Jennifer Aniston on Dolly Parton & New Movie Dumplin'

Am 6 Dez 2018 veröffentlicht
Jennifer talks about her new Netflix movie Dumplin', Jimmy's wife Molly making an appearance in the film, working with Dolly Parton, naming her dog after her, and Jimmy surprises her with a special guest.
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Jennifer Aniston on Dolly Parton & New Movie Dumplin'


  • I’ve loved her forever ... only thing that’s changed over the years is her top lip. If she had filler in the top lip she’d look almost exactly the same

  • I saw that movie before these interviews and i didnt know she made a new film when i saw her on the cover that what made me watch it

  • Jennifer Aniston is so Beautiful. Love her!

  • Was this interview about Jennifer or Jimmy’s wife???

  • I still like nicole aniston more

  • I hope we never have a late night host with the name Jimmy ever again.

  • Mmhh when i didnt know it i would think she is 40 wow what a pretty face

  • Give me my own show you'd be amazed

  • Brad is not a wise man.

  • That's so funny. I kind of get offended sometimes when people name their dogs after me cuz it's like what did that ever do to deserve to be named after someone like me. I mean that dogs never going to lie to you. Never going to steal from you probably be the most loyal thing well loyal I guess I can be that sometimes not like my dog though . She smells other dogs on me still doesn't hold it against me.

  • I have a red hair dog named Reba. We got her from the shelter , apparently someone did not want her. Best dog I have ever seen, if I was the one to name her it would have been different like Jennifer.

    • Jake you dumb son of a I'm not even to say it. You really know how to leave a comment at the best times. Okay the honesty behind the situation here we go. Never liked country. Always as long as I've known of Reba McEntire. I didn't have to like country I was already in love didn't matter what she said or did. I used to watch your show just to see her. She's a terrible actor because she only has one side or character. Herself they had to style that show around who she was you can tell. I recognize that right away I like that show I have no idea I can tell you a damn thing about any episode. I just had my head and dreamed and thought that woman's like me. Nothing but respectful thoughts for her. Good name for my dog because of the Loyalty level and Trust. Would have been weird for me to give her that name because of the crash that I have had on her since I was a boy. Might Ben a little strange because I love that dog so much. Same with the real Reba although I never even met the woman. It's quite possible they have the same type of energy that makes up their souls if not intertwined in a way. Will be very interesting to see them meat each other. Lol wtf is wrong with me ? Nothing you idiot. You have just been misinterpreted that many times . You will not risk others feeling being hurt over your own humility..That is why we don't judge. Besides autocorrect ruins my life anyhow. And I allowed It 2 by taking it on faith that it was typing what I was saying saying. I hope God is more forgiving then auto correct/ talk to text.

  • Why is this Fire Emblem Fates ripoff in my recommended?

  • Is this what Kimmbel supports as funny?

  • This disgusting dude just grabbed Jennifer by the ass. What the hell!

  • 3:58 What's wrong with Jimmy ??? That was a super racist and unnecessary comment...

  • Lol I did name a dog Jennifer once

  • My husband had a dog named Jennifer growing up, they called her Jenny. 😂

  • "Dolly" touched Jennifer's ass! She didn't look all too impressed!

  • I love Dolly!!

  • I was Jennifer is certainly beautiful but I was offended at what was portrayed as Dolly!

  • I want her to straddle my face. I wouldn’t mind having a face full of her sweetness. Ugh.

  • Jennifer Aniston will always be beautiful to me. And my secret future wife.

  • What do you think they do to dogs in the middle east, Jimmy? Racist ass.

  • Gilf

  • When I heard 'Spray Tan' I remembered the Friends episode where Ross gets Spray Tanned :D

  • Gotta love the old Jennifer Analstain

  • I’d go down on Jfer like a flat tire. 🤤

  • Loved this movie. Jennifer and the rest of the cast were terrific.



  • She's still smoking hot as always!!!

  • I just saw this yesterday. Really liked it. Jennifer is always great. So were the other girls.

  • I watch this movie this morning on Netflix. very good movie I recommend it to anybody I'm going to watch it again with my granddaughter thank you Dolly Parton and thank you Jennifer Aniston and all the cast in the movie because I really enjoyed it

  • She doesn’t look a day over 60

    • graham kehoe that’s because she’s not 60 she’s closer to 49 she will turn 50 in February

  • 💚

  • What’s with the accent?

  • Is no one mentioning Danielle Macdonald's performance? watched her in Patti Cake$ also..Danielle was amazing in that movie.

  • "It's not like we think about dogs here like they do in the Middle East."

