CEOs of SM, JYP, YG & Big Hit: Who is really the coolest “appa”?

Am 4 Feb 2018 veröffentlicht
K-pop fans usually call the CEO of their idols’ management company “appa” to express their love. There are many reasons that make them proud for using that respectful title.
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  • Leesooman isn’t ceo anymore tho . All sm artists still to this day thank him So i will say LEESOOMAN

  • Wait I thought jyp isn't the ceo of JYP anymore ?

  • Band PD and JYP obviously

  • I choose *Je wa pe*

  • Jyp!

  • Bighit and jyp

  • Omg ma wang's "pass" from "a korean odissey/hwayugi" kills me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bang Shi Hyuk and JYP hands down.

  • Ofc they are all very kind with a kind heart it seems like to the public there rude and strict about there comments but in real there really really kind and encouraging to there idols


  • Im going to choose Bighit and JYP for treating their artist good

  • Im YG stan but just for the artist, sorry hyunsuk papa youre not nice as I thought =v

  • Papa JYP and BigHit😍❤❤❤

  • I love Bighit but If I have to choose any other i'd choose JYP they are caring and not TOO strict even the members could talk about other groups (from different companies) without worrying about their career risk


  • Well, It will always be Lee Soo Man ❤

  • YĞ Hehehe

  • Bang shihyuk!

  • yg bcs he is swag and rich. lol jennie taught me😂

  • Bang Si Hyuk is the best. which CEO let the artist write a songs to diss the hater and the others company. Like the cyphers, mic drop and ddaeng

  • Jyp

  • I expected them to be 75 year old men I'm-

  • Yg and Bighit

  • Onces and Armys: *JYP and Bang Si Hyuk* (that's currently me) 😂😂😂

  • BigHit♥


  • Of course AYO HITMAN BANG, JYP and Yang Hyun Suk

  • Yg is really scary....but he is really is nice he cares for his idols he maybe strict but it is for the welfare of his for mee...but jyp is really nice really but..yg and bighit for me


  • Jyp!!!

  • JYP of course

  • It's hard to say since you didn't even mention all the prominent things about the how they raise and treat the idols. I was expecting to learn more and I learned nothing. Thanks for wasting my time K-Buzz. f*ck off, as always.

  • JYP and Band Shi Hyuk


  • YG and JYP the best for me

  • Bighit and SM

  • I want hitman to be my dad 😪😔 And YG to be my mom y’all this is sad wtf

  • Everyone is best... They gave us the most beautiful thing in this whole world, they gave us idols. idols for life... They have created our heartbeat 💓

  • Bang shi hyuk(bighit) and park jinyoung(jyp) Jyp because he's not kill joy, he's a great dad to his idols and he protects got7 Bighit because he loves bts as his son

  • JYP Park Jin Young

  • Bang Shi Hyuk and JYP the best

  • Bang Shi Hyuk🙌🏼


  • JYP

  • Bang Shi Hyuk and JYP are the coolest boss, no joke

  • Bang Shi Hyuk and JUP Ofcourse.! :)


  • JYP 👍👍👍👍👍👍GOT7💔🌹💋💔🌹💋💔❤️❤️

  • Big hit and JYP

  • Soo Man not because im SM STAN i pity Mr. Soo Man sometimes because he is always to be blame even he is not the CEO anymore but he is the SM CEO that I've known, before when he is in position he really love and treat his artist well but now ... It change... because he is not the CEO anymore.


  • JYP

  • In my opinion .... JYP and YG Since there more like my father strict and Happy sometimes but always help when i need it

  • Ayo Hitman Bang InTrOduCeS. . . JYP & Bighit! or YG & SM Idk I like groups from all of the companies...

  • JYP😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  • Bighit and YG fighting!!!

  • Papa JEWEP💖

  • Jin is the son of famous CEO

  • JYP and Bang Shi Hyuk

  • In bighit, I think I notice that the reason why their company is famous cuz of BTS right? And the others got a lot of groups

  • Bang Shi Hyuk and JYP!!! 💜💚

  • JYP Entertainment of their idols good, SM Entertainment is not good, the once treated EXO Member Kris and Luhan badly. So that's why they left. Bighit Entertainment takes care of their idols like JYP does.

