Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

Am 21 Sep 2017 veröffentlicht
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    • 400th reply

    • I watched!

    • At end of video. "Why are you still here?" I'm watching your video to the last second. You've earned it.

    • just thought I would tell you guys. I am a part time working at the simulation and have taken cover over this alt account. You are indeed all fake and I am drinking apple cider.

    • what the outer gods from the Lovecraft verse are real?

  • Black mirror things...

  • i watched this with my science teacher in class and it blew my mind i do not feel normal after this sincerely Orion Hopkins

  • Abgesehen davon dass insekten wie Fische Schnecken und fliegen einfach so spawnen ist diese Realität schon irgendwie real

  • Truman Show like it

  • Putting aside whether the argument is plausible to begin with - let's assume we are in a simulation. It's surprising how often it is assumed this simulation would be run by someone else. We could have created the simulation for ourselves, like a game. What would always suck some fun out of a perfect virtual reality adventure? Knowing that it's virtual reality. Imagine a game inside of which - pretty much like in a dream - you're not aware of playing. This part of the consciousness gets blocked so that you can enjoy the experience fully. With this in mind, I could very well be a 25th century citizen who only just started playing the historical character. I could have been playing for only like 5 seconds now; all my memories being fabricated background.

  • Netter Computer Insider^^

  • I dont think you can actually simulate conciusness

  • But bacterias and cels are live tow

  • Nah, I'm a real being... Is what I tell myself before sleeping at 🌃

  • Simulate deez nuts in yo mouf

  • I'm the one controlling our simulation

  • Imagine going back in time to meet your twin before he died, but just then an Ad came up.

  • Huh.

  • Lol is it scary that I though of this when I was 7 years old

  • I'd say 10 to the power of anything is a gross over estimation for a majority of the population.

  • My brain is dead ☠️

  • No way. Why diseases, natural disasters? On top of all that if this was just a game why is the average persons life so boring? Work, eat go home who the fuck would simulate that? Wouldn’t the technology in the simulation be way more advanced wouldn’t we have super hero’s ? Simulation just straight up doesn’t make any sense.

  • First requirement does not have to be met, consciousness can be equivalence of a player in the game, if we're thrown here with our memory being wiped off.

  • I think like this all the time

  • Comment section is on 🔥 🔥 🔥 Loved it tho 😁😁😊😊

  • Bold of you to assume that simulations need to run in real time, and to trust what you observe with your fabricated consciousness in a simulation as truth, and not (relative to your perception) instantaneously fabricated information to maintain the guise. Additionally, there's no telling as to what the reality hosting a simulation is like in comparison to what's being simulated- perhaps these advanced civilizations are observing the effects of alternate laws of physics? The assumptions are too limiting and naive compared to the quality this channel normally puts out, its too attached to standard concepts for relating to abstract concepts.

  • I've debunked it - if we were truly living in a simulation, then we would have no inquiries about it. We would be coded to disregard the smallest suspicion.

  • Tha is a perfect round booty right there 6:40

  • Can anybody, I mean anybody agree with me on the idea of "so what"? All we can know and sense about a simulation is that it doesn't try to interact with its higher dimension. So, what's the point of scaring ourselves to death instead of not believing in such things and living a good life?

  • Someone watched Matrix one too many times. You don't have to open a body to see what is inside, not with today's technology. So the theory falls from the first minutes.

  • Can it run Crysis at Max settings?

  • No if we r simulated we may never have this thought

  • When you know more, you will have more insane theory, too. Honestly, this theory scared the shit out of me.

  • SIMULATION CONFIRMED: My left arm has been glitching since 2016

  • I saw the thumbnail saying ‘are you real’ and thought... Are you fo real

  • If I'm a computer algorithm... someone please debug my creator. It needs help.

  • This same like what i think Nice video

  • Of course we do not exist, science also prove that all of us and world are just a combination of different atom, different flow and rhythm of string that combine those atom and become what we and all around us into "existence" , The question is, Who set the flow and rhythm?? Who play the music? He is the Absolute and the Only Allah, two times in the Quran Allah mentioned the world is just an illusion made to fool those who love to play but is to test the believer with hardness and pain

  • i have this reacuring thought of me watching tv of someone watching tv of someone watching tv and so on but then im actually in a tv while watching tv and someone else is watching me (i then have to rethink my entire life choices)

  • Plot twist: we are in a simulation made by future ourselves for a history lesson

  • Even if we aren't real, I'm happy with everything we got.

  • I mean if we could live in a simulated world created by a super God it almost impossible to be true but anything is possible this crazy world You know what you knowhen to know something but if you are unconscious for a bit you might be restart and rebooted in a neworld by a super lord running you know but it only makes much sense thishit matters you only know what you can know no need to be in a existenal dread there's pretty much no way to know you are in a simulation or not so to in a existenal crises for some but no need for existional dread you should only know what you want to Matter in your world.

  • The simulation doesn't have to simulate our consiousness while we're sleeping maybe thats why we sleep? And maybe we cant find seem to find other civilizations because we're already on our own in this simulation?

  • His voice reminds of that series of food factory or something wjere they tell about food factories and what they make

  • Our creators have left the chat

  • The end of universe Please buy a licence premium

  • r/woosh

  • Simulations are what this humans assumed if they were other intelligent species what makes you think they would be intrested in simulating this universe if we were simulations we would be controlled future humans trying to figure something out

  • Yo de niño siempre le preguntaba a mis amigos, son reales? Todos reían y después de unos segundos, todos nos preguntábamos por dentro si en realidad eramos reales haha

  • isnt ''simulation'' just another term for reality ?

