Fusion Power Explained - Future or Failure

Am 10 Nov 2016 veröffentlicht
How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?
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  • I don't get the fact when u say the cost of building fusion energy is very high... Well,... We all live here and anything we make will be used by us,.So how is something expensive? We are gonna use resources on earth to produce something on earth...no cost indeed....but if u talk about the human labour work...then there is a debate...

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  • Oups ! You spilled some german at 2:24 :p

  • Do not get me wrong, I am all for clean and efficient innovations, but we have to think critical. So we start mining helium 3 on the Moon, and we will mine and mine....and mine. In the end, we are wasting the Moon for Helium 3 just like we wasted Earth for mining coal. Basically, He3 is a fossil fuel as well it would not regenerate, or only after a long time. And when we use Water, is it then gone forever? It would be a pity draining the Oceans for "cheap energy".

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  • i have a feeling, if we ever get it, it'd get banned in germany because reasons........

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  • 20 years ago Fusion energy will come in 20 years now fusion energy will come in 20 years and it is super safe 20 years in the future we have made an oopsie its a Supernova so sad can we get ONE MILLION Likes

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  • Failure. Until we figure out how to get the pressure up in fusion reactors to reduce the energy cost, it's not gonna happen. It's been 20 years away for 50+ years now. Sidenote: nuclear breeder reactors can be used to extract the excess radioactive energy from nuclear waste and convert it to usable energy. Not only do we get more energy from it, it also cleans up the nuclear waste we have lying around and makes it inert. It's also cheaper than blasting the waste into space or straight up burying it because of maintenance costs. We also have the tech now already and it's being looked at being used again now that it's alternative of enrichment has been fully used already.


  • ...what energy does fusion produce...heat?

  • Just want to chime in and say that conventional salt loop reactors cannot melt down either, and they have very little waste. They have been around since 1986. Altho most operational nuclear plants today was built in the 1970's and thus can melt down and does produce a lot of waste (Fukushima for example)

  • It's 2019 and still no fusion. :(

  • Honestly a lot of industries with tens of billions of dollars, they don't want to do it for cuz they fear it will make their business absolete

  • But how do you control that

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  • It will also save earth, because Coal.

  • When I attended engineering school for more than 50 years ago: we were told that fusion energy was 20 years in the future... fusion energy is still 20 years in the future.

  • 1. Step: Buy Beans In A Can 2. Eat it 3. Fart to a wind generator 4. Enjoy the infinite energy

  • $10 billion is considered to be expensive? What about the $800 billion US military spending each year?

  • i wish someone would make a bicycle that when you pedal, it charges a battery, just like cars...

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  • Please see a artificial sun.

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  • Or maybe the public has not been notified about certain things. Just saying

  • Can we bottle a star!? - humans. Can we bottle a soul? - Guild of organic Entities, aka asshole malevolent alien alliance.

  • plasma reaction is also able to happen in the body; just put magnets near an artery or near the jugular vein, and eat lots of salty foods. to wrap your head around the concept, imagine your body having a long pipeline through-out the entirety, and iron pumping through it in salt water solution. but not only that, the heart causes static electricity in the body, and adds on more energy for every heartbeat with those magnets in place. eventually, the body makes it's own energy with it's own electromagnetic field. now if you applied this to say... a glass pipeline, and wires winding around it in the proper pattern, with salt water going around in a circle... and electromagnetic interference with those wires, going around in a circle charging the wires. you could make a small plasma reactor, just big enough to fit in your pocket, and it could create just enough energy at a time of a few minutes to power a device of choice for quite a while, if done correctly. depends on what you want to do. had an idea for such a thing for quite a while... it could even revolutionize the way we do medical treatment, considering it could be used to regenerate the body mixing synaptic\neuron-massage tech with natural regeneration enhancement tech. i'm no moron, do your own homework if you don't understand. can't just give away sources in even these days.

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  • Thank you for translation every video! It helps me understand it while i know English very bad.

  • And what if nuclear and atomic energy research facilities focus on producing energies instead of challenging anime in terms of explosion... would fusion energy be available sooner than expected?