  • yang hyun suk of yg is the coolest oppa

  • Me I like the old ceo of sm because he made exo super junior tvxq shinee and other long time band from sm Next bang shi hyuk because he created BTS of course because he is the kind type of ceo i hope bighit will have many trainees soon bang shi hyuk deserves it and we shouldnt hate bighit's ceo because we know bts cherish and love their ceo And last but not the least JYP i love jyp because he made one of my favorite groups GOT7 And pf course i love this following companies too YG CUBE FANTAGIO JELLYFISH PLEDIS CRE.KER AND OTHER ENT

  • the ceo might be strict sometimes with their idols but we need to understand them they just want the best for their idols .we can't accuse them because of whats happening to our favorite idols in fact we should thank those ceo's because without their help kpop groups will not be created and also they produce what the idols need . But i agree they sometimes being out of control with the rules. They are really strict and sometimes mean but i hope they became good,kind this 2019 you know to stop the idols for filing lawsuit against their doings.



  • Bang shin hyuk💎💎

  • Yg and bighit

  • SM & JYP.

  • JYP and Bang Shi Hyuk!!💜

  • Bighit the best.....bts the best...

  • YG and Bang PD

  • Bang Shi Hyuk

  • I want to be a trainee someday maybe in YG ent., JYP ent. Or SM ent. But most of all i want to be a trainee of SM so much i want to see EXO and RED VELVET😭😍😍😍

  • For me, it's Bang Shi Hyuk, and JYP. They know what is right or wrong, they aren't that strict. And they joke around and the idols roast their CEO's. SM I do not really know, but YG? I don't know if he is good or not, everyone said he never gave Minzy a solo and used her for her dance. And he didn't do anything for Bom's scandal, and he is the reason for 2NE1's disbandment. That is what I heard about YG, and that BLACKPINK will go down the same road as 2NE1.

  • JYP and BIGHIT they are good fathers ♥

  • I love YG's artist but not ceo🙇🏻

  • Lee Soo Man is a great father to his company but sadly he's not the ceo anymore, the new one sucks ass JYP is really friendly, he treats his idols fairly probably have fun with them and even lets his idols roast him Bang Shi Hyuk treats his idols like family as too even allow them to roast him YG... is kind of a mixed bag rn, 60% of the pay may go to his artists but theres like several issues like failed debut of MIXNINE, degrading the ceo of mamamoo as a joke, and BP hardly getting albums, also when is CL gonna have a comeback, Lee Hi anyone????

  • Bang Shi Hyuk💗

  • None of them all are greedy capitalist that fired their best stars rip. Hyuna needs to comeback.

  • SM Entertainment was the one who kicked Jessica Jung from SNSD remember. Because they only cared about the money. I don't know why he treated jessica like that

  • Bighit jyp

  • SM

  • Bang Si Hyuk, JYP, and YG for me Don’t get mad at me for picking YG I picked him bc let’s not forget be did produce the group that takes the name of the Kings of Kpop (Bigbang)

  • can lee soo man make a comeback? coz SM is.. i dont know

  • 😂 can we just all talk with the starting scene?

  • Sm, yg and bighit

  • YG es una mierda viviente

  • bang shin hyuk is soo cute😍❤

  • JAY WA PEE Okay sorry i will stop.

  • Bang Shi Hyuk has always treated BTS well so I have no questions over him. As for among the big3, I think JYP is a much better CEO compared to the other two companies CEO. Not saying that the other two are not great, just my opinion. Ofc, I know what has been going on and other people’s views on these CEOs, else I wouldn’t even have commented this, right.

  • YG of Course!!! HE really made KPOP history

  • I more likely choose bang shi hyuk and JYP because 1.bang shi hyuk gives a lot of support towards bts and gives them the best songs with the best outfits to wear on stage and also good trainors and schedules Not like other CEO's because some CEO's give busy schedule's but un like bts' schedule it's way more free though it is getting a little bit busy since bts is really famous and need to ATtend more fanmeetings, concerts and etc. Since they don't want to disappoint the fans, but that doesn't count and after all they were normal from the beggining 2.JYP because he is nice to his groups, not saying that other CEO's are not nice, just saying that he always hangs around them He would always be there for them and protect them from hateful comments from netizens also, JYP is a good songwriter and he is also very active, he is a songwriter, singer, CEO and and actor! Plus! He gives too many comebacks for the groups that work under him Take an example of twice, hey had 9? Combacks i think.. This year! And you might think that's a lot and over exaggerated but at least he gives comebacks for the group! Unlike other CEO's that don't give a comeback for his group for almost a Year

  • I can tell it's Bang Shi Hyuk, his smile is just so charming and cute😍, his hardwork is cearly shown, but i also salute to SM, YG and JYP's dads, they all did i very great job👌👏👍

  • JYP ofcourse

  • yg

  • YG


  • Don't @ me but I feel JYP YG BIGHIT