boom. Cody just did your experiment de-tv.net/tv/video-Zv6KQzlLwU4.html?t=4m20s

  • hi can you make a video about piezo electricity?????? keep great job

  • Mehdi can You make video about anti-jamm devices for GPS/GSM signal, if they really work?

  • de-tv.net/tv/video-acVc6H7wYbA.html

  • Thank you Mehdi for being such an amazing and informative DE-tvr. I really look forward to all of your videos and find them very informative and entertaining. I appreciate the amount of effort you put forth and wanted to let you know that current and future generations will be molded by your intuitive and critical thinking videos, myself included. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Is electrical engineering a good major to study today ?

  • This may be of interest to you: de-tv.net/tv/video-uTAKqQBw18E.html?t=60 I thought he was using a bunch of super capacitors to stick weld but a friend told me they're actually, supposedly, Li-Ion batteries.

  • Hello Mr ElectroBOOM. why don't you make a video about the so called V2K (voice to skull) technologies? this is something used for the purpose of harassment and targeting dissidents in order to discredit them and make them look "crazy" . keywords: organized harassment - targeted individual - gas lighting- gang stalking - DEW (directed energy weapon) -microwave weapon - microwave hearing. Thank you

  • Why does a fuse is placed in a live wire?Even though AC current alternates rapidly,the current should change its direction. Please Explain this.

  • you a crazy genius hahaha you funny

  • Please go to your Messages page. You can get there by clicking your account icon in the top right > Creator Studio. In the left menu under "Community," click Messages.

  • de-tv.net/tv/video-ThHrMW6Rtgg.html please check this one

  • Real or fake ? de-tv.net/tv/video-CirLMsI_OY4.html

  • Related to your Tesla Coil videos, check this guys PCB version. www.megavolts.nl/en/projects/tesla-coils/201-pcb-spiral-teslacoil-en

  • de-tv.net/tv/video-6NjeJVyZp_k.html what the hell is this?! debunk this. quickly

  • de-tv.net/tv/video-k20VKQ4e9K0.html Please tell me if the video is true or fake.

  • hello, i follow all your videos, i wanted to ask you what if a transformer (charger) is used is used the other way around?

  • Hello! I love your videos! I was wondering if a decent spot welder for 18650 cells can be made for cheap with maybe controllable amperage? It would be nice to see a comparison between soldering, DIY spot welder and proper spot welder with thermal imaging, and see the dangers (or not) of DIY soldering. I would not like you to die, but i would like to see a failing li-ion cell due to improper soldering....for scientific purposes!

  • Can you make a video on Arduino and its applications? They are popular among Electronic enthusiasts now a days.

  • Hi Mehdi. What is your take on this clown calling you out, and using you as an example of a moron in his video? de-tv.net/tv/video-yNaDpsK--8Y.html

  • Please do an electronics salvage video. I feel like I'm throwing away treasures when I throw away anything with electronics, but I'm unsure what to do with them, what's valuable to save, what's dangerous to discharge, etc.

  • Hello Mr.Mehdi, can you tell us this project is ture or fake? www.indiegogo.com/projects/batteroo-extend-battery-life-significantly#/

  • Hey, why don't you try to make a Piccolo CNC-bot, it so open sourced. Here is the site where you can find everything you need to know to make one. It only costs about $50, for a kit, I think. Or you can cut out or make your own just buying the supplies to make it from scratch. It's a super cool idea. A slightly practical application for your electrical engineering skills. Or maybe your could attach a laser to it and make the bot really powerful. I'd be fun to watch. Here a link to it's sight piccolo.cc/

  • Surprise! Im making you a intro!

  • I just checked out your video, dopeeeeee, stay blessed !!!

  • Hey @ElectroBOOM On your video "Is Space Travel Possible??" I want to point out at a mistake on 11:36. You say that we need to trow a basketball towards earth. Actually, to make the orbit higher or to escape earth orbit, you have to trow basketball backwards. with a rocket, you need to point your rocket along the tangent of orbit. Just look up prograde burn. trowing basketball like you said would be radial-in burn.

  • Can you rewiew this de-tv.net/tv/video-IjN1refTtHg.html :D :D

  • The Black Rahu Solar Eclipse de-tv.net/tv/video-0ILkHoaySeY.html?t=1 Why the Cavendish Experiment Is Ridiculous - Flat Earth de-tv.net/tv/video-pJ-7kbaHUgM.html?t=137 Airy's Failure Experiment- The Earth DOESN'T MOVE de-tv.net/tv/video-_dHMf9MYZmc.html?t=3 Tesla knew Gravity was just a bogus theory and that Einstein was a shill de-tv.net/tv/video-p2QmEcDydzQ.html?t=771 Gravity is Just Density de-tv.net/tv/video-Gg2URbkJo18.html?t=44 Why the Great Flat Earth Deception de-tv.net/tv/video-TJDDiDc2zyY.html?t=144

  • Love the Channel. Really makes me laugh.

  • @ElectroBOOM Hey. Robot here... Make some damn playlists out of your videos man! How can people be expected to watch all your debunking videos and share them with the ignorant masses, if you can't pull your thumb out of your ass and make some bloody playlists? cheers bruv!

