Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 4]

Am 28 Jul 2018 veröffentlicht
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The Internet is full of creepy and disturbing finds. Tonight, we're going to dive headstrong into this fourth entry with five more unsettling things that I've recently discovered. Enjoy.
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  • Orie Chef UPDATE: de-tv.net/tv/video-W1FWVFOIOhs.html&lc=

    • Do you use Light Mode on Discord unironically? It hurts my eyes... I can't use Light Mode on Discord or my eyes will be hurting

    • You know Alex. That's so cool! Became a Patreon so you won't have to do super long commercials anymore <3

    • I was going to make a comment about the Orie Chef... I saw in one of the screenshots a Bible passage... Ezekial 7:1-27.... I read it and it doesn't help whatsoever with the creepy factor... it's about an end, mourning, fury... very creepy

    • Watch marble hornets

    • Petscop is cool

  • Video starts at 3:24

  • That dollar shave club video gave me the chills. Did you see the hidden face in the mirror?

  • The last person is probably a troll. A friend of mine has made over 30 accounts during her trolling career. I have had about 10 because I got suspended every week snjwowjejwlak. Additionally, animal gore is kinda tame for an actual troll

  • That Bill Mead one is just heartbreaking.

  • So Teddy bears do come to life at night. That's not scary. It just means they really do protect us 😊

  • I wish all gang bangers, thieves, and drug dealers would drop dead. They deserve for their mothers and children, and wives to die as they're left to deal with the heart break before taking their own lives. At least the ones who shoot at innocent people like that. Too many times have people like this killed innocent children.

  • Nice, I might have to sign up for that.


  • I’m only 33 seconds in and I have some dude screaming “iM aBoUt tO dRoP sOmE KNOWLEGE” at me *subscribes*

  • "23 years of dry crusty a..." well then (X

  • 3:09 you're welcome

  • it really starts at 3:09

  • What the hell was that insane long add done with this channel

  • Bro I live in Converse Texas

  • I remember the news report about the people in Converse. Goddamn that would be a scary situation. I'm not sure if I would have drawn my weapon or ran myself.

  • For those who don't have a time with intros go to 4:15.

  • I don't need to shave..

  • 8:59 this is why I am getting a gun 😂

  • that girl in the thumbnail looks like my math teacher

  • Rest now, Bill..

  • The intro was funny and happy but the rest of video is not

  • 3 min unskipable commercial is quite disturbing

  • I love how he narrates I can listen to him all day

  • Video starts at 4:18 you cal thank me later:)

  • Only disturbed by the length of the "quick message" from you and your sponsor. :)

  • The one with the moving bear, the baby's right arm is going underneath and tugging on one of the legs, making it move Problem solved edit: commented before explanation was given

  • Who else believes that the Justin Y. account is controlled by a collective

  • Does anyone know what it says in "EZEKIEL 7:1-27"? Maybe there's a hidden message there about what those accounts are about?

  • OTHER COMPLICATIOn a hard beating wife lol.... ffs ghost and surnaturel dont exist EVERYONE can do it even a 5years old kid

  • Is there any more information on the one about the shooting? I find it very strange that some guys would just unload on a car full of people like that for no reason. I mean they followed them and shot at them even more. I'm not saying it's not a random shooting but there might be more to the story that the people in the car aren't talking about.

  • i think the sell out is more disturbing :\

  • Orie Chef is a Filipina and am being a fellow countryman, I would say her reason for her activity is believable. Man, I wouldn't be even surprise if someone made more facebook account than her here. It's just Filipinos are addict to facebook no matter their age are.

  • Number one isn’t disturbing it’s just sad

  • Hello! This is the friendly checkpoint comment, I'm here to remind you that you may be running on cellular data. So please for the love of saving money check if your WiFi is connected.

  • Goddamn dopeheads. Trying to rob people and shit

  • I don’t why they tried to follow the suspects lol! They are not the cops 👮‍♀️and they didn’t have a weapon! Get here soon lol 😂 wtf.

  • I feel bad for bill....

  • why do I watch this stuff before bed 😣

  • 10:02 In that situation I would have shot back or ran them over and crushed them between the car and the wall before they the moved away from it in the first place. Or better yet pulled a gun the moment I saw them in front of the house like that. I mean that's some scary shit.

  • 13:38 Boi dis looking like sum FNaF bootleg

  • 3:34 When the video starts! :D

  • I've heard that Gillette recently made an amazing ad for Dollar Shave Club...

