Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

Am 4 Dez 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • That's some fine acting. 🤣😅😂

  • Heroes...Social Justice Warrior Heroes.

  • The old lady at the beginning had more charm than brie larson throughout all of the trailers

  • Yeah I'm not gonna see this

  • I believe in equality and diversity so I can't in good faith watch this movie knowing that the lead actor is a racist and a sexist. Yeah, OK, I was never interested in watching it anyway but Brie Larson helped seal the deal.

  • Marvel Marvel Marvel for the next Decade and more with Sequels x 4 .....with Samuel Jackson in each film ...

  • I bet the superman could be very jealous of this captain marwel !

  • So you can live stronger, longer... and woker....

  • Never took fury for a cat person

  • I’m confused about the sexist thing. Can someone explain why people won’t see this movie because it’s sexist?

  • I'm a straight white guy that has seen every single Marvel movie in theaters. This one is breaking the streak! Brie Larson really has done a number on your fanbase.

  • Alita Battle Angel looks great!

  • Why are a lot of the comments saying that white men won't like this? It looks cool to me!

  • So a dishwasher will defeat thanos

  • Alita rules😁

  • Sexism and racism are never aloud. Unless its about straight white males then go on ahead right Brie Larson? Thankyou becose you have said you dont us white males to even watch or review your movie, im saving $20 on not buying a ticket!!

  • I’ll watch the sequel where rogue permanently puts her into a coma. I’ll pass on the origin story.

  • I won't watch it just because of Brie is in it

  • Ignore all these crying butthurt folks..this movie gonna be awesome!

  • All comments down below are disturbing, please do not read them, thank you.

  • 2 types of comments: 1) That cat took fury's eye 2) Please take politics out of the movie

  • Meh

  • I wanted to watch this trailer but just reminded myself that I'm not allowed as a white male... oh well... going to see Alita AGAIN...

  • Would've rather watched a Black Widow movie

  • Ayy not gonna watch it on cinemas just cause of her sexist comments, nice going brie

  • My husband and I love Marvel movies. We absolutely LOVE them! Been to the theater to see every single one since the original Ironman release before we were married. I won't be seeing this because I cannot bring myself to support a movie Brie Larson is in after reading the things she has said about men while officially promoting this movie. Sorry just can't do it. Disney needs to put more thought into the people they invest in for these mega blockbusters. This could potentially end the Infinity War on a sour note because of this single person. After all this time it's a shame to see this happening.

  • Wow can´t wait to see Shazam! because i´m a white male and this movie is not for me!

  • This movie is totally not copying green lantern

  • I cant stand the part where she says "noble warrior heroes". It sounds corny.....................

  • Feminist captain!

  • This movie is all about women beimg superior to men.

  • Dude ew 0:21 she is not ment to be a fuckimg super hero. But oooohhhh women empowerment she is a strong women.

  • This will fail lmao

  • This year The Avengers and Thanos team up to get rid of the ultimate evil in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • As a male this movie is not for me. Just doing what this wamen told us, you go girl!

  • why would you not like a movie just because there is an actor/actress in it that you don't like!? Brie wasn't offending you, after all, none of you seem to be men now please, stop spreading hate, Lee, and all the other people who passed away are dissapointed in you

    • Lauren Victoria it was not hating Brie. It about stopping the second last Jedi. People see the symptoms of corruption and they tried to destroy root of the infection. You should know the radical extremist have gone too far. Stopping her are now a moral action. There will always be a victim of any agenda. But what is so disgusting about this is they hid under womanhood and diversity to avoid criticism...disgusting...totally abominable. People are now taking side dude, I recommend you find a shelter to will get real nasty...

  • I hope thanks wins

  • these comments make me hope there's no DE-tv in heaven... can we please let them R.I.P?

  • Suomalaiset tykätkää

  • fellow commenters, please: *STOP. IT.*

  • Can any one see Ronan he accuser in this

  • this the same girl who played Envy😮

  • Looks lit asf

  • The move look like cool but The main actres is racist and femminist.


    • I used to think so, but looking at this comment section, I'm not so sure.

  • I'm a half-white male. Is there a chance I will get her permission to see the movie?

  • Dear Hollywood, Please keep your political opinions to yourself. Thank You The entire fricken world.

