Jeff Tweedy Told His Childhood Friends He Was Springsteen

Am 13 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
'Let's Go (So We Can Get Back)' author Jeff Tweedy remembers recording Bruce Springsteen albums and them playing them for elementary school friends as if it were his own music.
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  • Jeff Tweedy for President!

  • Such a cool guy.

  • What a delightful man. I'm actually way more likely to enjoy listening to Wilco now.

  • love.

  • Gotta love Jeff Tweedy because I love Wilco Hotel Yankee Foxtrot forever...but man, maybe we should call him Jeff Fatty? Who knew. He seems like a pretty cool guy, too.

    • He doesn't drink or smoke, but he probably takes meds for chronic migraines, that can really make some people gain weight. plus, he's happily married, marriage is fattening. For a guy in his fifties, he 's very light on his feet.

    • Yeah, he's not taking care of himself. But we don't own him.

  • What a nice polite person . and some guy in a hat .

  • He's a great singer!

  • The book is really funny and touching. love it so far. im on chapter 1.

  • Is that JP from AwakenWithJP at 0:26????

  • Jeremy Renner's older brother.

  • Honestly, I think I love Jeff (No, not in that way!) His music has affected me more than any other writer over the last 20 years, and I dont think there is any other stranger that I care for more.

  • Dude seems so scared xD Aww poor dude

  • jeff made this interview so good

  • They cut off the part where the Six-String Soldiers played Rocky Top.

  • I so love Jeff and his music, and now even more! :-D

  • The most prolific songwriter of the last 25 years

    • +Tom Johnson Lol I was going to comment the same thing. Love Tweedy, as he's one of the best, but nobody compares to Pollard when it comes to sheer quantity of output. Not to mention Pollard's quality is amazing considering how many songs he releases. Speaking of Pollard, his recent biography was great as well. Not quite as personal as Tweedy's, but a great read nonetheless.

    • Tom Johnson You’re right. Let’s keep it simple: greatest songwriter of the last 25 years. Lol

    • Not sure you mean "prolific." Prolific means "most productive" and while he has a lot of songs, there are certainly musicians with many more songs, like Robert Pollard, who basically blinks and a new song appears.

  • Jack Black and Johnny Depp had a baby!!

  • Well I would say "I didn't know Jack Black was separated from his twin brother at birth," but that wouldn't be original. Ah, fuck it. Someone reunite Jack Black with his long lost twin, dammit!

  • God I love Jeff Tweedy

  • "It's a joyous plea for the sweet relief of death." Oof. Not in California. In California, right now, the sentiment, "Let's go, rain," is more just a plea for sweet relief _in general._

  • oh my god andy is doing so well 😂😂

  • "A joyous plea for the sweet relief of death." So much to dissect there. Yet look at the majority of comments below. If you ever need proof of how bad our education system truly is. Go through DE-tv comments. Jesus Christ.

    • +DeadTownManifesto1985 Maybe you should learn to spell

    • +TheWildmanden Maybe you should take a second and actually think before regurgitating the first few thoughts in that pea sized brain of yours. Moron.

    • Agreed.

    • Maybe you should start dissecting instead of being part of the problem

  • I’m not convinced that Jeff Tweety is not Jack Black in disguise. He kind of even sounds like Jack just changed his voice just a little bit. School of rock! Oh yeah that guy is Jack Black in disguise. What are pilgrims favorite kind of music? Plymouth Rock

    • there is a skill in recognizing faces. your's has cancer...

  • Jeff Tweedy for Mayor.

  • I love Uncle Tupelo, but I always preferred Jay Farrar. Never really got into to Wilco.

    • I'm sorry. You're missing out!

    • Joshua Beachy Love Jay but Jeff surpassed him in every single way.

  • wait, was that andy he just hugged in the crowd ? lol

    • holy cow! that WAS andy! ahaha

    • Well his dad just died

    • Yeah what the hell?!? That was definitely him

  • 😸😸 he knocked himself out with a door knob , he's cool in my book.

  • Guillermo Del Toro and Jack Black had a kid?

  • is he awkward or just creepy?

    • he's midwestern

    • How can you not be nervous on this show

    • Always awkward but never creepy.

    • neither, he's just...Jeff

    • zizinnnn neither, he is awesome

  • Cool.

  • Who is here to Pick a fight?

  • He looks like Jack black dressed as Johnny Depp

    • ​ Julia Bartie The problem is that, to actually look like he's dressed as Depp he needs and infinity scarf, and to dressed like Mayer he needs a much bigger brimmed hat. I'd have said it looks like they made a sequel to Twister and hired W. Earl Brown to play Dusty, since PSH has left us. :)

    • +Justin Thyme jack black dressed as john mayer

    • Genuine. That's why I love his music, too.

    • harry byrne this is a funny and astute observation.

    • that is why I licked on this video.. otherwise I dont know who this man is ... and honestly as I watch this video I am ganging on curiosity either

  • Steve off-topic but another childs book. For more disaster victims.Cal.

  • He is future of Country music

    • Don't Read My Profile Picture he is future, present and past of country rock

  • First