How to Build a Dyson Sphere - The Ultimate Megastructure

Am 20 Dez 2018 veröffentlicht
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If humans want to expand into space, it will take us incredible amounts of energy. How do we do that? Easy: we will just use the sun’s energy by realizing the most ambitious construction project in history. This is how it works.
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  • To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.

    • How much acceleation but can a human bear?

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    • Hi, please fix the errors in your closed captioning. Normally they are good, but this one has many errors in it.

    • I'm going to Mercury lets get cracking

    • This should be an actual game

  • I was misinstructed, accidentally built a Starkiller Base

  • Interesting. Imagine how weird that would be though, an entire star surrounded by a bunch of mirror type objects?

  • Could you please stop killing little birds in your videos? :(

  • Okay, so if we are intercepting and re-directing even a quarter of the Sun's output, how would we deal with the reduction of solar energy on our planet's environment? It could lead to radical temperature change, or the inability for some plants to survive. Even a small change can have a cascade effect on our planetary ecosystem.

  • 'Rockets are hard to reuse' Elon Musk: 'what was that again?'

  • Damn, they did it to Mercury, F

  • Make this an actual game!!!

  • wormholes could be used to funnel the close proximity energy of the sun to a concentrated point like a laser, a big burner solar laser.

  • thanks kurz now i can charge my phone everywhere

  • This was beautiful, thanks!

  • 2:17 Beaming the power elsewhere is nonsense, particularly with reflectors. Concentrating the power is limited by thermodynamics to the size of the sun, and even if you did this, the receiver would just be as hot as the sun making the concept pointless. You equally need access to an energy source and an energy sink. Locally concentrated solar power is coherent, but the heat sink in that case is radiators distributed among the swarm. Thermodynamics also dictates that the radiator size needs to be effectively the size of the swarm, or else the temperature will be very uncomfortable.


  • This video made me feel like I'm living in the past.

  • Why this looks so easy hahaha

  • 4:38 Build menu: -scout -dyson sphere -black hole bomb... omg!

  • Why even have a human presence on Mercury at all? Send in the Scarabs and Canoptek Spyders and let the harvesting commence!

  • There are definitely aliens out there, and they're probably working on their own dyson spheres. WE MUST NOT ALLOW A DYSON SPHERE GAP!

  • Dyson Sphere: I'm the largest and abitious structure in th- Nicoll - Dyson Beam: **kicks in** I'm gonna stop you right there

  • What about a dysons sphere for UY Scuti?

  • You guys have to make a game on all of the different types of videos you've done I would even pay for it plzzz

  • Isn't be more efficient to reprogram DNA to make those solar panel than build it by human-scale primitive machines?

  • Sounds good, let's do it.

  • 9:14 Günter?

  • 4:59 poor bird

  • Building it won't be easy. Neither will stopping it melting.

  • 7:29 why kill the giant red herring?

  • You say simple but I tried it and I accidentally made a giant mouse you can still hear it squeaking if you listen closely

  • You need minors? I’m 15 I’ll go

  • *_"Elon Musk has Liked the video"_*

  • What's the significance of the gravity difference for the rest of the solar system of a dismantled mercury

  • Love the Nebulon B Frigate easteregg

  • Where can I download the game

  • There not humans there fricken birds!

  • I'm sorry, but the ultimate megastructure is a Guardian farm in Minecraft!


  • I fspace core from portal were to watch this he would scream : OH MY GOD WE COULD GO TO SPAAAAAACE!!! And you guys also made a video saying that we could be the first generation to be immortal, so i might live to see this shit play out. SPACE IS AWESOME!

  • 7:07 Star Craft fan Spotted !

  • Why dont you try and make a game like the animation you did? I would defenetly play it.


  • 2019: In 500 years, we'll build dyson spheres, live on Mars, and our minds will be saved in robots! 2519: *TOP 10 PLACES MEMES HAVE CONSUMED*

  • But its a class 2 mega structure and we are not even class 1 yet

  • 4:59 MEGA OOF

  • Question: How to use electric energy to move forward in the universe?

  • simple af use flex tape

  • Mercury has oil yall!

  • Kirtsgezart you gave me a big idea to help our mother earth

  • So we’re returning the sun to its former glory as a *deadly lazer*

  • Bruh thorium

  • what about when the dyson swarm blocks out the sun for the earth?