  • Bet her cootch tastes like warm butterscotch.

  • Jimmy Kimmel makes a racially offensive joke but it’s okay because he was only talking about the Middle East.

  • Jesus she's old

  • I'm mostly white but.. Dear White people Jennifer Aniston is not beautiful. She is button cute. I would have rather jumped in the sack for a long romp with Dolly P. if they were the same age any day of my life!

  • Ruff

  • They had to slap the Latino by making him come out in drag. Lowlifes in hollywood all think alike. That was not funny. Kimmel is a dirtbag pandering for $ now. The thrill is gone buddy, u suck!

  • Bless her heart.

  • hasn't hit the wall yet

  • That where everything seems to be shot joke just went over Jimmy's Head 🛫

  • Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have an excellent day :)

  • She’s hotter than a 20 year old supermodel

  • Omg I didn’t realize that was jimmys wife she looks so beautiful!

  • She’s gorgeous 😍

  • This lady will never look bad

  • Ugh she looks so good

  • You’ll Southern. I’ll (Aniston was good in Cake).

  • A

  • I loved this movie!! It so beautifully and accurately portrays how it feels to grieve the loss of a loved one.

  • So after discussing the possibility of perhaps offending Dolly (the person, lol) by naming a dog after her you bring out a this hairy dude posing as her? Alrighty then. 🙄 I'm sure Dolly loved the show, Kimmel.

  • Jennifer Aniston. Wow.! She still looks good.! And always will be Rachel.!

  • whaaat?? i didn't even realize that was Jimmy's wife!

  • I doubt Dolly agreed to this

  • Dumplin was such a great movie!

  • This is a good movie, i watched it today.

  • Still not pregnant.. tick tock tick tock

  • Lol what? How do people in the middle East see dogs? What you know that we don't, Jimmy? 🤔

  • My dream girl.

  • why is this trending

  • Could you please change the title of the video? That is not Jennifer Aniston that’s Rachel!!

  • Starting to show her age

  • the middle east dog comment wasnt nice!

  • *watches Friends* "Hey, Rachel!"

  • 😂😂😂عاهره رخيصه يهرب منها كل الرجال

    • +شيماء سوكه Bentcheykka ايوه اطالع فيديوهاتها كلها واقرا الردود وارد على الكارهين زيك 😂

    • +نورة الشمراني ونت وشه دخل عاهره اللي جابتك مربتك ونت ليش متابعه تعليقاتي مثل الكلب تركضين 😂😂😂يوتيوب مال قواد ابوك 😂😂😂

    • ليه تطالعين فيديوهاتها وتردين على كل واحد نفس الرد .. طيب لاتطالعين اذا ماتحبينها

  • 'And unfortunately Matt Damon' haha🤣

  • If this was a perfect world,you'd be mine Jennifer!😘

  • She's bogus.


  • Where everything seems to be shot what is she mean by that🤔🙎🏾‍♂️🙍🏾‍♀️🔫

  • Where is this girl from?

  • Ugh I love her

  • She still looking good af

  • Who watched friends just before watching this video

  • Omg Jennifer is stunning

  • Jimmy is like the vegeta of DBZ Jimmy is like the sunny deol of bollywood Jimmy is like the zombie in the living world, In short, he's not funny...

  • My dogs name is Jimmy

  • I still see here as Katherine

  • does she even age?

  • Still looking good after all these years. Goddamn!

  • I wanna know if she took Brad back after he left her for Angie? he took a L with that bc look at this women. Angie was so sexy, but this was wife material bruh

  • I’d still bang

    • Oh cute. But would she bang you?

  • 还是这么可爱

  • She can catch it

  • man i love her. she seems so gracious and humble...and someone that can take a joke...which is rare in hollywood anymore. also glad she hasn't gone down the plastic surgery route!

  • I heard Kimmel on the Dax Sheppard podcast this week. It's an old episode but it's really great.

  • She's only relevant because she has her head up Oprah's ass.

  • Jimmy is 10 years older than his wife Molly, but he seemed to have had a huge problem with Pryanka Chopra being 10 years older than Nick Jonas, treating him of being 11 years old at his show when there were speculations about them dating. How is that fair to women?

  • I wanna have sex with her lmaooo 😂

  • Dogs are haram ,untouchable in the Middle East period. Jimmy is right we hate dogs .

    • That's not true. I think you need to review your facts on what's haram and halal. Dogs are not considered haram.

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  • It's really a beautiful movie , dumplin is just the best.....a must watch

  • You will always be Rachel

  • You're got to be kidding me right.. "Dies she ever age?" Seriously? My god she looks like an old hag.