BTS MEMES/Best new memes 2019 part 147

Am 10 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • Ella can you PLEASE pin this? I am asking for help with a project for my sister who is dying. She has about 2 weeks left and I want them to be full of joy. All anyone has to do is share something on social media that gives them joy or that they're passionate about and use the hashtag #whatwillyoudonext . It's simple and fast and would make her smile to see all the dreams and passions that people chase because that is how she lived her life. Please help a fellow Army out! Purple you always.

    • Thank you thank you thank you!!!!💜💜💜💜💜

  • 4:40 Calm your damn hormones down! My God.. Hard Stans amirite?

  • 7:57 is. that. REALLLLLL

  • I'm in love♥️♥️

  • 5:57 I'm hurt

  • I got the feeling that Bts n the new boys group will come back together that how I feel to give them comfident and support them God bless 🙏

  • smeraldo brothers?

  • 12:39 especially the one at the bottom left corner

  • I think when they made the twitter account of TXT and was deciding to make the group at the same time BTS was deciding if they were going to disband or not so that they can debut the boys if they decided to disband but they did not. We almost lost our boys let us support them and our new boys not just because of their looks but because of their talents. And now they are going for the actual ARMY and had to debut a new boy group but whatever they do let us support them until the end ♥.

  • Hahaha 😂😂😂😂

  • Who was with Hobi's sister in 12:19?

  • Hoseok with a slipper got me good😂 it wasn’t even the meme it was just him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I swear just him alone makes me happier💜

  • I don't get the meme at 12:19. Can anyone explain? ☺

  • Am i the only 1 who noticed that at the meme w jk as a waiter the lyrics of the bg song said "cute as hell baby"

  • 12:40 true.. so vary true


  • What's being pointed at on 12:19?

  • 5:35 what do you mean I'm 13 and an ARMY and Evan I know that's nasty and makes no sense what so ever like they use the bathroom with that.😒 be thinking so little of us. Not all of us are like that ya know 😞😒

  • Did anybody else catch the morse-code on Yeonjuns introduction? It says: DREAMING. -../.-././.-/--/../-./--. in international code

  • The intro song 🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • Kookie may not be the current maknae of bighit but I have a feeling he'll be their forever maknae the way Taemin is for SM. I'm gonna give the new group a chance, but BTS will always come first in my eyes. I don't even know if I'll like the new group's music yet. If I don't end up stanning, I will still come at anyone who gives them undeserved hate. They're actual babies. Leave them alone!

  • Who is your bias???💜💜💜

  • 3:47 is so true! I'm failing history, math, my elective, and almost science and the end of the semester is in like a week 😫😫😫

  • *sits in a corner scrolling through every social media of BTS and BigHit trying to figure out when the comeback is*

  • 3:46 my mood right now

  • One of the army in the tweet: i would volunteer to suck his dick Me: really sis?? In front of my salad😩😩😩😳😳now i lost all my appetite

  • i hAvE hOmEwOrK bUt OkAy


  • 3:06 I'd give him a tip with a piece of paper with my number on it stuck on

  • Thank you so much for uploading this on my birthday. I am really very happy

  • Who dislike this wtf

  • 12:38 Ded

  • 10:02 That made my day

  • 4:42 tmi thirsty ass 🤦‍♀️

  • the jin part and opening curtains for 4 years killed me 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Waiter! One tall glass of your sperm, please.

  • So...TXT huh? Now bighit has TWO boy groups huh? Both with come backs very soon...*huh?* *Alexa, play I'm Fine.*

  • ... So Jungkook day was the last day he was gonna be BigHit's maknae.... *THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY, NOW I FEEL LIKE SUCH A DICKHEAD. I'M SO SORRY JUNGKOO- (And I already have a Bias in the new boy group).*

  • Lmao Btw I just want to know what's the song at 0:33 😅✨

  • 12:07 someone explain I’m confused

    • Keure Bang oof thanks cause I was confused

    • It's all the false rumours that happened after the JenKai reveal

  • Every time I think of Jungkook being called Hyung it reminds me of the video of him being like “ I’m not your oppa ”

  • 0:41 kkkkk

  • when jungkook hears somebody call him hyung hes gonna faint

  • 3:47 When you finish a test and you think that you passed but when you see your results .... Me: *~ ihatemylife ~*

  • 💜💜💜

  • I’m still tying to get over Jungkook being a hyung..

  • 1:24 that was literally me this morning. I couldn't figure out what to wear for school😂

  • What are these books everyone is talking about?

