Meanwhile in Texas | November 7, 2018 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

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Sadly, Ted Cruz oozed out a victory against Beto O'Rourke last night, but the good news is Mike Rubens and Allana Harkin were there to witness it. Produced by Tyler G. Hall and Paul Myers with Adam Howard and Lauren Walker. Edited by Anthony Mascorro.
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  • Like roses, Texas is red Snowflake libs will cry since the winner in Ted They finally realize that O' Rooke's rules outside of liberal states is dead.. So after that race, Nuff said

  • Ted lives in reality, not fantasy like DeadO Rooke

  • well, I feel like 2020 and the 2022 mid-terms will be more bitter than this.

  • 4 U.S. Code § 8 - Respect for flag(d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free. Bunting of blue, white, and red, always arranged with the blue above, the white in the middle, and the red below, should be used for covering a speaker’s desk, draping the front of the platform, and for decoration in general.

  • whites need to stick together now more than ever because things are getting really tough for us. this woman is committing treason.

  • Poor poor deluded Baroness Bee and her MeToo Sheeple can't beat Texas Warrior, Ted Cruz P.S. Lion Ted, not lyin (man, left liberals can't spell. Better improve you're spelling check libs) Ted Cruz is a providing creator, not a crying hater.

  • Why isn't any talking about the voting machines in Texas that were turning Beto votes to Cruz? Was that fixed?

  • Check-out the dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks window-licker at 3'00 - perhaps she is the best argument for retrospective abortion extant...

  • “You’re just in Texas, hun” made me irrationally irritated and I’m not even American 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Beto O'Rourke, Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum and so many others did win on many levels, despite voter suppression, gerrymandering and all the other dirty tricks the Republicans use. 100 women were elected into Congress. This is historic.

  • Remember the high hopes for Wendy Davis? Yeah, me too. I crossed my fingers for Beto but the Davis campaign was always in the background.

  • Texans need to evaluate themselves really quickly. You voted for a guy you don't even like? Seriously, have a little integrity. Beto was atleast something new rather than the same old mistake.

  • "There was an "R" next to his name." That says it all.

  • Watch a jew fights in brooklyn

  • aholez

  • A Canadian-born congressman, Ted Cruz, a politician despised even by his colleagues in the Senate, beat a guy who was born-and-bred in El Paso. Texas voted Canadian. Could the voters have mistakenly been thinking free healthcare, eliminating poverty, liveable wages, clean cities, and a sexy Prime Minister?

  • Now, something you may begin to notice, most, but not all Trump supporters, start to use his talking points, and twitter rants almost verbatim. Notice his words have such anger an fear underneath. Which means his supporters don't have control over their own thought processes, but Trump surely does. This is especially true of online commenters. Now for conservatives who value their freedom of speech, it's odd to see them mimic him so quickly, easily and openly. Which means they have simply, easily, and unfortunately given up their autonomous thinking. Now they can say goodbye to their individual thoughts. Because Trump welcomes them to the Trumpian borg. Now they are the collective MAGA. Trump has grabbed them by their reptile brain an he ain't letting go until he is done using them. And using them up. Now as you stop and think you may start to understand why the idea, or the symbol of the border wall works so well for them, the fear and anger attached to it is a hot button, one he pushes to simply, easily and naturaly control them. Now Is this the kind of leader we want for our president in 2020? We deserve better. Beto2020

  • Texas, Dallas, is home to the very progressive music and art revolution sweeping the country. Texas is a very diverse state, and in some ways more liberal than either coast.

  • Americans have new found religions republic and democratic party. So it doesn't matter if the other "gods" are good they will follow their own "gods", even if they are evil and not worthy of their worship.

  • When Alana said "Oh lucky." I DIED

  • The Cuy at the end reminded me of the M. Emmet Walsh character in the Coen Brother's Blood Simple which took place in Texas

  • That ultra conservative "whatever her name is" has the body language of a Trump-like predator.

  • Texas: If you want to be your own nation, you have my blessing. The most Godly Holy Ghost blessing. Be free.