  • A question...in the Dyson sphere video you said we could harness fusion energy BEFORE you mentioned the Dyson sphere So...will we actually ever need a Dyson sphere if we achieve fusion energy?

  • This is just like the Dyson sphere

  • the fusion reactor in France is almost complete

  • This is the negative to capitalism, 10B is not much for the world but alot for a country and ridiculous for a company. we need to invest until we get it to work or know it cant be done. the rewards for success are stupefying as nothing else comes close.. except maybe black-hole power, the Dyson-swarm or the fabled zero-point, wall of which are even further away at best. Tidal and Wind are unfeasible as a world wide replacement. and solar is i think at best 65% efficient. all should be invested in, but they are stopgaps until we find a new high power source to power the world. fusion works its just not practical in terms of Energy in for energy out or cost, but if that was a reason to stop, we would not have any innovation and we as a species would still be using sticks.. TLDR: i call for a UNEnergyResearch where each country sends ~1% of its GDP to a global research venture. we kinda did it with CERN, the European GPS and the ISS. WTFDR: Stop being greedy and share.

    • If researching is as easy as throwing money into it and expects it to work. They can get 100 billion if they sucessfully proposed a design that can works.

  • "Energy is the currency of the future" - Nwabudike Morgan

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  • Ten billion? That's nothing to find out!

  • $10 billion is nothing for our government. The reason why fusion isn't getting enough funding is because oil giants are lobbying to slowdown their downfall for as long as they can.

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  • Was not even paying attention I was busy on something to do with why we are here and how things connect up. Also much more but would take awhile to explain and I'm to lazy

  • Helium 3?! Like on Deliver us to the Moon?! I thought they just pulled that plot device out of nowhere! Wow!

  • Tokamak reactions and magnetic containment seem like the most feasible option

  • wait wait wait! then how is the "Fusion Nuclear bomb possible? it fusses too and it explodes so how doesnt it there?

    • because the bombs don't use fusion energy. it uses hydrogen to ignore the reaction, but isn't made to sustain the reaction. so not even bombs use fusion energy. you do know we have this thing called google right?

  • If i had 10B to spare, i would gladly invest it in Fusion Energy!

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  • So if we freeze neodymium magnets, is their magnetic field stronger?

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  • World scene on fire because of fossil fuel when it's physically possible to ensure the energy supply of an entire species basically forever by burning the fucking water.

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  • Fusion is worth pursuing for it's own sake, whether or not we ever learn to harness the power of a star.

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  • South Korea have Fusion reactor on road called solar panel

  • Only if Elon musk cared about fusion instead of other electricity problems i.e., australia

  • its all about money, corporations hate the word "free" and "clean"

  • Step one: all counties join together Step two: get enough money to go to Mars and Venus. Step three: Make about a quarter of a dyson sphere Step four: use that energy to create fusion reactors Step five: use that energy to finish the Dyson sphere Step six: VICTORY

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  • We should not think about cost when it comes to science

  • So, how much water would we need? How long would last the water reserves?

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  • The greatest of all inconveniences to humanity to reach illumination and the stars: there's NO POLITICAL/ECONOMICAL INTEREST in doing it...humanity is its own greatest enemy.

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  • We should invent something like a fusion or thorium reactor quickly, so the Chinese can copy it, and stop poluting our global environment.

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  • "it's a 10 billion dollar gamble" jeff bezos has like 120 billion, i'm just saying

    • Not for long

    • as of one payment of 10 billion is all it'll ever take before *poof* all complete and done. you know that's not how the world works right? also you can't just throw money at something and expect it to work that's just ascinide.

  • 4:17 Isn't the point of fusion energy to replace fossil fuels? It seems redundant to spend all of our resources building a moon base just to transport degradable fuel from the moon back to earth. It would probably take more resources to transport a sufficient amount needed to power fusion reactors.

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  • Could you explain the possibilities of developing tele-transportation tech?

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  • Yet another example of why engineers are the closest things we have to wizards in real life :) Real wizards don't have pointy hats and magical staffs, they have lab coats and clipboards :)


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