Daughter says YES to Mom for 24 HOURS!! *public humiliation*

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  • Hi Darlings! Lexany's birthday is tomorrow (January 11th) so be sure to stop by her IG @LexanyDiAmore & say hello ☺️🎉

    • That’s funny her demeanor and and attitude screamed Capricorn and I thought that right from the start

    • neat! +Maryam Ramo

    • +Hope Conger THATS MY SISTERS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    • that’s my Mom’s birthday😱🥳

    • Christine Di'Amore omg my twin daughters just turn 1 on the 11 th are girls share birthdays 🎂

  • Dude I can't say no to my mom no matter what 😂

  • When Lex said “thank you for nothing” 😂

  • Happy late birthday lex. Team Capricorn :)) love your guys relationship too. The mom and daughter videos always make me happy.

  • “You’re not gonna do very well in college” when lexany can’t do that shot 😂 haha I love you Christine

  • Her daughter is so beautiful 😍❤️

  • These are goals! I love you'll!💕

  • So you really missed the chance to say “Nacho chips” Get it? Not yo chips? No? Okai bye

  • In all honesty I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS VIDEO, I didn't wanna skip not one part Thank you for making DE-tv fun!!! Lmao I come across so many videos that all I do is skip to the very end lmao but this was was worth watching NEW SUBBY HERE! cant wait to see more ((;

  • love your daughters personality

  • You are so gorgeous and your daughter is so cute and pretty and your husband is handsome. God bless your family.

  • isn't the mom like... twenty something...

  • This was so fun to watch. But as a hairstylist, you could have done things differently cutting Lex's hair and there's a reason it came out shorter than you thought. Love ya'll! And the video!

  • You look so young 😩❤️

  • “You can’t say no” says no the whole video 😂

  • I love your vids

  • I wish my parents were this cool lol

  • Lex is a whole mood

  • "thank u for nothing" lol mood

  • Black Parade pants 😭😂❤️

  • When you wanna be christine, but your actually lexany 😅

  • She’s so calm 😂😂😂

  • Great parenting and best pranks ever. Hopefully a Twinkie day can happen between both of you!🤗👍

  • Hahaha the Pinoy accent was spot on ahaha

  • Well now I want to door bell ditch because of you. I wanna be a kid again

  • Let's all admit... We subbed because of Lexany lol

  • G-Note


  • Your duaghter is one of a kind 😅

  • I loved this! 😍😍

  • Lexany is so pretty

  • literally sister James and Ian

  • Lexany is so beautiful like her parents 😍♥️♥️

  • the tumbnail of your daughter looked like gloom

  • When you called yasmine I immediately thought of chandler from friends being in love with Yasmine Bleeth

  • She is to cute

  • I love how MCR always finds a way to be mentioned!

  • omg if my mom made me do all this 😂😂

  • Bro I can’t say mom to my mom periotttt😬🙄🤣

  • How old is Lexany?

  • Seeing how cool and funny your daughter is gives me hope that I can raise kids just as cool someday.

  • Lex is so cute 😍

  • You guys should really do like swap styles for 24 hours like Lexany have full have makeup eye lashes and all and just swap styles for a full 24 hours 🤣😁😁

  • Style lex her hair!😄

  • My name is destiny they said my nameee😂💖

  • She's your daughter ??? She looks like a Boy

  • Omg lexanny is gorgeous!!!

  • She is the female version of James Charles brother 😨

  • Her hair parted down the middle actually looks really great, it balances her features

  • 5:19 mood lol

  • Say to lex for 24 hours

  • I think Lexany should get a taper

  • Me as a parent

  • You two are so cute 💯💯💯

  • Her hair looked so cute parted down the middle!!

  • “Why r they naked “😂😂

  • The way she push the green drinks back Lmaooooo 😂😂😂

  • "Thank you for nothing." Ok big mood

  • I go by Lex too

  • “You’re not gonna do very well in college” omg😂

  • When she said, “Black Parade pants” and Gerard showed up on the screen I LITERALLY SCREAMED DHDHDHSH

  • lol I want someone promo my channel with a megaphone 😂😂

  • I luv you guys !

  • I love your videos and pewdiepies videos

  • Will you do a 24 hours pregnant challenge I’d love to see that love you!!

  • Literally whose mom makes them ding dong ditch someone’s house... love this relationship!!

  • It's burning my ears lmao

  • for a new video why don't you guys swap for a day mom be Lexany , Lexany be mom dress wise personality wise and any other thing you can think about ... YOU KNOW EACH OTHER BEST !!!!! LOVE U GUYS

  • I love this mother daughter relationship so different yet so close and funny best combination I've seen

  • Turn lex into you, it would be great

  • Anyone wants to help each other out by subbing


  • Lexany should take care of a baby doll for 24 hours and experience what it’s like to be a teen mom

  • I want to se Christine say yes to Lex for 24 hrs. Thank you.

  • I love how they are the complete opposite

  • does anybody know the song that starts around 5:50?

  • Are u guys Filipino???


  • I definitely want you to say yes to everything lexany says!

  • 5:12 Lexany I don’t know how to spell her name but I have never felt her more 😂😂😂


  • You and ur daughters different personalities is just so cute.

  • Thank you Christine for being there for me like an older sister. I feel so alone right now and I’m going through a lot and my family isn’t supportive at all. Please make the “how to deal with toxic parents” video. Please see this :(

  • I have the same phone case 😂

  • Love Lexys MCR obsession cause I can hella relate cause that was me at that age. And it’s nice to see the younger generation is still equally as obsessed with MCR as I was 10 years ago.

  • “This is a shot I’m not 21” lol!!!

  • I can't believe your mom told you to ding song ditch a house my mom wouldn't let me she would get mad If I did that but I used to do it alot I mean sometimes I still do it but barely cause im 16 now

  • Lmao “ your not going to do very well in college “ 😂

  • I’m dying....this is so funny

  • doorbell ditch? i thought it was dingdongditch?

  • Why does she look like Pete Davidson

  • Lexany is such a MOODDDDD. And can you make more story time videos. Love you all sooo much 💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi Christina cool video with your daughter saying yes to everything can you do another one 👍

  • Your such a cool mom

  • Mother daughter with anime green eyes.

  • Please do handcuffed to lexanny for 24 hours that would be amazing

  • You and Lex should swap styles for 1 week

  • She should tryout modeling she’s literally gorg

  • Lexany is soo funny please do more videos with her !!😂🤣

  • I wanna see “mom says yes to daughter for a day” ( i wonder what lexany would make you do 😂❤️)