"BTS is low quality music."

Am 9 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
Someone on the Internet calls BTS low quality music - and David gives out a UN speech.
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  • 한국 분들은 자막 꼭 켜고 보세요! :)

    • Lol THAT LOW QUALITY youtuber deleted the video of BTS **power of army**

    • I agree to Dave because he understands what the video as said..each words is explain well good option for me..

    • What sucks is I can read the hangeul but don't understand what it says ;A;

    • 아미분들, 방탄의 음악적 노력과 한국인으로서 한글을 사랑하는거 모르는 사람이 하는 얘기에 상처받지말기!!ㅠㅠ ARMY, please do not be hurt by the music efforts of BTS and the stories of people who do not know that they love Hangul as Koreans!!

    • Same

  • He deleted the video de-tv.net/tv/video-z7mRak1Bxds.html&feature=youtu.be&a= I hope he has learned his lesson. pardon my poor english

  • I don’t have the motivation yet but aside from consuming Korean content and actually really liking the sound of Korean itself, bts lyrics really make me want to learn Hangul bc a lot gets lost in translation and I just like want to better understand it myself.

  • Lmao do you guys watch Pewdiepie?

  • bts have pretty much been my door into korean culture: learning hangul and learning more about their heritage, something that i probably would've never explored if i hadn't have found bangtan and are truly thankful for. i feel as if bts to korea is quite like the beatles to the uk. im british so i get how proud we are of the beatles achievements and how they paved the way for modern pop music and definitely put a spotlight on british music during the 60s. so imo, this is what's happening in korea today, and they have every right to celebrate it as part of their heritage.

  • People hate pop music. It's just problemmatic that people just hate pop irrationally because it is pop and popular and don't consider it culture at both national and international level. They consider pop music not as real music, but as cheap fast food music designed to be a global fad popular among the vocal youth. Consequently, Kpop to them is just pop music but Korean. They can't wrap their head around a country being proud of their pop artists. Living in the US as a non-American, it always feels like everyone dislikes the most popular songs and artists, which just doesn't make sense to me. They know those popular songs, they can sing it, but every time I praise a pop song or artist, I always get a collective boo. People are not proud of their own world renowned pop artists, who have literally blessed the entire world with culture for over 100 years and counting. Honestly, pop artists are some of the greatest artists of their time, who all contribute immensely to the culture of their own as well as the whole global culture. Pop music is the definition of music of this generation. Dare I say, without pop, there is no modern culture.

  • 박개대는 한국의 아이돌 문화에 대해 너무 익숙해서 저런 말을 한 거지. 한국사람들이 아이돌 문화에 대해 갖는 인식을 이식받았다고도 할수 있겠다. 한국인들은 보통 아이돌이 하는 음악을 제대로 된 음악이라고 생각하지 않거든. 공장에서 찍어낸 생산물일 뿐. 실제로도 대부분의 아이돌은 제대로 된 아티스트가 아니라 회사에게 조종받는 인형에 가깝기도 해. 방탄이 여자들에게 특별한지는 몰라도 한국에 사는 남자들에겐 그냥 아이돌일 뿐이었어. 일년에도 몇개씩 나오는 평범한 남자 아이돌 그룹. 그러니까 박개대입장에선 그냥 맥도날드 같은 느낌인거지

  • This is why I hate people who judge a K-Pop group by their title song only. Before you judge any group, listen to their not-title song also. I believe a group title song is choosen based on what appeal the public so it's only normal some people will judge "oh they're too western sound alike" that is because most of top song today are from western so of course it will appeal the public more. I'm an ARMY myself and there is no denying there are times where the same thought come to me. But instead of generalizing the entire group as low quality based on the title song, I tried listening to the side track because I believe side track song reflect the group color better compare to title song.

  • Awesome speech ☺️

  • I legit cried at your UN speech bro

  • oh my god his face is so annoying but this american guy...who is into the korean language/korean studies maybe does he really think koreans dont carry their nationalistic pride with their language and other traditional heritage? also...if u think abt it how can u talk to an average american and talk abt linguistics out of nowhere? like not everyone is into understanding languages im not making any sense i just hate his white ass the next time im meeting a white person i'll start our conversation with "oh hey did u know u colonized our country for years and tbh our country is poor because of what you've done"

  • If u guys are Siblings!, Who is the oldest? And Who is the youngest?.