  • Y'all are lucky that you get to leave after tgis segment. I live here 😭

  • I voted for Beto, You kinda knew ted was going to win, but i see high hopes for the future in this state becoming a battleground state! Really dont like Cruz but are economy is booming and that was going to be really tough for Beto to win. Also If you live in California please dont move here there are bugs!

  • All the Sanctimony and Superiority from show business libs... Gotta feeling dems are going to lose the next presidential election too

  • Alana Harkin is hysterical! I loved it when she walked into the Ted Cruz camp and struck his cardboard figure just sort of clandestinely. And when she hit the "trust Ted' button on that guy's chest with her microphone.

  • All these old red neck white nationalists should be deported back to Europe. And watch them get discriminated for not being native born

  • It's not that illegals are not important to our economy because they are. It's just that we wish we didn't have to see them. That would be an ideal situation. MAGA!

  • There was a reason Cruz barely did any campaigning. The voting booths were rigged. If you picked Dem on a straight ticket, your ballot would switch from Beto to Cruz after you hit the Next button. When I noticed that it changed, I brought it up to the people working. Another person voting heard what I was saying and said hers had changed too. That's when we were both escorted off of the premises. I don't think the other woman even finished voting.

  • Stupdity and Ignorance rules in many Texas homes. have a nice day

  • I think Ted Cruz is extremely misunderstood. Fact is he’s one of the most honest people in politics today. He’s also crazy smart when it comes to constitutional law because of his clerkship on the Supreme Court and tenure as Solicitor General of Texas. He gets way more hate than he deserves

  • sam so hawt

  • The cognitive dissonance is painful.

  • Cruz stole the elections that POS

  • What if the Great State of Texas decided to do a TEXIT? --a huge sigh of relief. Right?

  • Bernie 2020

  • Face it Texas was stolen from Mexico, so the people there are double the trouble, if the point is one candidate is in favor of Mexico and the other is against they vote against!

  • This is what a non-American looks and acts like.

  • Anyone else getting a genuinely creepy vibe from the "Trust Ted" button guy?

  • Please tell me the name lady was paid to say that. PLEASE. Dear lord please.

  • What Pokémon has that guy seen?

  • "When that old woman dies." Jesus people. At least act like you're the "moral majority" when you're out in public

  • Beto has been called Beto since he was a child I saw a picture when he was 1 or 2 years old with a shirt that said beto on it go look it up

  • Cruz the Ooze.

  • Why does this shock everyone? All polls have Ted Cruz having an advantage. Beto has a better chance of beating Ted in a presidential election than winning in Texas.

  • Yeah you can't argue with crazy, and the GOP is good at spreading that around.

  • 2:20 the Chipotle in the background - 3/10 wouldn't recommend

  • this makes me really concerned about tribalism - if you looked at each man's policies, you'd undoubtedly favour Beto, and you even say that you hate Cruz, but because Ted's in the same club that you're in, all other decision-making logic flies out the window.

  • I think Allana is a correspondent that is going to be worth keeping an eye on. She does good / funny work

  • “Old woman up there dies on the Supreme Court” oh RBG ain’t going anywhere! She’s survived cancer twice and breaking ribs. She won’t let death stop her!

  • You could do this show on a free DE-tv channel and demand TBS stop spending cable bill monies on 22 min of partisan dribble. Make fun of one another is American,making a Canadian spoof is a waste.

  • “Hispanic kids raised my kids” im like then what’s the point of you having kids?

  • Not one mention of the voting machine irregularities? *This isn't journalism!*

  • Don't talk bad about pokémon like that

  • Samantha, I love every one of your staff members.

  • The correspondent is hilarious.

  • OmGOSH cruz supporters are just horrible people!

  • “I’ve had Hispanics work for me all my life...”. “They raised my kids...”. That is the most clueless white privilege self-unaware statement I’ve ever heard! And I’m from UTAH. This entire state is basically an art installation of Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving painting recreated entirely out of Wonder-bread. Mitt Romney came from somewhere, and it was here! Given those parameters that is still the whitest thing I’ve ever heard delude aloud!

