Aliens under the Ice - Life on Rogue Planets

Am 27 Dez 2018 veröffentlicht
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Out in the vast coldness of outer space, there are planets that travel alone through darkness without the boundaries of a system. Here’s how this can happen - and why these frozen deserts might secretly harbor alien life.
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  • The first 1000 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare: - Thanks a lot to Skillshare for supporting this channel.

    • +Avery Hernandez LOL

    • What will the next video be about

    • Please find the channel that will translate your videos into Russian or Ukrainian. There was once a channel that translated but it disappeared and I do not think it was with your consent, and so it will pay you for the content (Пожалуйста, найдите канал, который будет переводить ваши видео на русский или украинский язык. Был когда-то канал, который переводил, но он исчез, и я не думаю, что это было с вашего согласия, и поэтому он будет платить вам за контент)

  • This is so cool! There are so many things I didn't know, I didn't even know those types of planets existed! I always thought places like that had nothing.

  • Awesome channel! Im in for a binge lol. This video hooked me

  • But the plants can develop to capture energy from the heat or by eating smaler organisms, just like some plants on Earth.

  • Good episode. BUT 6:18 is quite ignorant. Replace the ocean surface with the earth's mantle, the liquid ocean with atmosphere and space, the icy ceiling with the human observable universe, we human's are just as limited. It is just a matter of perspective, beings that can comprehend and travel through multiverse will view us human's with the same pity. Perhaps not, they should be intelligent enough to know better.

  • Hey, think someone of you that if rougue planet will be attracted with gravity to big star or source of energy, the ice will be melted and organisms can be free and development can continue. Or they will be just free to find the earth:D

  • WRONG! Due to global warming, these ice sheets must melt!

  • 6:38 unless the planet is extremely lucky and goes into orbit with another star system and is in the Goldilocks zone!!

  • "Shh.. No tears"

  • So good animation

  • There needs to be a game of kurgzesagt.

  • Who clicked because of the thumbnail?

  • 5:55 tho: "Shhh... no tears." -unknown life form

  • Aliens under the ice e.g. the Mountains of Madness

  • Shhhh.... No tears

  • Time to feel depressed and sorry for aliens that might theoretically be alive under those circumstances! Man, I love kurzgesagt.

  • Make a video on the flat earth and if it would be possible

  • why all the humans shown in this channels:s videos are all female? fucking feminist channel

  • Anyone else recognize that snail from adventure Time? He was there in the end.

  • what if we're just like this trapped creature not knowing about the outside world because we don't have the crucial part to further our technology. SO we're gonna be trapped on earth for eternity waiting for our end.

  • No one noticed the snail from Adventure time?

  • I'm going to buy a bird.

  • 3:08 kurzgesagt animation being taken to a whole new level

  • tis reminde me of subnautica

  • Спасибо тому, кто перевёл для русских субтитров!

  • The temperature on the planet is exactly 3.15 celsius away from absolute zero

  • Beautiful video. I never considered rogue planets ... but now that I think about, they're an eventually. I'm surprised to not have heard of any science fiction using Rogue planets

  • i love your animation it is so fascinating

  • That Adventure Time snail finds itself everywhere

  • I like to think us humans may find ourselves in the same position the alien fish are at, at the bottom of the ocean under all the rock hard ice (5:55) existing in their perception of their universe, and the universe we live in is like their habit under the deep ice, and us humans are yet to pass through our “ice” barrier and discover the true meaning of our universe that lies above...

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  • I love the soundtrack ❤️

  • Heat death of a planet. Compared to the heat death of the universe

  • great, now im having existential terror for life I don't even know about now. thanks.

  • Nice

  • we must give a home to every rouge planet

  • A planet with a global ice sheet is just a egg

  • 5:55 *sshhh... no tears* That is brutal.

  • This sounds like an interesting premise for a story...

  • 4:57 adventure time snail

  • really good animation!

  • So what youre telling me is. Cthilu mythos is right?

  • Did you help animate bowmasters

  • There could be an film on this shit wtf. The end was sooooo great !!

  • This remember me subnautica

  • 毎度面白い…

  • Shhh.... no tears.😂 5:56

  • I also love gloomy future scenarios!

  • Lfice?

  • Next vidéo -> how to create a creature Everybody like this please

  • But, where will all the gases from cellular respiration and chemical reactions go? We know bacterias and plants created some parts of oxygen, animals gave CO2 and civilizations gave Greenhouse Gases. If same happens to underwater civs won't the gases accumulate to the underceiling of the Ice?

  • I'm getting Subnautica sub zero vibes

  • Or the rogue planet could pass by a star and get captured by gravity into its orbit after which solar energy would melt the Ice crust etc...

  • где русские субтитры

  • Где русские субтитры???

  • *short answer, you would die.*

  • Where russian subtitles???

  • This is the first time I've watched Kurzgesagt on a bright HD screen with high FPS, and... My word. It's beautiful. *single tear*

    • Synalla how high where you when you said this

    • Synalla Shhh... No tears.

  • aw it is actually quite sad :(

  • Когда же русские субтитры

  • 3:07 please do more

  • Secret space programs are far more interesting, especially if they remain secret

  • It doesn't make sense that ALL life in the universe requires water. Why can''t life evolve to require something like liquid nitrogen?

  • Thank you rogue planets, very cool!

  • Aliens under the ice? AVP confirmed.

  • Пожалуйста, кто-нибудь, возьмитесь за русские субтитры.

  • Can a planet join a solarsystem?

  • cảm ơn bạn nào đã làm phụ đề việt

  • can you make a video which talkes about how a year works with earth and other planets.

    • btw, ur vids are very interesting :)

  • Vietnamese vietsub. Nice

  • Do Kurzgesagt please make more videos and have a kids and DE-tv channel please please I beg you I love you bye

  • very informative and funny video

  • what if humans are just like them, earth had all frozen microorganisms and all until we found the sun and started evolving

  • Can you make a video about zombie

  • I am really proud that a german chanel became so big and well-known. Sry 4 bad english.

  • is an single particle infinet if its not what is quark made of and what that is made of

  • Good edits

  • Who search "In a Nutshell"and this is been show up

  • got a question where s the oxygen

  • Can you do an video on what Radiation is and how it affects DNA?

  • The only reason people dislike these vids are because there jealous they don't know this much

  • Russian please

  • I have a question. How do personalities work? I know a part of it has to do with your brain so if i were to switch brains with someone else would my personality change ? Or would i stay the same. What type of changes would happen? Would it be small changes like favorite colors, foods, or places or would it be big changes like sexual orientation or what your desired career path would be ?? If i stayed the same then how would that work as well ??

  • 4:56 is that the snail from Adventure Time?

  • *see you in **-hell-** space, you handsome rogue*

  • Kurzgesagt, your videos may be scientific but i sense a bit of disconnection and possibly depression. It'll be sweet mate

  • well here´s a thing i never thought of!

  • Someone has been playing Subnautica...

  • Can you make a video about quasar jets? Thanks!

  • Why does it happen that by the end of the video I don't remember anything I watched?

  • Music??????

  • Could you make a video about cancer and free radicals? And maybe add in some new treatments

  • I love their videos, very informative and colorful so interesting for my niece and nephews. (shhh... no tears.)

  • Reminds me of the end of artificial intelligents

  • Kurzgenigger

  • The size of the universe

  • Cool

  • Discord server expired?

  • The cience is so good i love it

  • This is my favourite channel in the whole universe 👍👍