Bird Box (2018) KILL COUNT

Am 11 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
**Apparently I say Sandra Bullock's last name weirdly? Sorry, Sandy!**
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  • ►►Things you really don't need to comment on: Apparently I say Sandra Bullock's last name weirdly; the one body in the back of the loading dock is likely female even though I said I couldn't tell; the speed bump bodies are of the couple that left the house earlier; and yes, wow, I shaved down my beard. You don't need to comment on these things. I got it. I know. Thank you. ►Email MOVIE REQUESTS to (please don't leave them in the comments!) ►► NEW MERCH - hoodies and hats - available NOW at ► Support me at for rewards like explicit versions of Kill Counts, full-length commentary tracks, early releases, review videos, and more! ►►Check out the DEAD MEAT PODCAST - new episodes every TUESDAY - at ►Thanks for watching - comment with your favorite joke!

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    • Best DE-tvr on tubeyou

    • You should do a kill count on War of worlds

    • Dead Meat 🍖

    • /--/ 0 0 ( ) >

  • "I can't believe lydia dydia that" caught me off guard

  • Oh gawd

  • i wonder if a newborn baby can suicide too when they was looking the monsters.

  • Yay finally


  • Huh. My friends played this earlier.

  • Quite place- Can't speak Bird box- Can't see Taylor swift- can't you see~ You belong with me~

  • In the book, Olympia hangs herself in the attic with her umbilical cord. And a lot of this didn’t even happen 🙄😂

  • 8:50 "You have arrived" XD

  • Me: Oh I want to watch dis! Me at the start: Oh, I'm kinda creeped Me at the middle: Oh, I don't like this... I'll read the comments Oh, hi you reading the comments like me

  • I can’t be the only one who fucking hated Olympia...

  • 42 trending netherlands!

  • I’m ten watching this at night


  • 1:25 boy i thought it was burn from hamilton xD

  • These things are either aliens or ghosts

  • how the hell them birds survive the rapids in a box? I thought for sure they be dead.

  • You got one thing wrong, the person she slashed with a machete is actually still alive, from what I remember, he's actually the owner of that school place at the end. He's Al, or whoever that guy is. If you do a bit further research you'd realise, also, you're completely wrong about the death count. If you're doing a death count, then at least count the hundreds of other people who died as well. *Face Palm*

  • Next: don't walk or your foot will be cut.

  • Pls do and resident evil death count (Please include the dead zombies)

  • Finally I’ve been waiting for this 😂!

  • The 2 Corpses (Outside the grocery) were The Couple in the House...

  • this channel is amazing bro

  • :( no portal reference for the first death

  • Did anybody notice the Pop tart at the back.

  • This reminds me of that episode on doctor who where if you blinked the weeping angels would send you back in time

  • Dax is here



  • Do the baby sitter 2017 kill count also its on netflix if anyone wants to watch it

  • apparently bird box is a meme in my school 😂


  • I wish i had walkey-tockeys and birds in my grocery store

  • Are u gordon hayward?

  • What if ur blind

  • 16:40 HEE HEE

  • It’s like dead pool in reverse for

  • How gary survive when he looks outside?

  • Lol my friend broke his finger playing bird box challenge now he is the stupidest person I know

  • 2:41 hahaha the head flat

  • Hey,i m from Romania

  • damn james you're an entire year late to this, stop slacking lol

  • Congrats with 2 million subs

  • It’s Olivia not Olympia! 😩

  • Why did your voice make this not scary

  • BIRB box

  • When sandra bullock is 54 while the actor who plays tom is 29

  • Douglas was right all along.

  • Imagine if Bird Box was held in winter time... Brrrr Box....

  • Hahahaha horrible movie

  • Next if you breathe you get mosquitoed

  • Mgk lol. Didn't expect that.

  • im also blindddd af hahahah LMAOOOOOOOO M8S

  • Person: Hey kid, you're not property if you take off your blindfold. Me: * takes off bilndfold *

  • More like Blind Box

  • Can you please do Speepaway Camp

  • I also to think you should do a kill count on the movie maniac cop all three maybe that would be an awesome one

  • 4:26 IM DEAD But for real, is that actually MGK? It surely looks a lot like him...

  • Alright man where's the Halloween 2018 count you better not make us wait till next Halloween god that would suck

  • How is this monetized

  • The first kill reminds me of Detroit: Become Human But with a female for this point.

  • Easter egg the two dead bodys 8:21 is the couple who left in the start


  • God Dammit Gary

  • 7:21 cause damn... I can't agree more...

  • Ayy a movie that you made

  • I herd people think it's real My reaction:child go watch ur teen titans go

  • @15:25 exposed me

  • I can’t believe Lydia Did-ia that! *your so funny*

  • Okay so I want a Walking Dead Esk movie but with celebrities like Kelly and Marshall(MGK and Eminem) Chris Pratt and so on if anyone with any contacts please make this happen and tell me when

  • Poor charlie

  • If this happens in real life! I would ready up "17" and "?" By xxxtentacion!

  • I am from romania :)

  • Me: why dose some pepole like to die and why are dose girl and boy kissing neyked 😱

  • This dude Vs Eminem 4:26

  • 12:07 Garebear is my nickname

  • Bird Box is so similar to M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening (2008)

  • 4:25 a rapper who got beef with Eminem...... I'm dead !!!

  • Why I watch this!

  • But like how was the baby doctor alive

  • The name of this movie didn't make sense, and I wish we saw the monsters

  • .

  • Why watch the movie When a guy show you the video and comments on IT. And make it better and just 20 min😀

  • Why Is The First Picture in the numbers diffrent

  • *takes my blind fold off* *see fury* *dies*

  • Do the babysitter on Netflix

  • James I think you should do the jaws series when it’s closer to shark week. Love your channel. ❤️

  • She looks like micheal Jackson tbh

  • I don’t know what is funnier, the fact that a *”shadow”* killed that many people, or the fact most of the survivors were *(no offence)* stupid enough to look *at* the shadow.

  • Bird Box- can't see A Quiet Place - can't speak Hush- can't hear Gerard Way- can't swim, can't dance, and he doesn't know karate Face it, they're never gonna make it

  • Things they cant do Quiet Place-Dont Speak Bird Box-Dont look Things that they must do Quiet Place-Find the Aliens weakness Bird Box-Trying to survive and find a cure for the infection But there is one more movie that no one knows.... Dont Breathe

  • 4.6 million views! Good work James!

  • Mgk is on birdbox I have to watch it now

  • Gary wasn't shot twice by Tom what happened was: Gary reached the handle and the trigger of the shotgun and fired but Tom dodged it by pointing the gun away from him, yanked the shotgun from him and shit Gary

  • Its just a speed bump

  • Alright guys best idea of 2019 you can't move or Big Chungus will eat you and will say that's just how Mafia city works.

  • One... what grocery store carries birds? Two... it was weeks maybe months that it took them to get to the grocery store, who was feeding these birds when they can only last 48 hours without food? Three... where and how did these five year olds learn to swim and have the strength to stay on that boat? Don’t think the bathtub is equivalent to the white water rapids! And finally ... no gps system i don’t care how smart... will get you to the front door of a grocery store!

  • I needed this cause my friend is scared of bird box and I'm running out of deaths

  • why is this movie so popular >:0