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Meet Zachary Campbell, DE-tv's favorite Reactor! Not only does Zachary react to Pop Culture, he also has one of the most exuberant personalities on the internet. In expanding his appearance as a personality on DE-tv, we hope to amplify his voice for the LGBTQ community.


  • Its kehlanis year hey bae 😍😍

  • Just remembered baby Lani's pregnant

  • My lesbian ass is *shook* to the core


  • Literally the best reaction video yet! Know else gets the meaning like you babe!


  • I LOVE HER, I did . reaction too

  • I hope she makes it big and blows up in 2019 but not so much that my friends listen to her music because I don’t like it when my friends suddenly call my favourite artists their favourite artists lol

  • 😂😂😂

  • The Rihanna thirst is real😂😂😂

  • You need to react to cardi's twerk video

  • Kehlani did this! It killed me to see Kae let that woman in but everytime she tried to enter she was blocked.

  • I wish you would react to the song first and then video. so that you can focus on the song

  • Loved this song and reaction! Where can I get that sweater though. 😂

  • I totally just went through this wow

  • I just needed someone to confirm my thought on this video. You give yourself to the broken and they are so damaged they can't help but destroy you.

  • Bop

  • I’m really hoping i’m not coming in here with you hating on this song🙏 LETS watch to find out

    • PERIOD! this is why. i fuck wit u!

  • "I'm so singlllle and looonely" I felt that😂

  • 1:49 "You know kehlani my heart goes arumpapumpum for you", same girl same

  • You paused sooo much during this review. Were you high?

  • First time watching you! Your humor is infectious! just subscribed (:

  • I love when you sing

  • She done drained baelani

  • Normani's Waves should be getting radio. I don't know why Cardi and Keh Ring didn't hit number 1. I love her hook on it. Also, can you react to Ateez Hala Hala dance teaser. Love the 3d on it.

  • 9:33-9:50 lol me trying to figure out my life

  • It's like you give everything to raise up this broken, damaged person, to help them be their best selves, and then when you "fix them" and they feel whole, they leave you as if you weren't the reason they feel that way - and now YOUR THE BROKEN ONE. ❤️ Kehlani so much.

  • "Omg, was somebody trying to find your heaaarrrtttt!, I'm so single and lonely" Bhaha dead😂😂😂

  • This kehs year

  • lauren Jauregui

  • I wasnt ready for the vocals in the beginning... I should've been. But I wasnt. I'm here for it. I loved it. But my poor eardrums lol.

  • Her music is like fresh linens on a cool summer breeze ever since her 1st album she told a story from start to finish !! She's the future of good music. Like a 2019 Jill Scott in my opinion...

  • React to PRETTYMUCH

  • I am loving your energy hunny! New subscriber! 😘😘

  • This is almost like halsey- without me

  • Kehlani is my boo , so authentic and talented a voice from an angel

  • “What in the iRobot” I’m dead 💀

  • That was so deep

  • Baelani!!!!!!!!! 😍❤

  • "So single and looonnneelllyy" .... I feel triggered

  • Please review Iggy azalea Kream!!

  • I like this song enough that i wouldn’t classify as a flop, but I wouldn’t classify it as a bop either, it’s just okay.


  • "KEHLANI IS REPAIRING BITCHES... YA BITCH!" - @Zachary Campbell hahahaha

  • I like this guy

  • Can I be your boyfriend?

  • react to lady marmalade ZACHARY!!!

  • Kehlani is EVERYTHING.. And I NEED more music from her 😫😫💕

  • I hope you re listen to the songs you react to after your videos cause.....

  • You should react to little mix "Sissy that walk"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you can't make it. IT'S HOT!!!

  • Ok I KNOW that this is a kehlani review but when you started singing riri it made me realize even more that she gotta put some music out this year fr fr 😩😭😤 this should be a riri review girl stop playin w your makeup for 2 seconds PAHLEASE.