  • I really love your channel. The contents are so good that I am now rewatching some old videos

  • Oh god who is this narcissistic bigot, why the hell is he comparing BTS to a fast food chain and why is he hating on BTS. Just because he lacks the intelligence to understand their music he calls it as LOW QUALITY MUSIC? DOED HE EVEN KNOW THE LYRICS, THE RANGE OF THEIR VOICE? THE FLOW OF THEIR RAP? THE CONCEPT OF THEIR MUSIC? THE PRODUCTION OF THEIR MV? THEIR DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY? THE THEORIES ? Oh and does think that his music taste is better than all those millions of armies out there all around the world. BTS didn’t start big, they MADE THEMSELVES BIG...so rather than hating on them TELL ME WHAT YOUR PATHETIC EXISTENCE ACHIEVED BY MAKING THIS VIDEO


  • 7:18 “Who is promoting Hangul the most, right now, in the whole world?” The accuracy of his jab. Me: Dammit David. U’ve got sexy brain.

  • bts have good music .... the bts fans are low quality fans


  • Racist

  • Parkgaede have ear problem. for me, one of the reason i left western music since 2012 is because of KPop have better quality music and instrumen than western music. 96% of my playlist is KPop song

  • this dude is so fucking stupid lmfao.. bts has nothing but pride for their country and have written so many tracks talking about their hometowns, their society, their culture, etc & and they have such amazing lyrics that inspire people to learn the korean language.. and what has this guy contributed to it in comparison to them? white people are so annoying


  • what channel is this? I'd like to know if his other comments/reactions/rants are even valid or sound...

  • Yet another white person trying to dictate how POC have to feel about their own culture and heritage. I get that white people are uncultured but that does not mean y'all can dictate how we should feel about ours.

  • Guys the whites like him do not have opinions so his all argument is not taken serioysly do not give him clout armys we dont want us media writing about it AND YOU KNOW HOW THEY WRITE ABOUT EVERYTHING WE SAY ON TWITTER SO PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD THIS

  • Someone tell that man that because of BTS, I went and learn the alphabets just to be able to read it when things are posted and there is no translations. Like c'mon, I would be proud if a boy group from my country goes global cause they're in a way promoting everything about where I came from and what languages I use. They were even awarded for Cultural Merit for spreading the Korean Culture. 🤯

  • oopsiee dopsiee 🤣

  • The reason why he kinda agreeing w/the foreigner is bcus he did the same thing back thing. So he doesn't want to be a hypricate saying the guys wrong when he done it before in his videos. Like bye. The foreigner could easily used other words to get his point across n he didn't. He purposely used the words he used so bye.

  • de-tv.net/tv/video-ReBUELREw4w.html, you can react to the performances Indian students do, kindly watch and react to this college students performances


  • Mic drop

  • I like this new format of videos. Is more laid back. Keep it up guys!

  • He deleted that video lmao. He got scared.


  • I know you just did a reaction But can you just don’t use title trick ppl. Btw I love your video

  • Why did you have to make this vid? His stupidity triggered me so much. He is full of prejudice BTS got Order of Cultural Merit for spreading Hangul. Is he not aware of it???? BTs use hangul in so many interesting ways and so beautifully that majority of their fans decide to learn hangul so they can fully appreciate their lyrics. BTS' lyrics are what makes most of their fans fall for them. What's a better way to promote Hangul than through poems filled with metaphors and word play

  • I know bts more than hangul🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  • Wow. A White guy mansplaining where Koreans should place their national pride.

  • i purple you david 💜

  • #DavidforPresidence

  • Because of BTS all the other nations are learning Korea’s culture and language and moving to Korea

  • Why is a foreigner trying to tell Koreans what Korean things they should be proud of and acting like the most international artist wouldn't start a conversation easier than talking about an alphabet?? I agree that Koreans have more things to be proud than just BTS but goddamn I didn't even know where SK was before BTS and now I'm trying to learn the language

  • David's UN speech made my day!!!! 😭♥️♥️

  • Saying BTS is a shitty group, low quality and relating BTS to McDonalds are really out of context. Simple as that. He’s cancelled. Thank you, next.

  • I don't think it's mean to tell someone they're behaving in an inappropriate manner that puts out a horrible image of a group u may be unconsciously representing. What he did was unprofessional and inappropriate: he should be told that he needs to check himself. Also, GO DAVID 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 u're UN speech is awesome 😆

  • To be honest, I know 3 different alphabets and in my opinion the Cryllic alphabet is the best or second best, because with 32 letters it covers pretty much every letter and sound of most languages. Sharing the place with it, the Latin alphabet, because (with the help of accent markers) it can cover a wide range of the most different languages like English, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc... Hangeul is the best writing system for the Korean language, but it doesn't cover important sounds like "sh" (only shi though) and is useless for European and other Asian languages. The German "ch", the Dutch "g", the Russian "x" all have vastly different pronounciations, but Hangeul only provides ㅎ as the closest to their original sound and I can say you ㅎ doesn't sound anything similar to them.

