GOP Hurt By Donald Trump Bungling In Democratic Midterm Victories | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Am 8 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
Rachel Maddow highlights some of the impressive Democratic gains in Tuesday's election results and points out how Donald Trump's clumsy political sense ended up hurting Republicans in several House races.
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GOP Hurt By Donald Trump Bungling In Democratic Midterm Victories | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  • Probably the finest piece of political reporting I've ever seen. Ms. Maddow deserves an Emmy nomination for this segment.

  • This was amazing to watch. Gave me a big smile.

  • Thanks for kinda draining the swamp mr. Nationalist

  • Notice how Trump's son can't keep his eyes off her breasts? I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all..

  • Rachel... you are having such a great time . I'm lmao too...hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Repukes winning too much that stop winning! Lol

  • A great blue wave for all these beautiful, strong women. Luv it! “ I am woman hear me roarrr”

  • American women came through - y'all saved your nation from itself, but your women especially.

  • So much winning! Baaaahahahahahahaha - Donald, go home!

  • Trump is sulking like the orange man child that he is


  • Get video. This was soooo enjoyable to watch.

  • Trump was wrong women did not stand by his side

  • I can’t believe anyone can say donald bungled anything,he’s the highest iq,smartest person in the History of mankind?

  • Indicted felons re-elected! Only RePUGliKLANs are that stupid and that low. What a pack of morons!

  • womp womp😂😂😂

  • moral of the story, fire the shithole in chief


  • #trump sux! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • By the numbers, Trump had a better Midterm than Bush, Clinton or Obama. So really MSNPC, who do you think you're fooling? Oh right, fools.

  • Has this nightmare (Rachel Maddow) ever said that a Republican won an election by hard work and talent?? Of course not. Because this is biased television and not a news organization.

  • Every vote counts. Wonder how many times Reps have been doing this.

  • Could the GOP please not endorse Trump for reelection?

  • Love it

  • South Carolina elects a democrat, Stephen Colbert must be proud lol

  • 0:05 Dear Rachel, WTF was that sound lol?

  • #MuellerWillPrevail over the #TrumpCrimeFamily

  • Joselico gracias gracias 🙏🇺🇸🛠🔥⚽️🏀🏈⚾️💪🏻

  • Super blue wave...loving it......

  • Why is our economy booming?

  • So, But So Good To See; _The Blue Ocean Colored Sea As Limitless The Sky's To Heaven's Paradise Is For All In God's And In One Spirited Church., For The Land Of The Free And Braved Ideals of This.. And For These United States..!

  • Love Rachel

  • The republicants are in complete denial!! This was the largest loss of seats for republicans in a midterm since Nixon!!! Lmao, delusional conservatives just don't understand the fact that the largest bloc of die hard Republican voters are over 60 yrs old. The largest bloc of Democrat voters are 18-25. Can you see the math play itself out.

  • An inspiring role call!

  • Linda Sanchez had to step down because her husband was charged with frauding the government

  • A dead man won as a senate member Nevada who was the owner of the bunny they get to put a republican in his seat..

  • Lol another veteran you media is a laughing stock thinking our veterans will ever support something that will destroy Americans or our constitutional rights...lmao

  • we have to remain strong for 2020

  • I have zero regard for the current POTUS, but trading endorsements is how the game is played.

  • *It Wasn't A Blue Tsunami, But It Sure Was A Blue Wave !*

  • revolutionary change nice one dems

  • The GOP is harmed by their own words and actions. Selling out to wealthy and wealthy corporate donors, working needless hardship on the People for greed, and failing to have a qualified candidate to run for POTUS in 2016. These wounds are self inflicted, they need to do the suffering, not our People, nation or the world.

  • You know what's funny is the old POTUS Obama lost the majority of the people he endorse President Trump won the majority of the people he endorsed so I don't think he did that bad compared to your Mighty Barack Obama

  • She lit asf

  • I’m so happy Lewis was voted out, I gladly voted for Craig.

  • If you can be a Congress person from a jail cell why can you vote if you have a felony?

  • Never thought I'd say this, but thank you Donald Trump for inserting yourself into these House and Senate races and handing these seats over to the Democrats. Good job!👍🏽

  • She got so mad 😂


  • Can we impeach the Mango Mussolini yet?

    • Have you signed the online petitions for impeachment, asked friends and family to do the same?

  • I love the bit at the 3:42 point when she says « I am potus , hear me roaor « . I can’t see Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters doing that . Rachel Maddow is making serious money and weaves every story as if it is cracking the code of the GOP . Are we suppose to have just one party ? USA USA USA

  • Blue wave, PINK WAVE, red puddle....................................!

  • Republicans don't care about felony as long you're rep.They'll vote for you.

  • Trump helped McSillySally so much in the AZ Senate race. BuhBye. Lie to someone who's stupid enough to believe you. Great win Kyrsten! Ha! Trump's ridiculous claim that McSally won by a "landslide" was just another total LIE.

  • They just need to work harder too get more hate out there.