  • Gal Gadot > Brie Larson.. This will be Marvel's version of Green Lantern 🚽💩

    • Brie Larson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tommy Wiseau >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gal Gadot

  • Thanos would slap Captain Marvel back to Tomb raider

  • The Mary Sue cliches are just low hanging fruit at this point. How could you possibly discern that from a trailer. If anything the trailer reveals flaws in Carol, so the cries of Mary Sue just seem desperate and sad that a comic book movie had the audacity to have a different target audience than you. As a white man, take a step back and have the self awareness to see how childish and entitled it is to expect every piece of entertainment to be marketed or targeted to a white male audience. It's completely anti-social and narcissistic. The majority of the world is made up of people who aren't white men.

  • What happened to shazam?

  • she is not even good looking. not going to watch this.

  • I just want to punch that smug face of hers so bad.

  • Fans shouting from the distance: We want a Black Widow movie! Marvel: They said they want a Captain Marvel movie!

    • I want alita battle angel. Im done with marvel.

  • 1:51 still better than dragon ball evolution

  • I'm not allowed to watch this movie.because I'm white man.

  • Theory: Fury loses his eye to kitty claws.

  • I think nick fury looks like mace windu

  • i’m gonna like totally end it.

  • Can someone explain me this it isn't oke to be white for this movie thing I am super confused.

  • Im white so this isn't for me

  • Anyone noticed 1.45 I think it is Ronan from guardian of the galaxy

  • I will be using my white privilege to not see this film.

  • It’s ok to be a Black woman!

  • You Warner Brothers punks will be at home by yourselves!

  • I am so sick of this capesh!t


  • The hate is real 😆

  • slap her

  • Was going to see this movie then Brie whatever her name is opened her feminazi mouth.

  • ronan?

  • Brie Larson's face looks like a plain bagel.

  • Who would win in a fight: thanos or pennywise?

  • This comes out on my Dad’s birthday xD

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but this comes after Endgame, but her symbol was shown at the end of Infinity War sooooo I'm kinda confused someome help me

    • The movie comes out 1 month before Endgame

  • Someone call her parents she’s playing dress up again 🤣

  • heroes, noble warrior heroes. cringey af

  • Dehşetülüvahşet

  • Looks good the trailer and the chick is nice too although she being an American feminist I would look but never touch 🤣

  • Music is putting me off.

  • How does this trailer or the actress fit to this description? Marvel verb 1. be filled with wonder or astonishment. "she marveled at Jeffrey's composure" synonyms: be amazed, be filled with amazement, be astonished, be surprised, be awed, stand in awe, wonder, be full of wonder, stare, gape, goggle, not believe one's eyes/ears, not know what to say, be dumbfounded; More noun 1. a wonderful or astonishing person or thing. "the marvels of technology" synonyms: wonder, miracle, wonderful thing, amazing thing, sensation, spectacle, phenomenon; More

  • Is it just me... or am I alright with every marvel hero staying dead if that means she isn't the MEGA GOD to fix this???

  • Oh god will this feminist crap ever end.. why cant women come up with their own unique niches instead of riding on the coat tails of mens franchises...then totally ruining them!!! Its getting as tedious as the dumb female leads they employ..

  • Maybe her cockiness is a part of her ark?

  • Omg goose the cat😍

  • Not sure about anyone else but I’m only going so that I can follow the story going into Endgame

  • I CAN'T WAIT FOR MARCH 8TH!!!!!!! So I can go see Alita: Battle Angel that day and skip this trash until I can stream it.

  • *When you think about being on Thanos' side*

  • Skr!

  • That cat is adorable

  • Skipping this one.

  • Idk something feels off about brie, like this character isnt made for her, not like wonder woman

  • Garbage

  • I’m starting to hope now that Captain Marvel only has a minor role and not a major role in Endgame 😂 if she is the person who takes down Thanos I would be PISSED!

  • Feminism is an IQ test! Let's blame everything on the other half of humanity! The best would be if ALL men were DEAD and only superior women were left to rule the world. Then women can have true equality getting sewage & trash handled, cars repaired, ore from mines, powerlines fixed and wars fought by women. Good for them. Then watch their own half of humanity die out, childless, old and still trying to blame someone else... Ah, well, I think most women are smarter than these feministic moroons.

  • any white men here? she will kick me out😭😭

  • Looks boring

  • Booooooooring

  • Well ya know the comments are right. Lets just waste our money on endgame instead of this crap

  • Samuel L. Jackson will save this movie.