Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever - CRISPR

Am 10 Aug 2016 veröffentlicht
Designer babies, the end of diseases, genetically modified humans that never age. Outrageous things that used to be science fiction are suddenly becoming reality. The only thing we know for sure is that things will change irreversibly.
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The best book we read about the topic: GMO Sapiens
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- Good Overview by Wired:
-timeline of computer development:
- Selective breeding:
- DNA:
- Radiation research:
- inserting DNA snippets into organisms:
- First genetically modified animal:
- First GM patent:
- chemicals produced by GMOs:
- Flavr Savr Tomato:
- First Human Engineering:
- glowing fish:
- HIV cut from cells and rats with CRISPR:
- first human CRISPR trials fighting cancer:
first human CRISPR trial approved by Chinese for August 2016:
- genetic diseases:
- pregnancies with Down Syndrome terminated:
( 1999 European study)
- CRISPR and aging:
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    • I am down to live forever. I don't have no choice because I have little time. Just like that movie about time.🎥

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    • Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell never say never!!!

  • I'm down for this. I wouldnt want us to be immortal, but changing phenotypes and genotypes, getting rid of genetics diseases would be cool. Make it available for everyone and free. My only issue is that if we for example, max stat iq, would we all have the same thought process? Hmmm...

  • Awesome video as always, I just would advice to stay out of political topics and comments, lets keep it scientific as it has always been!

  • Smellivision :0 :))))))))))

  • I love the space oddyssey reference in the end!!

  • I don't want to die from aging, sounds awful, I wanna see how humanity develops and help guide it. Kinda like Gandalf! If I have to wait till im 80 for this idc. Ill be a wise old man for eternity.

  • Your channel gives me more hopes then UNO ( United Nations organization)

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  • Welp, I'll be dead by then, nothing for me to worry about.

  • so the wrath of Khan is coming

  • 11:51 I agree!

  • If you end your own aging, they should make it a law to not be allowed to have any children.

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  • Galatians 6:7-9"Be not deceived, God is not mocked. For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap. For he that soweth in his flesh, of the flesh also shall reap corruption. But he that soweth in the spirit, of the spirit shall reap life everlasting." This scientific discovery/pursuit is completely evil.

  • I hope this will happen soon so I can have new super power

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  • We cannot live 2000 years with modified dna cus we can't remember ths 200 years

  • I don't want to cure all diseases cuz i eanna get a day in home when im sick

  • Talking animals

  • People living much longer would be the worst thing ever in humanity, and would doom our planet which is already overpopulated big time. There's too much humans for the # of ressources it has so unless there would be a limit of 1-2 human per family, having humans who won't ******* die and spread like cancer, it's a plan to end humanity.


  • God is great

  • my mom says designer babys r bad bc God made use not sciencetess

  • Ya'all so concerned if you could, but don't stop to think if you should...

  • Instead of designer clothes you now have designer babies

  • Ok Amazing... Crispr Cas9 forget about the designer Babies the only interresting thing would be engineering of already living beeings... if even this is possible then it will gonna affect me otherwise it can only affect next Generations... change something in your genes you are uncomfy with while you are alive would be great... monitor it and correct until it is done right. Disease free and shaped as you wish only your own imagination limits it

  • Why are people so stuck on the superficial crap looking like this and tall like that ... this is a breakthrough in health how many people with cancer or blood diseases or bone and eye conditions etc going to be able to live normal healthy lives! This is beautiful

  • "Nothing is that far off with what we're talking about.", eh? Gimme a Gundam and make my son a new-type.



  • This kind of makes me uncomfortable as an Autistic person: Well, on one hand, a lot of great things can come from genetic engineering, there are things others would consider flaws that are actually great and make the person who they are, like Autism, if I wasn't born Autistic I doubt I'd be interested in biology or Zoology, as well as many other things, I certainly wouldn't be who I am today, so the thought of that slowly being eliminated through genetic engineering is a scary thought. The idea that someone was able to detect something like Autism in an unborn child and somehow remove it before the child is born would be messed up... Imagine if in the future they find a way to stop Autism from developing, imagine all the amazing people we'd end up never having, people who can see the world in unique ways that can make them geniuses and create and do amazing things. idk, I think it could be messed up for that reason.

  • so... basically, creative mod?

  • It has been 2 years now. Was crispr successful in curing lung cancer?

    • Nicholas Tang google it and please tell me

  • the hail hydra might be even immortal

  • aint this how divergent started

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  • Its a good technology that can change our own life its risky but this tech can may change people mortal to immortal

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  • Kurzgesagt - Are you folks closely related to a fella named Adolph Hitler? Trying to create the _"master"_ race? You folks are insidious, evil.

  • Oooo shit, the furries are gunna have a field day with this....

  • I love how he uses terminating a pregnancy rather than exactly what it is, ripping a baby out from their only way of survival.

  • *makes Sans undertale with Genetic Engineering* Go,My Son,Give the world a bad time.

