Daniel Theis CELTICS DEBUT Highlights vs Charlotte Hornets (12 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast)

Am 3 Okt 2017 veröffentlicht
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Daniel Theis CELTICS DEBUT Highlights vs Charlotte Hornets (12 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast)
Statline: 12 pts (5/8 FG), 7 reb, 3 asts in 14 minutes
NBA 2017/18 Preseason


  • reminds me of kevin love in his early Minnesota days with that solid base for putbacks and boxing out. little more athletic and less polished but the future is bright for this kid. he will learn a lot from al horford like Paul milsap did and maybe take a spot in the starting line up a few years from now. great job by Danny ainge and that scouting department..... (again)

  • Best wishes from freak city 👍🏻🏀😀 good old germany

  • Theis is good breakfast

  • We are already missing him here in Bamberg...

  • the Theis is heiß

  • how to make 3 out of 2: Option 1, the traditional way: 2:30 Option2, the nice way: 2:08

  • it's always ridiculous to me when americans freak out if somebody does the fundamentals, especially somebody that gets paid millions to play basketball. i agree it's relatively rare - at least not as normal as you'd expect - but that's the whole problem the NBA has. i dont think you guys understand the meaning of fundamentals. WOW DID YOU SEE THAT? THE CENTER ACTUALLY BLOCKED PPL OUT TO GET A REBOUND EVERY TIME! kinda nonsense.

  • Theis always cleans up the messed good job

  • As a Knicks fan I can say that i'm a fan of Theis he can play

  • Looks like Birdman version 2 with an outside shot

  • Should have been a lottery pick

  • Tommy is wrong this time - Theis already shown me more explosiveness and athletic ability in 20 mins than Kelly O ever did in his entire Celtics career

  • Theis in the starting lineup against smaller starting 5s. Gives it great balance.

  • Don't get too excited they are playing a team of HORNET nobody's. We're goin get smoked by them CAVS

    • Lol

    • Without Al, Kyrie and Horford? Probably so, but with at least Al and Kyrie and everyone else good to go? We smoke the Cavs, believe it.

  • amazed at the foresight of Danny Ainge. He let some great players go to open up a brighter future.

  • Looks like Danny got a steal. Did well in Euro too. Will be a damn fun season let the veterans teach the young and we could be good like San Antonio i.e 10 to 15 years of deep runs and finals play.

  • Ojeleye's shooting form is gorgeous. Semi automatic. He needs to stop being timid though.

  • My favorite part of that game was when the starters left the court for the subs. It looks like Theis at the very least is gonna be a solid rotation player for us, at a position of great need. He might not be quite as good as KO from deep, but he is SO much better than him everywhere else, yeah 1 game i know, but he simply does thing on the floot that Olynyk cant. Nader looked great. Hoping he can at least be a 10th man off the bench for us. Hes a good offensive player, which our team will need in the second unit. Our team is even deeper than last yr from a talent standpoint. Semis D looked great, he really is Crowder remix. better defensivly already IMO, and could b better offensivly once he gets coached up for a yr or two. Brown, Tatum, n Rozier didnt show me too much, I think Tatum was anxious for this game, his first half was not great, but he played more free in the second hlf. Troz n Brown are gonna have theyre moments this yr, both bad and good. Larkin looked good. Yabu looked bad. Bird looked good in limited time, im forgetting one or two, but grear game overall. Its gonna take all yr to get this team n sync, but come playoff time theyll be ready i think

    • how u look at him today?