  • Happy, sad, angry, worry, guilty. But there is one more emotion or sense that can’t explain till now... sometime I got a strange feeling will suddenly pop out through my heart but not my brain, that kind of feeling is like you know something bad gonna happen, but apparently nothing happen around you, and suddenly you will feel worry for few second like you know something bad is happening. ( It feel very strange like your heart been squeeze ) Anyone out there got this kind of experience before?

  • God : Let them upload some info about us in DE-tv. Assistant : But why should we?! God : Nah... don worry they can’t jump out from aquarium. ( Knocking the glass and say hello )

  • I think Elon Musk watched this video.

  • ignorance is a bliss

  • It's like we are living in a game simulation? like the game in rick and morty, the game Roy: A life well lived, if we die maybe there's an other us sitting in a simulation, testing this game of life, If it's the case well I would enjoy this game,

  • A simulation wouldn't need to simulate that many consciousness, it would just need to simulate one - you. I mean me. I mean, forget it.

  • 1:59 uwu

  • This sim sucks can I got to version 4.20

  • Exit

  • Existential crisis and blackmirror bandersnatch mixed with this vid. My maker, what the fuck are you doing reset me dude delete my memory of watching this vid

  • Let's hope the simulation doesn't crash

  • 3.2.1 brainwashing program start. This is pure non sens mix with half truth,talk is cheap!Even didn’t finish watching this video =sophisticated thought manipulation.

  • The assumption that you need a computer to generate million trillion blah calculations per second is wrong. If you are being simulated then it doesn't matter how long the renderer takes to render 1 frame. If we are a consciousness inside a computer and it takes a million years to render 1 second, then we would not realise that 1 million years of real-time have passed. The programs only see "user-time" not "system-time". Because the entire universe observable by the humans inside it is part of the simulation, we can perceive it as smooth running non-stop, even if the computers were to take a billion years per rendered second.

  • I am still here because I don't wanna watch that guy, he's annoying.


  • We are numbers

  • What if we we’re uploaded and are the last of a dying humanity. Everything is automated.

  • What bothers me is not whether we are living in a simulation or not. It is the level of intelligence shown by the people making comments on this video. Ffs, most of these comments are so unintelligible that it hurts my brain just reading them. Why don't you try putting down your God damn phone for once and picking up a book. Even if the only thing you learn is the proper use of the words their, there, and they're, it will be totally worth it. I swear if we are in fact in a simulation then our supreme overlords running the program for the comments section of this video are stupid AF!

  • This idea will only be valid until we discover more advanced technology or something completely different, then we will be asking ourselves if we are really those discoveries. During the industrial era, some people were probably wondering if they were just machines.

  • I don’t understand at all what this is all about

  • Lmao that hitchhikers of the galaxy refrence

  • 0:25 - 0:28 is nobody gonna talk about that dhmis reference?

  • They would not let us watch this


  • 2:00 rick and morty i see yall

  • This video is the definition of over thinking something.

  • What if your a simulation, and when you die is when you take the headset off?

  • If all 5 of these questions hold true, wouldn't the same apply to the people simulating our reality? Meaning they're also a simulation. And if they are, it would hold true for another level up, so we're just a simulation inside a simulation. Continue ad infinitum.

  • This shit makes me depressed af

  • How do we know what a simulation is if we are in a simulation but we don’t know what the simulation that we are in is if it even is a simulation

  • Sometimes I'll just be walking and for a split second it feels like I'm not me like I'm looking in on my self through other eyes but that's probably just me being retarded

  • Man , they sure saw some shit

  • For all those religious people out there, maybe the person who made the simulation we live in is the god you believe in.

  • Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through Him.

  • To be honest, the argument from probability is kind of... Ya know - talking about probabilistic space we know nothing about is always problematic. In some sense, it is wise to guess, that if there are no informations about distribution, we should assume uniform one (it maximizes entropy) but it's kind of tricki whether it applies here or not :P

  • How did you know I was sitting on a chair!?

  • but if we say we are a simulation like in a video game, then there would be a player but only the things he is seeing are loading, that would mean that if i am not near the player i wouldn't exist... and i can't be the player because, if i was the player i would know it... and who would make a simulation that isn't a video game, would it be like a movie for them or would they test things with it??

  • That bit 'ohh, what if I just accidentally tripped over the lead and disconnected the simulation...' I just went cross eyed. When he said click 'here'. Where?

  • Great video

  • Damn then why can't I have cheat codes then if I am suppose to be the main character in my universe.

  • thats just playing with words and a fantasy in mind, has no logic and contradicts itself and basically this is just bullshit

  • Press f11 to exit simulation

  • 3:33 cool referrence

  • What if us, humans have to sleep because the simulation computer is overloaded when too many humans are awake at the same time

    • OMG and that's why are planet is round and we have different time zones because all simulated beings can't sleep at the same time because that would over heat the system server that the creator is working on!

  • To the possible people or alien or whatever who run my simulation: Please change the parameters to set me RICH, SMART and HANDSOME! There's no point to run simulation under current condition for so long! You need to test something different!

  • If we are simulated, what if the those superior beings who simulated us are also simulated. Simception

  • 2:00 UωU

  • What if you are the the simulator?

  • I need a woman simulated from me :)

  • Just like GTA but there are laws

  • I didn’t believe it till New Years seems like a ridiculous amount of people got sick after new year rather magically, either that or pharma companies are getting more dangerous


  • *im a computer.... ima computery guy*

  • now i just need to backup my data to live 4 ever