  • If we get rid of cancer that will excel the growth rate of the worlds population. I’m not sure that’s a good idea, don’t get me wrong cancer is evil but it will cause another problem in the long run

  • What I'm worried about is when designer babies become a thing, parents might still choose not to have a designer baby. Now imagine a world where 9 out of 10 people are designer babies with perfect hair, super attractive, can eat 10 Big Macs a day and never get fat, sprint faster than Sonic, have an IQ of 200 (I could keep going), we're left with 10% of people who are just average. Or at this point, below average. They have some cushin' for the pushin' because their metabolism isn't perfect, their hair starts to grey at 30, they're a C-B grade student,. Those people will definitely be selected against. If they're less attractive they'll have a hard time finding a partner, employers might not want to employ them because they're seen as lesser compared to everyone else, they have a hard time socialising, they're perceived as stupid by colleagues and classmates because they're not at intelligent. Imagine how awful of a life this person would have. At this point the parents would opt to have a designer baby because they would want to avoid that kind of future for their child, but here's where ethics comes in. They do it because everyone else does it, not because they want to. Its no longer a choice, its a must, and if they don't do it they're basically putting their child up for a lifetime of discrimination and exclusion. On the other hand, designer babies might become more and more popular over time, and eventually pretty much everyone will be having designer babies because it became the norm, so these "average" people won't even exist anymore and everyone will be perfect. Or "perfect". But when everyone becomes "perfect", then will we be human anymore. Our flaws and imperfections are partially what defines us a human. Perfect will become the average, and when that happens, what next? We strive for something even more perfect, and at this point its almost certain that we'll just edit out all the human parts of ourselves so much that none of us will be human anymore. An entire planet of genetically modified species. Homo geneticus. Everything is bad when its in excess, including genetic modification. I think that when gene editing does become your everyday norm, there will be laws to control this. For example there may be a limited number of traits that you can choose for your child to have, or there will be certain traits that will be outright banned from being edited. Its both scary and fascinating. We could eventually get to the point where we can eliminate horrendous diseases by just editing them out of our genome, which is amazing, but while doing so we could completely eradicate the human species and create something else by accident, which is terrifying.

    • Isnt this what already happens? We just dont get to choose who will be the haves and who will be the have nots. its just luck.

  • Would you be able to theoretically modify yourself if you were not modified as a baby? Or do you have to be in the womb?

    • Adults could be modified by modifying stem cells. Modifying these cells would allow adolescents and adults to benefit from these amazing technologies

  • I strongly believe that one day humans and everything will live longer by genetics

  • 13:56 What does this translate to?

  • One day we will create Monsters

  • So, if we perfectly realize this technology in all around the world; is it gonna be the designer of the new perfect world or the apocalypse of the nature and Earth by the human population?

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  • actually in the topic of metabolism, the lower metabolism the longer the lifespan because of the decay you also mentioned. it's why turtles live so long and rats live for so short

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  • My teacher wants us to study this topics

  • Is anyone generally scared after watching this video? Or is that just me ?

  • 3:37 Rick and Morty

  • One solution to the over-population immortality problem would make it so that your reproductive organs are permanently disabled once you take the immortality drug.

  • hooooo boys welcome to the end of humanity. that door we just opened? it’s the end! there are going to be massive wars when america starts making perfect soldiers and colonizing planets not to mention the over population pollution and starving plus we don’t know the long terms effects

  • We need to form an army so that we can kill every one of these unnatural fuck bags they make. Go to fucking mars shitheads, do what you want. Leave earth to the humans. We actually appreciate what earth and nature has given us

  • Woah this is so awesome in what world we all live in! PS: you animations are so good and smooth!

  • 3:50 is a reference to song right ?

  • im not religious but this is wrong. A wrong decision will manifest itself in a negative way, im not just talking about ethics and delusional mind constructs, but about reality. edit: everything can be cured allready by yourself, yaya now throw stones at me....

  • Basically Red Rising...sweet!

  • Genetic Modification gave my son autism

  • This is how humans go extinct when the designer generation comes around humans will be gone. Being human means being flawed

  • Anti vaxxers will still die :D

  • Well they made the first engineered kid in China who was born who can’t ever get hiv

    • Fake news. The baby might still get HIV because the genetic changes made were not thoroughly researched.

  • wow, this is great!

  • i can already see tv shows like "crispr my body" in the future lol

  • Thanks for trying to normalize GMO Humans... nice try... and BTW, did you hear that CRISPR had a set back in which they found it can also shotgun wide sections of the genome with unknown consequences. Ever hear, don't F' with Mother Nature :-p. Just saying... I expect humanity will continue to have its Drs. Frankenstein and like GMO crops those changes will creep (intended) into the wild with Only God knows what consequences. At least, you're not talking Gene Drive Humans yet... right? :-p

  • The only thing i want is to live long enough to see dinasaurs come bac to life... and much more lol.

  • I know this is an old video.... but.... at 2:49 healthy is spelled "healty". You're welcome.

  • I'm 93% deaf. Can I edit my DNA and fix that now?

  • even if they get the technology to make humans imortal or increase their age thry wouldn't do it! it will cause a lot more troubles

  • I want to be 12 forever

  • The genocide against children will be seen as an atrocity in the future. What is to stop people from killing off those with brown eyes or other seemingly arbitrary characteristics? How is this any different from the nazis sterilizing those with learning disabilities?

    • Americans started Eugenics when the sterilized 'dumb' women and black people.

  • CRISPR creator has a death sentance over his head. PRAY FOR CRISPR

  • If u think this is interesting read a book called Scythe. The premise is that humanity has solved all problems of disease and aging. Basically it’s impossible to die. But the population must be regulated so there are a group of people called scythes that do it. Really interesting book that explores this concept

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