  • Good point. Many people/armies want to learn hanggul so they can understand BTS’’ songs. That American guy who’s eyes get big whenever he speaks thought he’s an smart ass bc he prefers to promote hanggul than BTS. He is a low quality, not BTS. Personally, watching BTS vids (with English sub, of course) and listening to their music is more interesting than learning hanggul. But I also want to learn hanggul. 🤓 I am not into K-Pop but I love BTS, and BTS only, as a whole package. So I do not mind if your channel is a BTS channel, ha, ha! 😬😳🤭 You are good with what you do so keep going. Do not be discouraged by a few negative comments. Good luck. Fighting 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼!!!!!!! I 💜 U, guys. 🤗👍🏻

  • My ans : David's words💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • I doesn't even know hangul if not for bts? Duhhhh

  • Sometimes you gotta realise the world is too beautiful to waste your time being angry or sad when you could be enjoying what life has to offer.

  • In sociology there's a term called mcdonaldization but to say that BTS specifically is like an example of that is completely wrong. The industry (both in Korea and America and all over the world) itself is set that way in terms of how the product is put out there but BTS is far from low quality. Who is this foreigner to even say what he thinks can represent a country that's not even his own. He shoulda kept his mouth shut!!

  • I love the bunny ears 😍😍

  • Kindly reaction to Indian music like sunidhi Chauhan performances and Shreya ghoshal , Neha kakkar are really good too, do a reaction vedio on their performances, you gonna love it for sure.

  • david knows what’s up

  • 5:46 to end is pure gold and what I try to tell people who dislike bts because they think it's degrading South Korea

  • That’s right. I decided to learned the Korean alphabet because I wanted to be able to understand bts and their music even just a little bit. Whenever I listen to their music and even other artists nowadays, I’m able to recognize words and praises all because of that. BTS is really doing the most.

  • Am i allowed to say that i love David 💟

  • He looks like a serial killer

  • He obviously never looked into bts story and their music, and McDonald’s. Work on that teeth and double chin

  • ARMYs in USA, how is he still alive?? I need answers. Just an old man being salty because some asian kids are being wayyy to famous for their HARDWORK. Piece of shit.

  • Haha when someone tried to sound smart. Hangul is a national pride! Not bts!!! Well dude... U dont just simply ice break n talk to people about hangul. Coz not everyone know what hangul is. Yes hangul is majestic. But to actually start n say bts is shitty... Or anyone is shitty for tht matter.... Haha idiot.

  • This guy really has the courage to open his mouth when he doesn't even brush those teeth🙃

  • He must have had a rough day, or a rough week. Maybe something bad happened to him, and he feels like dissing someone, or something. So he decided to take it out on BTS and our fandom, just so he could feel better about himself. But realized later that he had made a mistake. He probably feels sorry now, but just doesn't have enough courage to say it, or record a video about. He's afraid that people will dislike him, and say ugly things about him. Commenting that he should kill himself and stuff. Now he's stuck, and don't know what to do. Only feeling bad about himself, and wanting to make it better again. I hope he has a woderful life from now on, and that he takes care of himself. I hope that next time he think about what he's about to say. You should always love yourself.

  • I don't think an American will ever understand how a person from a small country feels when someone from their home makes it big. Also plenty of Americans are genuinely proud of McDonalds

  • I'm a spanish speaker and i'm learning korean because of BTS, I already know hangul, it's amazing! I want to know more about the Korean culture, so obviously visiting Korea is something I want to do in the future. And yes, this is all bc of BTS. Even in their lyrics they add some cultural aspects, or talk about the Korean society. I learned a lot about Korea through their music and videos, etc. They're really the biggest promoters of Hangul and the Korean culture right now.

  • Should people listen to an old outdated xenophobic white who's losing hair and doesn't know anything about music? Perhaps not.

  • I mean in my grandparents generation, korea was the poorest country in the world, and in my parents generation people were starving to death all the time, so we would obviously take pride in BTS who became one of the most popular boy bands in the world, coming from a small country. I mean America is a powerful big country with a lot of famous people its just more natural to them

  • homeboy’s toothpaste is low quality

  • you cant say aermeis not to throw hate...thats all they ever do

  • 어어ㅓ어엉11!!! 맞아ㅏㅏㅏㅏ!! 고맙습니다! 아주 잘 설명을 해줘서 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ME TOO MIC DROP HAHAHHAHAH DAMN

  • Tbh you can even say bts or any kpop group are ambassadors of hangul because they help spread the korean language to international audiences.