  • Zach, you're beyond talented. Your voice n pitch n technique is on POINT damn near Everytime u "impersonate" artists. Did u play a wind instrument in middle/high school? Jw❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Class 101: нow тo вυιld a вιтcн and geт yoυr ѕoυl ѕnaтcнed вy тнaт ѕaмe вιтcн.😔

  • she snapped! yes lani!

  • React to Chris Brown-Undecided

  • Kehlani gave us Westworld vibes.

  • This song hit me so hard because I’m going through this right now! DAMMIT KEHlANI!

  • React to dreezy chanel slides music video ft kash doll plsssss

  • The fact that she even included how damaged people come in cycles. Damaged keh and than she damaged ty , when at first they were both fine .DEEP

  • Y’all don’t forget kehlani is independent too so all her work she has been doing is because of her own work y’all she doing big things making her own money

  • Alright with The singing intro 👏!

  • Shape don’t cut it, beards are a process 💜

  • Kehlani is my favorite!! So glad she’s back and pregnant!! 🤰🏻

  • Sis is shook. 😱

  • REACT TO “BABYFACE SAVAGE” by bhad bhabie‼️🙏🏽

  • Zach if you don't play the damn video

  • I love my baby Kehlani !!!! Yasss!!!! This was awesome and I loved the symbolism. Metaphor was awesome. I miss Kehlani‘ music. I’m ready for more!

  • BAELANI!! im so proud of her and want her to succeed sooo bad!

  • There still together

  • Good metaphor and concept ! Love the video and ur reaction

  • Go get that beard shaped up that’s all

  • Do a “Who’s Next-Female Rappers” video PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!😩 *cough*kashdoll*cough*

  • Ty is 11 years older than Lauren. Smh

  • please react to Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Dimitri From Paris Remix)

  • I'm so happy Kehlani is back to making music again. She always released great music. I have yet to hear a kehlani song I dislike. I hope you're gonna react to Dreezy ft Kash Doll

  • You’re captivating. You have powers.

  • but the real question is... Why is everyone sleeping on Kehlani?

  • I hope Selena collabs with kehlani

  • If I see one more “Normani is coming” I’m deleting my account lmfaooo But seriously why everyone hyping her up she’s not really that interesting. I was was excited but then I heard her on khalids more basic song love lies..... I’m good lmao

    • Adam Jehu bitch watch your fucking mouth she up next and is a beautiful dark skin queen 👸🏾 yes she is coming bitch so delete your account little boy

  • You really put this vid into perspective

  • Luved it

  • omg ur me when sing only girl 😂😂😂😍😚

  • I love how you explained the video and the metaphors in it. I understand it so much more and how it relates to the song.

  • Zachary, why don't you ever react to my girl Tove Lo? She has a mini-movie about her last album out on DE-tv. 😩😩

  • When is there going to be another Carpool bops video 👀

  • So from the words of Kehlani her self (tweet shared yesterday) the meaning of the video is " found her on my porche... she needed help.. i'm 2 nice. brought her to da lab.. after fixing her, i introduce her to being human. she realizes i have a soul and she doesn't. she BIG MAD. decides to steal my humanity. Doesn't want Ty to snitch.. killd him too. Fuck these bot-ches" i loved the visual. and her vision for it too

  • I...want you to start doing all the video breakdowns because I may not have gotten that metaphor had you not explained it so well 😂. You are appreciated. * Tupac voice * 🙏🏽

  • ps you actually look pretty good like this

  • yes this song gave me chills

  • "You know Kehlani my heart goes arumpapumpum for you" Leave me alone Zachary.

  • Bitch support lauren 2

  • kehlani be validating and articulating emotions and thoughts I don't be sharing wit NObody 😭

  • Kehlani is an ARTist

  • You need to react to Bhad Bhabie’s new song with Tory Lanez

  • where is your lauren jarequi new song reactions its fire 🔥

  • Babe you look fine 🥰

  • Can you do CHANEL SLIDES DREEZY FT KASH DOLLL POR FAVOR pls gurl for the girlsssss

  • YSBH Kehlani is what we need 😭😩