  • FREE ENERGY! de-tv.net/tv/video-rac3FcCF4IE.html ---> Fake or Real ?

  • I really like your video, hope to add Chinese subtitles, thank you! I think a lot of Chinese are also watching your videos in Vancouver.

  • We want more shocking content..!

  • facebook.com/ElectricalTechnology.org/videos/1280259855418434/ Is it for real ?

  • I have a Original Nintendo, and I have been using a 12 Volt 2 Amps power supply on it. I was wondering if I could in any way damage the unit by feeding it more voltage and amperage. It's original power supply which I don't have feeds it 9 Volts 1.3 Amps. It works and it has not burned out, but in the long run is it bad or will it over heat? Maybe you could make a video on one and see if anything becomes warmer than usual?

    • Firstly regarding ampere, the rating on the power supply is how much it can supply not how much it will supply, all you need to make sure in this regard is that it can provide more power then whatever you are trying to power needs, in this case the NES wants 850 mA so your 2000 mA power supply is more then good enough. Secondly regarding the voltage makes sure your power supply is outputting 12v DC, if it is your are good to go. If it is 12v AC stop using it the voltage will be to high. To understand why you have to know that a X volt AC is the average voltage the peak voltage is higher, more precisely its X*√2. This is important because the NES rectifies the voltage from AC to DC and it is this peak voltage minus the voltage drop from the rectifier itself which is 1.1v that you will get. So a 9 volt AC input will become 11.6 volt ((9v*√2)-1.1v), and a 12 volt DC input will become 10.9 volt (12v-1.1v). So 12v DC runs cooler then 9v AC, so unless you get crashes or other otherwise unstable behavior from to low voltage you are good to go.

  • Kindly have a look in to this video and explain if its possible de-tv.net/tv/video-S1uCOOeUlnI.html

  • Teslaart de-tv.net/tv/video-niT8JArA6hw.html de-tv.net/tv/video-zuQm7BRD3B8.html :)

  • Please make a exposing video on this "Free Energy" Video de-tv.net/tv/video-ZppY5SWXV2s.html

  • You should make an episode where you transmit data through your body. Like download a .gif from one hand to the other or something... but don't die.

  • Is this even possible? facebook.com/HowToReady/videos/1388404671213708/?hc_ref=ARSmwjyLcyDPFmHx1YJ9RJbCCSz3B6TjgJHSW-RHI6YSVvXrAXq17_6LB7admFaRHp0

  • Here is an idea. You have a transformer and Megatro....I mean Magnatron. Why not explain to the folks how radar works! You said you haven't found a use for it yet. Just don't fry you internals with it.

  • hello Mr. Mehdi Sadaghdar sir i wanted to know what gives lightning or even regular electric sparks their color. the reson why i am fasinated by this question is i happened to come acrross a tv scince channel documentary that states a marx generator in Russia producing 6 million volts or some odd number of volts of a single bluish white lightning spark similar to a real thunderstorm. Although the generator is itself is abandoned the scientists there tested it once and got some footage. The documentary where i saw this was on a SCI. channel show called "Mysteries of the Abandoned". But my main question is what is the real color of lightning that is safe to assume without anyone getting physicallly hurt or burned by real life experience.

  • Can I charge my S8 using my induction cooktop?

  • Mehdi, I've seen a lot of videos online of people showing how to "hack" an Uninterruptible Power Supply using a 12v car battery. Most of the opponents of this "hack" say the UPS will overcharge the car battery and make it explode because UPS batteries charge to 13.75 and car batteries can't charge that high. Some say hydrogen gas will form and explode, or the UPS will get hot then melt and catch on fire. Could you explain the way a UPS actually works and show us the facts and truth behind this widespread internet "hack"?

  • An idea as a followup for the FULL-BRIDGE RECTIFIER, Flame rectification - what could go wrong? Its fire and electricity.. folks might find that fun to learn about.

  • users.beotel.net/~gmarjanovic/

    • A web design straight out of 1997.

  • Photonicinduction

  • Can you do an episode on Scientology e-meters? What do they really measure, and how do they do it?

  • imgur.com/gallery/YgRQQ/comment/1121204231 spotted in a store :D

  • Hi look at this :D i think its pretty much fake what are your thoughts ( de-tv.net/tv/video-Iix7TxquHR8.html )

  • Love what you do. Keep up the good work and giving away that free stuff ;) Props!

  • People dont realise how much work goes into maing vlogs... respect!!

  • ALL truthers NEED to POST 911 posts tomorrow, ONLY having FACTS. Like: 3rd building never being hit by plane. The owners policy change. Thermite molten lava. Israeli Art project "students" filming people from a helicopter standing up against the windows in the towers. Rolls Royce statement, engines can never disintegrate. Architects of the towers designing the building's integrity for MULTIPLE airplane accidents. Concrete does not pulverize from fires or free impact. Jet fuel evaporation and burning characteristics. Larry Silverstein admitting to "Pull" the WT7 3RD building. His speach about his appointments that morning. This being JUST the tip of it. All channels need to work together and POST video(Hopefully the same video) , the one that works best, and post it daily for a week, or as long as you can! Keep up the great work you do!