  • wow could you make a game like that it will be really cool if you guys know a game like this pls leave its name in reply part

  • I recently read a book called The Golden Age by John C. Wright. The human civilization described in that sci fi epic managed to build something called the Solar Array - a structure made of an indestructible artificial element with an atomic weight in the 900s called Chrysadmantium (mind you this is some 100,000 years in the future). The Array featured something called "magnetic stabilizers," which tamed the seething chaos that is the sun, and the Array also increased it's lifespan. It shot solar energy to various outposts and population centres in the system via a tight MASER beam. The whole thing looked like a bright golden web criss-crossing the sun. Eventually it featured not one, but dozens of supercolliders encircling its circumference.

  • Fantastic idea. But like all "humans will go to another planet" thing, it won't happen in my lifetime. Now Mars, might. Who knows.

  • Krypton did that. They killed their sun then use the power of their own planet, then they corrupted the core. Planet exploded git gud.

  • Let's blow up Alderaan.

  • MAGIKARP 7:25

  • Has this been ever been thought of doing by science

  • And then Dennis Nedry puts a virus in the Dyson Sphere, changing the angle of reflection by 0.2 degrees and destroying the Earth.

  • How to Build a Dyson Sphere - AKA *How to Destroy the Entire Solar System in Ten Years Using 30 Quadrillion Mirrors*

  • If we know how to do this what's stopping us

  • do it

  • The ring world is literally a halo ring from halo 😔

  • Didn't Tesla's work with free energy imply that all the energy we could possibly need is already here and it just needs to be harvested without greed?

  • BLAME! taught me to not do this

  • Let's capture the sun.

  • Just buy the Dyson sphere dlc

  • "The sun is very big" thanks for the heads up

  • I love how the boat starts to fly upwards like it has rocket boosters... oh wait, it does :P

  • I think our Zivilisations not even will reach Type 1 when we are continuing what we are doing and don't stop doing wars and invest way to much money in military

  • in every video I see i think mhh it looks like it can be a game 😂

  • Why solve earthly problems like world hunger, if we can occupy ourselves with far greater things like creating plans to disassemble a planet and build a balloon around the sun!

  • we are not even a type 1 Zivilisation so a dyson spehere is far away then we would be a type 2 Zivilisations

  • Muito bom o trabalho de vocês!

  • How would we be warm in winter

  • Dyson sphere is a hypothetical construct used to illustrate ideas, not proposed as a real thing. Thinking about engineering problems of building it is the same as thinking about what material would suit to manufacture the Occam razor, for example. I.e., it's about totally missing the point. It's pretending to be smart, while actually being stupid.

  • This is my favirte episode

  • Why cant we mine astroids or just do material scans of the dead planets to sustainably mine, oh you got me talking science hehe.

  • Kurzgesagt just solved all world war in a few sentences at 7:20

  • wouldn’t a dyson sphere block out sun and freeze us

  • You guys should do a video on the alcudierre warp drive. Please.

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  • this should be an actual game

  • Wouldn't our everything on/near the sun and mercury burn or melt?

  • incredible waste of talent and time to recreate a fantasy... Kurzgesagt needs a new CEO/Director, so they can focus in real and actual problems... (the matrix was more credible!)

  • Ugh that last part hits me. Every time I realize how awesome space and the things we can do I realize that there are shitty people that will always hold back humanity for temporary profit or power.

  • Excellent video as usual! Note: just a little oopsie on the skyscraper at 0:43

  • Ha! Magikarp

  • I wish that that the video game in the video was real

  • Hey guys from Kurzgesagt have you played Starcraft, because some of your animations remind me of humans, protos and zerg. 👽👽👽

  • The animations and explanations were amazing!!!

  • Honest question... what about the heat on mercury and from the sun itself? Do we have the materials that won’t melt under those conditions?

  • Wait a minute (1:49) that ring world reminds me from something... [ELYSIUM RICH WORLD]

  • ( I prefer misery ) 👆

  • All you had to do was build god dam Dyson Sphere CJ

  • An astronaut is pushing a flat material ( *LATER...* ) *Wasted...*

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  • Makes me wanna be a scientist

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