    • EDIT: I mistook this video for being about the Hornets game on 11/11/17 the info is valid it's just NOT about the game in this video. I agree with you I have watched several videos on Theis as well as watched him closely in preseason. He impressed me a lot. He actually shot pretty well in most of the views I had of him. In Euroleague Theis shot 56% from the field and 39% from 3... so if he works on that and gets his confidence he can take KO's spot on the arc. BUT Theis' engine is what impresses me most and his defense is stellar. It is usually so hard for players not to reach in on contested shots, but Theis is always straight up and down UNLESS he has a bead on the ball, then his hand will flash out and get a block. I don't know that the Celtics have had a such a talented shot blocker in many many years. He's ALSO got the potential to be one of the best offensive rebounders the Celtics have had in a long while too. in short minutes he's averaging 1.7 O-rebs a game often with little to no help on the boards. He's great at tapping the ball to teammates when he can't snag the rebound and his 4 rebounds a game total is very nice... Theis' per 36 minute numbers equate to 10.4 boards a game and Theis has already had a 10 point 10 rebound game. I think Theis' first step is awesome and unlike Kelly he can get to the hoop in less than half a day. Nader has looked GREAT a times, his drives to the hoop can be spectacular he's as gifted as some of the best in the league at switching hands close to the basket to keep it away from shot blockers. It's sad though to see him other times look so out of place. Now Larkin, if he was Nader's size? He'd be coming off the bench before Terry because he's pretty damned good. 16 points in 17 min. the other night when Kyrie went down. Even at his height he's still a pretty good defender and stays with his man. Larkin has totally bought into playing good D. He has a shooters eye too for sure. His two hoops when he broke the ankles of the Hornet's player and got the C's within one and then put them up 3 shortly thereafter were phenomenal. Shane was clutch as well on the rebound he grabbed shortly after that. Tatum... you must remember had that ankle scare he was probably concerned and tentative about it... that's how I took it. Brown has been a beast but he has been inconsistent. I wish he wouldn't try so hard to slam his dunks through, it's impressive when he connects but it's so bad for so many reasons when he misses hard dunks. I'm not saying not slamming them hard... just not so hard. I'm a little disappointed with Brown's defense at times. I have caught him asleep at the switch a few times this year, he can also look uncoordinated at times. I saw him signalling to someone while turning his back to the ball. The ball handler blew past him before he knew what was happening. Still Brown does do a lot on D and he has pretty good hands, nice rebounder too. His big contribution usually on offense and he's has been money from three most times. Terry Rozier has been an eye opener most games. He has been a steady 3 point shooter only 32% but he was missing a bit earlier he's been pretty steady at accumulating point on drives to the hoop. He's a pesky defender too. Semi Ojeleye is one of the better defensive forwards I have ever seen, his lateral quickness is outstanding He shut down Giannis The Greek Freak on like three trips on defense getting two front rims shots and an airball and of late he's been a dead eye at shooting clutch 3's Yabu is raw but has potential, he needs polishing, but he has a place. He has had some good moments and bad ones. If this is the first Celtics game this year, you ought to watch a couple other games. I'd say the most impressive game was the OKC game. The Celtics lead at 2-0 and did not lead again until something like 6 minutes left in the game then did not give it up, winning by 7. Al Horford and Kyrie Irving were beast in the 4th Al had 13 points two assists and a rebound all within the last 6 minutes of the game.

    • itsmeitstrue theis always clean the messed while tatum ability is unstoppable give this rookies a room to grow up and he will play depth as hell on the floor

    • Theis is going to be a great addition to the Celtics, he such a high energy guy, I love that he plays with such passion. Plus the guy absolutely thrives on defense, he as much as said so when he said he wants to help make the C's the best defensive team in the NBA. You HAVE to love a guy that says things like that. Doesn't hurt that Theis won the defensive player of the year award for the Euroleague; plenty of NBA guys there like Boris Diaw (who Theis posterized once) Theis also has a decent 3 point shot he's been reluctant to take (40% in Euroleague) Nader has looked and I HOPE he gets minutes but he has either not been on the same page with Brad Stevens or something is up because he has only been playing something like 8 minutes per. Nader needs to get it in gear when he gets his opportunities to play... He is so gifted around the rim though, shifting hands and sliding past shot blockers with ease (pretty rare ability) Without question this team, even without Gordon and Marcus Morris, is deeper and far more talented than last year's squad. Without question... Semi Ojeleye is a case in point. I have watched the Celtics for a LOT of years and in all that time I have never seen a guy be able to front people down low better than Ojeleye. His lateral quickness is like nothing I have have ever seen in a Celtics uniform. Semi, in Milwaukee, made Giannis Antetokounmpo look mediocre in several trips up court, shutting him down with two front rim jobs and a complete airball. Considering how on fire GA has been early in this season it was an eye opener! Semi has also landed some bombs and he's picked up meaningful minutes lately. I agree Semi is a direct plug in for Crowder, but with that better defense and a MUCH greater upside. Unbelievable to me Brown has actually looked "a little" out of place on D, when he was supposed to be our defensive stalwart. Still, he has done okay, just not as spectacularly as the rest of the Celts so far. Perhaps he's just taking a while to adapting to the his new position/role on the team. For the most part though he's been awesome, his offense has made up for any deficiencies in other areas, though I wish he were a little better at dishing assists. Rozier is playing with a TON of confidence nailing big 3's even though his percentage isn't stratospheric. His offense has been pretty steady and his 10 points a game have been nice. Larkin did look good, he's had a couple of down games but when he's played well he's REALLY played well, and I have liked his effort on D. Yabu has had some really nice moments and very few bad ones in short minutes. You are right with a little more time together these guys are going to be really good.

  • Daniel Theis is going to be a BEAST for the Celtics! He works hard on every play/posession! If he is Olyniks replacement, the C's will be just fine!

  • european big men seem to flourish in todays nba

  • Love your work

  • Big Theis fan. Wish he could jump though lol.


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  • Looks like we got us some Dunkin' Dirknuts!!

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  • Porzingod 2.0? I love this guy already!

  • ainge is going to seem like a genius. red taught him something obviously.

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  • We're deep as hell

  • the dude can play

    • The greatest German Boston Celtic of all time

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  • Nader next please.. Don't forget Marcus smart.,

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    • neuer Nowitzki, dreier block rechts pick and roll, block rebound, wenn er Gesund bleibt dann der größte steal 2013 undrafted!....eigentlich mindestens 2 runden pick wenn nicht sogar erstrunden

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    • forgotten 2013.....undrafted....the scouts forgot him 2013 absolutely bad scouting

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