  • Do you know about a pc's motherboard in aquarium with full of baby oil ? They say baby oil doesn't fry the pc's motherbords component and allow better cooling because of baby oils non conductivety.... Can you believe that?

  • I miss this channel

  • Can you expose POS faulty Amazon products? Like the Uniden Atlantis 150? There are too many customers claiming it doesnt charge the batteries. The radio looks like it uses the same circuit board in their advanced versions and what a shock it has the same amount of complaints for the same issue. False advertising? Sh1t hardware? whats the deal?

  • Hi could you check what the heck this guy created? de-tv.net/tv/video-aqgI4P5ycoE.html It is some kind ob battery using sulfuric acid metal blades and aluminium foil but i wonder if it is not a scam. Thx ;)

  • Hey Electroboom, for your Jacobs ladder, the base where the wires come up from have to be closer together

  • use rubber cleaning gloves, we don't want a good youtuber to go away by literal "what happens next will shock you"

  • please make a vidio of how to set a good power factor for regulator capacitor controller , i need the best setting for saving cost on my factory

  • Hey there, I watch you on both Liveleak and DE-tv Well done.. How would you feel about debunking a Dr Who scene from Season 3, Episode 13, Sound of Drums from 27:37 onwards Regards Mike from New Zealand

  • This guy is crazy He puts electrical-ls into water like why would you have a toaster in your bathroom :D

  • Can you make a video on how to build a car battery from lithium ion 18650 cells? I would love to replace my lead acid battery with lithium ion!!!!!! Please do a DIY

  • I just love you. I haven't watched all your videos. Do you have any videos I should show someone who's trying to learn about the basics of electricity? :)

  • See how much energy you can take from a big ass radio antenna and a rectifier. Just how many antennas would you need to charge your phone? :3

  • Some people get killed because of using cheap guitar amplifiers. They got electrocuted while playing guitar. How is that possible? Can you make a video about that? Thanks.

  • facebook.com/NowThisFuture/videos/1710455195662320/ is this legit??

  • Please! Please! I beg you! Stop misinforming people. Human resistance is about 1 kOhm, not over 100 kOhms! The thing is with voltage under 50V current can't pass trough your skin! Normal tester shows 300kOhms, because it uses 9V or even lower! At 220V AC your body resistance will be 1kOhm!!! This is a very dangerous misinformation!

  • Is this fake? facebook.com/techinsider/videos/839256369606054/?hc_ref=ARQ-xLW-Dk5cXAurPYMM3OAEli9fPD_cOGrRXSsgoQeOhKsEX0a2B7GtLV6B4g4kr6I

  • your song is awesome

  • Hey man, you're totally crushed but I like you. You're funny and have a clue about what you're doing in a freaky way.

  • Ever considered making a cyclotron?

  • Which is more deadly? the UK 240v or the US 110v? Your thoughts?

  • RIP

  • hey boom! you should turn that microwave oven transformer into high current transformer by changing its secondary coil...i guess you know how to do it so please make it and try melting metals with it using high current...

  • I have an experiment for you. I was the sound guy at a local music theatre for a while and I used to end up with several used 9 volt batteries. I would put them in series by plugging them together in a chain. As I applied the latex to the actors to connect the microphones, I would dare them to touch the exposed connectors (using only 10 or so batteries). I decided to hook up all the 9 volt batteries I had one day to test, and I ended up with a 6 foot line of batteries. When I went to test them with a multi-meter, I guess my fingers were too close to the leads and I got a real jolt. The voltage was really high, just not much amperage, lol. I also used this trick to power leds and pc fans to get the voltage for on stage effects such as street lights and such. I enjoy your videos, your a brave man, lol, I hate the taste of electricity.

  • you. are. phenomenal.

  • great content please invest in a microphone that clips to your shirt the audio is horrible

  • hi, Mr.Full Bradge Rectifier ~im a poor chinese and im climbing across the wall to request one answer:r u cool man in ur daughter‘s eyes? what if she falls in love with somedude makes cool stuff like u but not as professional as u r?

  • 我是一只只会喊666的咸鱼

  • Love Your Stuff! Free Idea: (150 piezoelectric transducers) Glued & Linked on plastic or metal strips into a sandwiched composite Bow for whatever a lot of hand powered electricity will drive. Laser tag with bugs!!!

  • hey Mehdi! you're my idol :) I have a question: why is there some current running on the plastic case of my old laptop? it also happens with the new(ish) one sometimes, which has a case plated with some aluminum alloy. It's easier to feel if you only lightly touch the laptop with one finger. It feels like it's humming (or vibrating very lightly and very high freq). Most often it's not strong enough to be felt as a voltage. Once I was using it in a old house and I could clearly feel the current on the palm rest, and even hear it hum like a star wars light sabre. Then it suddenly disappeared. What is going on? is it because the house mains are not grounded properly? is it because some other appliance is feeding noise which travels on top of the AC signal and the laptop power supplies can't filter it out? but at any rate, why should I feel this current on a plastic case? what's your take?