  • Rachel Maddow is probably the worst of the Elite's. Besides her obvious retardation, she is also a conspiracy theorist who has driven and hyped up the Russia Gate crap. And she is pro war, unlike 70% of the American people if not more. So when the progressive rebellion happens, which is obvious from everyone watching from the outside, she will be among those who will be taken down to the streets. No money in the world will save them once the revolution has taken control over the banks. Most likely a big series of arrests aswell for war crimes and spreading propaganda(like Rachel Maddow).

    • settle down little timmie,things will get a lot better when drumpf is thrown out of office for russian collusion.

  • Trump's ego knows no bounds, but I can't say the same about his "genius."

  • Rosen yeah! But these republicans embraced trump? So the losers that don't embraced and embraced lose? I'm all confused just like trump! The POS!

  • 😂

  • BLUE WAVE baby 😋

  • If Nancy Pelosi continues to lead the Dems, she jeopardizes continued Dem Victories. Your assumption that she will once more lead is telling Rachel. You're not a liberal, you're a corporate hack. the age of 'Clintonesque' democrats is dead.

  • Trump is chastising disaster suffering California for "Forest mismanagement" as the cause of their wild fire woes. So his remedy to their need for help is to threaten them with cuts to federal aid. Are you living in a Gulf state exposed to tornadoes and hurricanes? If you voted for Trump, enjoy the peace of mind you get knowing how Trump will blame you for the disaster that befall you.

  • Hmmm. You do realize that Hitler also was impressed with his own (non existent) genius? Only with him it was military genius which proved to be his downfall. Trump's non existent political genius will, most likely, produce the same highly desired, results. 😆

  • I am loving this! "Trump the political mastermind" Not!

  • MS Abrams will win!

  • Why is having 5 former CIA workers in Congress considered a good thing Rachel?

  • If you want a good laugh Google Amy Tarkanian. she goes ballistic asking for Trump to intercede and appoint Danny to Congress. FYI Tarkanian is 0-7 in his political career. Word is Amy is running for city counsel. What a family

  • trump don't know _____

  • Rachel Maddox really enjoyed making this broadcast! 😁.

  • So much delicious schadenfreude!

  • Cummings. Oversight Committee. Yasssssss! An intelligent, seasoned and less than white gent. Love this. A lot!

  • Come on. In the races that Trump rallied for he was way more successful than the ones Obama did. Facts matter. Get those taxes LMAO

  • So much winning!

  • Love this.💪💪💪💪

  • Both sides are overly excited it seems. People get too caught up in the moment and forget Factual History! If folks would call down and look at facts it would be NO BIG DEAL what is happening. We have a long history since FDR of being FICKLE! Americans do NOT like one side on control on the federal level very long. We go back and forth Blue and Red in ALL THREE. House, Senate, White House. That's the way it is here ! Just relax , we will be fine. This is NOTHING NEW! We will continue to go back and forth so both sides need to calm down and stop claiming any victory.

  • They weren't complaining while he was destroying this country, threatening Constitutional rights, acting like a traitor.

  • Kemp channels Joseph Stalin: "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

  • 9:06 -"...sheer hard work and raw talent..." just like a nurse.

  • This is really MAGA get rid of all those repuglicans🤣🤣🤣

  • It took the Koch Brothers 30 years and $150Bn of DARK money from the over 125 nonprofit Koch founded and supported think tanks using lies, misinformation and disinformation to change our State governments from Democratically governed to Republican Ruled Plutocracies(parents of Oligarchs) and Oligarchies(children of Plutocrats), but few people even know or realize what was happening as they were fooled into thinking and voting for the Republicans as always the Republicans use lies and subterfuge to overcome the ignorance of the voters. If you don't vote you don't matter and not taking an informed position on anything good is as bad as contributing towards the wealthy and corporations telling Americans where they will go and when to get off.

  • House oversight...did somebody say

  • Chris Collins' trial doesn't start until February 2020. Talk about justice delayed.

  • Wow. Awesome!he sinks his own ships to save himself...what a BUM.

  • LOL Trump is toxic...

    • The whole damned Republican party and Trump is bound for the abyss and they should not be allowed to control anything more than their bodily functions.

  • These creeps Hunter and Collins-you usually see “elections” like these in places like Russia. And this is what happens when one party listens to a state propaganda organ 24/7.

  • She is great at lying fake news

  • the dems now have to get to work, in January and I mean the ' normal ' give and take required in congress, show the American people you are there to deal with ' normal ' issues affecting all their districts as well as nationwide.. Bob Mueller will take care of this Trump family mafia, all by HIMSELF

  • Fl gets a recount!!!

  • Yes NY!!!!!!

  • Republicans are desperate

  • I'm so disgusted. Dictator

  • Good news Rachel love listening to you as always. Congrats to all the winners.

  • loving it. but there's more to do. we can't stop until that demon in the white house and his co-conspirators are totally out of government and in some cases where they belong, in jail.


  • Love it!

  • Yes! GOVERNOR Abrams!

  • I love, love, love Rachel!!! LMAO.....

  • Looks like people are FINALLY paying attention...THANKS donald.

  • Why doesn't the press tear Donald Trump apart?

    • The biggest press news are owned by Republican supporters. What did you expect from creeps like Rupert?

  • Lol...Awesome

  • Trump hates losing but to all these women, I know he lost (more of) his mind

    • James Washington Please tell me which of those 2 damaged brain Cell in trump empty cranium did he lose?