  • Well, that guy is totally ridiculous. Take BTS's performance 2018 as an example, the 3J's solo dance showed us 삼고무 (samgomu), 부채춤 (buchaechum) and 탈춤 (talchum), which are 3 traditional Korean dances. Besides, we know more about 사물노리 (samulnori) - a genre of Korean traditional percussion music. Of course there are other Korean factors in this performance but just by those I have said above, it is enough to prove that BTS has been promoting Korean culture in the most attractive way. Moreover, it's no doubt that BTS is promoting Hangul even in their lyrics or speech. We all know Tae is the one inventing 보라해 (borahae) - the mix of 보라색 (borasek) and 사랑해 (saranghae). 얼쑤 좋아 (eolssu johda) in IDOL isn't strange anymore. 사람 (saram) and 사랑 (sarang) in RM's Trivia: Love is also a great example for how Hangul is wonderfully promoted through BTS's songs. Therefore, it is no doubt that thanks to BTS, a great number of people desire to master Korean in order to understand all the stuffs related to these 7 boys in particular and broaden knowledge about Korea in general. So even if that guy doesn't like BTS, he has no rights to say that BTS is "low quality music" and people can't be proud of a boygroup like them. Actually, I'm now a Korean language first-year student at a university of foreign languages. I'm extremely grateful to BTS for becoming my biggest motivation for learning Korean💜💜💜

  • ohhhooo, my Armys... have we got a job to do

  • This guy doesn’t have a healthy understanding of how art functions.

  • I actually didn’t knew anything about kpop or korean culture before BTS. I think there are many people like me and I think that is one of the major reason why koreans take pride in BTS. And that is just fine. If any artist from my country will be that famous and because of that artist if people around the world would take interest in my country and culture.. I’ll take pride too and talk about it.

  • IF i am a teacher, i would heavily associate my lesson with BTS. reading BTS recommended novels and quizzes are expected

  • See this is why I love this channel ❤❤


  • "But who promote 한글 more?" WOW! MIC DROP. You said it very well Sir. I didn't see that coming. 👏👏👏

  • Such an idiot comment...

  • Because of BTS I learnt korean ☺️ and became very interested in the korean culture. They definitely are promoting their own language the most ! I agree David ^^

  • got teary eye. good speech hooman

  • Honey honey have YOU saved billions of kids on the earth from passing no. So if you haven’t go outside and do something with your life. And we are proud say your fav artist made it around the world to the smallest countries wouldn’t you be proud of them? Bts is low quality you have low quailty videos honey. And all Asians have national pride and you pronounced Hangul wrong Bc I purple bts I’m trying to learn Hangul Bc of bts I’m proud to be asian and not be scared of people bulling me 🙄

  • you can't imagine how damn jealous I-ARMYs are because koreans can understand BTS beautiful lyrics just from the first listen. Like just from that curiosity alone a lot of armys started learning hangul and i swear if it was any other group who makes just random love songs i wouldn't get that much interested in korean language. For me BTS showed how beautiful their mother language can be and that's what i see especially from these 2 songs trivia: love and ddaeng 😌 ps: i got attracted to bts through their music alone no lyrics no visuals no theories just the music, so if ma city, mic drop, Run, house of cards,singularity are low quality music then idk what to say...


  • Oh he dead

  • BTS does not have low quality music okay

  • David's UN speech 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • David, you sir deserves a standing ovation and a round of applause. 👏👏👏🙌

  • someone just said on the live chat that David is the prime minister of Namkanda

  • I don't like BTS, but saying them low quality is too far. I don't like them because of their stupid cancerous fanbase, but music wise, they got my respect

  • The guy wearing a gray hoodie has my heart

  • So after becoming an ARMY I'm teaching myself Hangul so that i can understand their songs & messages a little bit better. And it's hard, learning Hangul by yourself but now I can understand a lot of the words & I can write a few things too. And it's cause of bangtan. Also David just earned a whole lot of respect from me.

  • Don't worry. I won't go to his video and send him hate. I'm not giving that guy my time or view. I'd rather sit here, and enjoy my *high quality* BTS music.

  • David.....I love you. Thank you for your UN speech, it is So TRUE.

  • Bts is trash Though LMFAO

  • The dude lacks actual conversations with koreans. Yeah every korean has asked if I know kpop and BTS and yeah it is a common ground conversation starter BUT each of those koreans always state how proud they are that BTS are getting the korean name out there. For so long korea has been at the bottom of the east asian pile but BTS brings recognition and makes people want to learn hangul. Yeah korea can take pride in hangul but no one was willingly learning it before the kwave took off.

  • It's always a dark day whenever a white dude gets to talk about what pocs should be proud of

  • Listen...because of Kpop and BTS many people know that Korea exist. Some people might find this sad, but because of BTS, people all around the world began to respect korean cuture and people. Stop making hate videos about BTS for some views, Instead if you want people to learn about Hangul then make a video about that.

  • It's really sad that most people will go and insult this man, or are already doing it in this video. I love BTS just like anyone but c'mon, if you disagree there is more peaceful ways to get in a debate, like, y'know, actually trying to explain why do you think it's good instead of spitting a bunch of meaningless insults. Even if you don't convince him, that's fine, his opinion and loss anyway