  • Jungkoookie is not the golden maknae now😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 anyway like you videos!!!

  • Vmin wilder and wilder everytome and i live for it 😍💗.

  • Yeah im kinda early. 105th comment. YEET Edit: 11:31 is me

  • 0:46 i dON'T THINK SO

  • I don't get 12:20 .. ? What is there?

  • Let's get it💜💜

  • 9:31 Is soooo true...every time my teacher yells or tells me off,my friends are behind the teacher and smiling at me like:Haha!Look at this girl,she is gonna get slapped all the way back to the country she came from...And I am sitting there smiling at my teacher and she is like:Why the hell are you smiling!?! And I just burst out laughing and the class laughs too😂😂😂Because they see my friends trying to get me laugh but they all also see me getting told off by the teacher so I just burst out laughing you just need to see it it’s hilarious,The whole situation is just perfect😂😂

  • 5:25 I'll bet my WHOLE WIG that could be RM or Suga. LOL.

  • Im Done with this fandom Got NEARLY Affected With Their crackheads😂

  • 0:38 Is this real? 😂

  • 4:40 I’m a hoe, so that’s a fat same right there

  • It's not weird to eat tomatoes raw! Same goes for pineapple on pizza


    • Dont get me wrong i dont want people to hate me in my last minutes alive. Someone is trying to force the door ngzngzgdjdgjnvchck

  • 7:59 fo a moment and with that angle I thought those were women breasts................. well I was wrong.


  • 12:19 What’s there ?

  • Of the announcment of TXT....I'm concerned

  • 8:29 You have been kicked out of the fandom, you are no longer an ARMY🙂

  • What is it at 12:20? I can't see..

    • That is Hobi's sister, and reflected in her glasses is presumably BTS and the red carpet. How iconic

  • 6:54 if this sponge bob ain’t me !😳😳 12:20 isn’t she hobi’s sister?? she is sooo beautiful 😘❤️

    • What is the arrow pointing at during 12:20? I cant tell.

  • Where is BTS’ music videos and stuff gonna be posted now? Isn’t there a new group..? 😔

  • i just got a notification form big hit when i got home and i thought it was Bts but it was TXT i was so mad Lmfao

  • I think we should sleep like hope cause apparently he has the most stable sleep schedule. Also, persevere like suga , cause he been through some next level 💩, but look at him now 😊💜

  • 2:26 good luck to his wife 😭💔💜 3:07 WTF 😭 I CRYY SCREAMMM

  • The song is too much- 😭

  • DE-tv's drunk again. I see a dislike. P.S. You nice, keep going !

  • 8:35 were is that pic from,SOMEONE TELL ME PLZZZ

  • Y'all I am still shook over the new group's teaser

  • this video was the death of me ! my heartu !

  • 5:35 I am 13 but I would've never say that..

  • 4:41 wAIT WHAT

  • 10:32 *Our man joon*

  • it's acc the strangest thing to see the bighit intro with another group tho 😂

  • We are *so* not prepared to hear Jungkook Hyung

  • Part 147???? hahahaha they should get a grammy for being the ultimate meme

  • 9:00 *BTS Makeup👌

  • literally had to screenshot almost every meme #queenofmemes 😂😂💜💜

  • I am early again yay (who cares anyways)love your vids so much

  • 4:02 can u hear me wheezing

  • Omg no dislikes on this vid

  • I'm late cuz i was at school 😫

  • *Guys y'all excited for BigHit's new group?* Im super excited!*

  • i cant wait to jungkook be called hyung that will be history for him omg

  • 9:27 😂

  • *u r the meme kween tbh* 💜

  • why did i laugh so hard with the ‘fans shipping BTS with BLACKPINK’....????😂😂😂

  • *urm what are the Jimin rumors and what was the pic of the girl and the reflection about? Can someone explain?*

    • Oh okay

    • The Jimin rumours are because someone spread it with no basis after the JenKai reveal and army is now laughing or rolling eyes, the girl is Hobi's sister and you can see BTS reflected in her sunnies.


  • 5:44 Hoseok getting into his rap is a whole way of life.

  • what would have happened in run bts... yoongi: *sees jimin sit on taehyungs lap* taehyung: *to yoongi* haha! bitch yoongi: meow meow bitch. :)

  • 1:51 Just when you think Namjoon & Hoseok can't get any cuter, they hit ya with the smiles... OMG 😍

  • 1:52 more RM and Hobi pls. I need those dimples. 🥰💜