Jason Mantzoukas Will Be Your Cult Leader

Am 14 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
'The Long Dumb Road' star Jason Mantzoukas is a comedian, a podcaster, and an aspiring cult leader.
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  • He has a damn sexy voice

  • Where can I sign up for the cult of Pimento?

  • Omg you can get straight up high from just watching this guy!

  • I love that man!!!!!

  • long 2 dumb 2

  • ok but tokyo drift is my fav fast and furious movie

  • “If you can imagine, I play that drifter”

  • Jason Mantzoukas and Demitri Martin in the same show? I would’ve died a happy man that night.

  • Jason always about the balcony monsters 😂 for real one of the funniest people in the world, he’s so great

  • I want that suit.


  • He talks like Gil Faizon

  • NEGL, I would engage in class warfare for him any day, messianic beard or no.

  • "We should always be worried when he's around"- Jake Peralta on Adrian Pimento

  • All I hear is sexy behind jay from big mouth omg 😍

  • Love Jason but Chris Delia is cult leader

  • Stephen conservativeness actually showed, huh. Also not gonna lie, I love the Tokyo Drift reference. Its my guilty pleasure too

  • But I’m the rich.-sdog

  • Most underrated person in comedy

  • Hey nong man!

  • Oh hey there Rafi.

  • Jake Johnson?

  • Rafi bomb!

  • Zouks is my favorite celebrity in the world.

  • You realised his character name in the long dum road means Toilet.... lol

  • This guy is like Joe Manganiello on meth.

  • He is a damned treasure.

  • I only hear Jay bilzerian

  • nah. That's too much hair.

  • this was amazing

  • all i hear is jay bilzerian sorry

  • This guy is my hero 😂

  • LOVE ME SOME MANTZOUKAS! Relive the Gilly-experience from time to time.... priceless! #GilmoreGuys And I know you're out there, M'Zouks... Somehow love that you're not on social media... 😉


  • I've had to learn not to blink, because every time I close my eyes, I see a fresh horror.

  • I've always enjoyed Jason Mantzoukas' energy. He totally could be a cult leader.

  • this audience must be 50+ yrs old because nobody understands his humour whatsoever.

  • all i can imagine is jay from big mouth

  • Is this movie a cross between The Graduate and The Fast and The Furious?!?

  • Long Dumb Road: Tokyo Drifter

  • Stephen obviously didn't do his research as to who Jason is 😂😂

  • So fucking funny😂😂😂

  • T to B, top to bottom, I love Zouks, I’m bonkers for him and I would join his cult in a second. Let’s do this!

  • Jason is hilarious. His stint on Brooklyn 99 had me genuinely laugh out loud several times. He has an intense energy that kills.

  • Love that guy

  • Convinced this guy could be bankable if Hollywood would give him roles other than 'strangely likable deviant'.

  • Rafi bomb!

  • I'll buy out a theater if it increases the chance of a Long Dumb Road octology with the Rock coming in halfway through.

  • ROFL! The balcony is where the VIP tickets are seated. That's why Stephen was uncomfortable XD

  • Two things Jason doesn't know: - tickets to late show live tapings are free, you just have to reserve them ahead of time - there are already murderers in the audience

  • older doesn’t necessarily make you richer

  • Tiger Beat-level crush. That is all.

  • Way to rip off the congratulations cult...

  • his real name is Dante Fiero

  • Yeah, murder is hilarious.

  • Jason never associates with Balcony Monsters

  • heheh pimento wild animal

  • You have more fun as a follower, but you make more money as a leader

  • Darek


  • Wow, I can't believe what I'm going to and this is it. Jason looks like that guy who got stopped from Barack Obama. Like look at Jason beard like looks a same as Osama bin Laden. Sorry but it's kinda true and I'm sorry if I offended anyone also Jason to.

  • I LOVED Jason a Rafi on The League. PocketDog!!!


  • Damn, this is like that Bojack episode with Todd

  • They can't win, the balcony people have the High ground!!! 😂🥢

  • He looks like a homeless man that broke into Barneys


  • This gentleman looks and sounds like a young Topol. I luv it!

  • Jason would make a great Rick, for a live action Rick and Morty movie.

  • Oh my god, this man played himself in The Good Place, didn't he?

  • I saw this movie at the Sundance film festival in January, honestly a bit underwhelming. Jason was definitely the best part if the movie, he just riffs the whole time but as a whole it kind of bored me

  • Super funny!


  • Hey, it's Pimento!

  • This might be comedy but this is how it exactly it happens in real life. Some manipulative evil person will come along and agitate the gullible and start a conflict between people.

  • I could watch an hour of this! Have him back, Jim! I want to see Colbert and Mantzoukas do improv.

  • I miss Raffi 😫

  • "if you were in a cult-" "no, no, no. I would be leading the cult" 😂😂😂

  • This dude should play Jesus Christ in a reboot of the Passion of the christ

  • This isn't funny.


  • Eff, I luv the manzooks. :)


  • Colbert seems like he didn’t really appreciate Jason’s brand of humor.

  • he's literally pimento lmao

  • He look more middle eastern, but he is Greek American.

  • When Stephen crossed his arms and rested on the desk, he knew he'd lost control of the interview, he also looked so uncomfortable. Lol

  • This dude is always nuts and hilarious.

  • Rafi's tie forever unclean!!!

  • Love seeing all the weird podcast nerds up in this comment section Ku Ma Te! Ku Ma Te! Ku Ma Te!


  • Love Mantzoukas, so glad America is (further) being introduced to him. Proud of him for stretching beyond his usual outfit.

  • It's funny because he divided the audience.

  • overthrow the rich, but unironically.

  • Nuclear Nadel

  • DEREK!

  • Hey Stephen, congratulation! Being Catholic *is* being in a cult. Mission accomplished!

  • I am sexually attracted to him

  • Heynong man that’s ol Jeffrey Characterwheaties

  • Hey nong man