  • e

  • e

  • Hats off to those bitches in the second video. They handled that situation as perfectly as you could, and they didn't freak out and lose focus take note folks

  • One wipe Charles are damaging to pipes

  • Concealed carry ladies and gentlemen. It will save your life

  • Was eating smoked fish dip and crackers when he said "dry, crusty a--." Bro almost made me puke.

  • Video 2, we should all have a car shotgun or AR type rifle.

    • Rather AR "pistol", chances are they would break contact if someone was shooting back. An AR or AK pistol is loud and scary sounding, and has a high capacity mag. It would level the playing field.

  • i feel like the ad would have served better at the end lol, the tone difference removes the drama

  • First of all why would you get in a strangers car?! Just look for the goddamn taxi

  • 4:36 me trying to become a DE-tvr

  • Video starts at 4:20

  • so i've been having regular contact with orie, she's actually really nice. more or less she just likes to ask questions about the united states and what i want to do for a living lol.

  • Crusty Dry As-- DOLLAR Shave club...

  • Those guys are the reason why you must be allowed to shoot dead anybody stepping in your yard without permission.

  • R.I.P Bill Hope you have a great life in heaven

  • 2 minute advertisement at the start of a video now?? okay, this is epic

  • Sell out😑

  • 4:07 is when the actual content starts, and the commercials finally end.

  • Video begins at 3:09

  • The REAL Petscop 2.

  • The most disturbing thing is your advertising

  • Video starts at @3:10

  • 20:33 you are starting to sound like a jaded noir detective

  • With bill mead that really hits close to home because my grandmother was just diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer

  • The 3 minute advert was definitely the scariest thing in this video !!!1!1!11

  • Why is one of orie's accounts in tagalog (the post with the hashtags) and the other in a chinese dialect?

  • I thought the tyres got shot out so she couldn't drive? Personally I'd drive on the rims to get away, still faster than some idiot who wears his jeans round his knees. Also with the teddy bear one, if it was supernatural why was it moving? What would it achieve to move like that? It wouldn't know about the camera (I assume). The gloves man, just respectfully decline putting the gloves on. Sorted. Although to be fair, it's hard to know what the atmosphere in the car was like if we weren't there. Love these videos, they make me think. Thanks Nexpo!

  • You've been wiping your butt wrong for 23 years? Apparently the average amount of time someone spends each year wiping their butt, is 8.7 hours. You must be really REALLY old, or yes you've been doing it so wrong that it's taken 23 years! Anyway, that's worth a sub from me! Just so you can pay the rent of course :)

  • rip x

  • Disliked cause the 3 minute ad lol

  • “Disturbing things from around the internet” *3 MINUTE DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB AD*

  • video starts at 4:27

  • See .. those girls that got dumped on by those 2 dudes in the bushes is why they make the .45 Cal. VMAC 11..... 30 rounds fully auto machine pistol.

  • 3 minute promotion.... Wow

  • Sons of bitches on the car, the fact that humans would do that to each other makes me so sick.

  • I don't pay $12 a month for DE-tv premium to see a 3 minute ad before I watch my video

  • the first one just made me sad :C

  • I truly feel sorry for Bill Mead, God bless him for preaching to his few days

  • Never EVER expose children to a dangerous situation like that.

  • Thanks for the happy part at the beggining

  • im am so sorry for Bill

  • Well shit, I was going to say on the car shooting one that they should have backed out and driven away after calling the police and seeing the guys approach their car. But they did and still got many shots fired at them. Man, that one was rough.

  • This shit good, ima subscribe!

  • The baby looks to be laying on its tummy so I think it's just moving the bear with its other hand...

  • Carry a gun for your safety and of those around you.

  • the baby was much more scarier than the teddy bear moving

  • Kira Yoshikage was reincarnated as the Glove Man.

  • About the Orie Case, I’ve seen a lot of these and you will all be surprised by how far some Filipinos will go for games. HAHAHAHAHA.

  • the moving teddy bear is easily explained , fools. These comments about actors aren't wrong , because the bear was.... actually an actor!! >:c , very upsetting

  • Lol this is my first video on this channel and I thought the dollar shave club was the disturbing thing on the internet

  • Video starts at 3:17, thank me later :)

  • Skip to 3:13 to pass a long ass promo of Dollar Shave Club and get to the juicy stuff.


  • that promotion was fantastic

  • the most disurbing part about this is that 15% of the video was an ad for Dollar Shave Club

  • 8:06 like I totally can't see him. What a dumb hiding place.

  • Video starts at 4:30