  • Wow North americans are very very ignorants

  • Yeah when I think of love for God, I think of these guys

  • I wont EVER live in Texas... ugh

  • Did anyone else see the ridiculous ad posted by CRTV that played before this video?

  • There really is a solution for Cruz. FLUSH!!

  • Texass outsourced their bravado to a Canadian born Cuban sophist carpetbagger that eats boogers and doesn't know the lesson of green eggs and ham.

  • You would want to be utterly consumed with the desire to talk into a mic not to realize these folks were from a liberal comedy show and no matter what you said it was going to be edited and presented in a way that makes you look like a dipshit. You only had to watch the Daily show once in the past 15 years to immediately know you were being ridiculed.

  • Texas.... *sigh* This is why you rank with Jersey, California, Florida, and Alabama in terms of easy jokes. But at this point it's just depressing.

  • *The Texans who voted for Ted "Lying Ted" Cruz are shameless and ignorant.*

  • Lady, Beto has been _repeatedly_ forthcoming about how he got his name, and that he's not from any sort of Hispanic ethnic background. _Nothing_ about it is a facade. It's _literally_ just what he has been called all of his life, by _everybody,_ and having to learn to respond to his legal name would be unnatural to him. He has _literally_ repeated the factual context of why "Beto" is his authentic name that he answers to over... and over... and oooooover...

  • Thank you Allana Harkin for calling out the self-proclaimed "Social Democrat" wearing the TRUS-TED button. You are doing good work in noting ongoing hypocrisy.

  • No! NO! NOOO! No more Presidents from Texas, or other deeply red state like backwards Alabama!

  • ok but can we talk about how ominously predictive 3:46 is with RBG now in the hospital? Also please pray for her

  • Republican white women are just useless to America and our progress!!

  • There's a lot to unpack here, so let's just throw away the whole suitcase.

  • What is it with white republican women and pearls?

  • "I don't like the republicans, but I vote for them because my family would disown me if I didn't"

  • The real problem is Fox News. I moved to Texas about a year ago and that's the ONLY news people what. Seriously. One time I was working out at the gym and thee tvs were playing three different Fox News channels. That's why those nutjobs are sooo afraid of immigrants.

  • Oh, Texas, you always sadden us so much. Such a beautiful state. So many idiots.

  • Carli Mosier brought me here, and Common sense kept me here. I feel bad for Texas, and I don't even live there.

  • Mark my words: Beto will get the Democratic nomination for President in 2020. Mark. My. Words.

  • "you're just inTexas hon"?

  • Democrats new platform: "We are for big business, big money in politics and big wars but hey, at least we look human!"

  • How did it happen? Lobbyists. Also people with big money and power, telling people with little money how to vote, so they can keep being employed. Oh, and the racist... can't forget them. It's pronounced BET-toe... not Bay-toe

  • Racist Texans - I wish more knew Ted’s real name! Just cuz we don’t fight dirty but it would have been good to have an ad with all the names Trump called ted

  • Ted can go Cruz himself

  • This just shows why Texas ranks near the bottom of the country in the quality of education.

  • That's the problem with TEXAS politics!!!!! Straight red ticket voters, most Texans don't even care about their candidates all they do is vote Republican/Red. It has always been a problem in Texas and they are finally doing something about it now! Want to know what the saddest part is, if Beto ran as a Republican against Cruz, he would have won.

  • “Beto looks human” My man!

  • how can they vote for ted god thats awful

  • I about lost it when she stabbed his button for Cruz. #Beto2020

  • When u think trump supporters couldn’t say anything dumber, and they proves u wrong. Ignorance is strength.- GOP motto

    • War is peace, freedom is slavery

  • 4:08 hey it's Carli Mosier

  • I demand a recount. And I'm in Canada!

  • My undercarriage ... ha ha ha

  • The big picture here -- in Texas, >>>a deep red state

  • Person who thinks they're not racist: "I love black people. Some of my best slaves were black."

  • The "Hispanics raised my kids" line, reminds me a lot back in the '60s when black houseworkers would raise the children but weren't seen as people. That's scary.

  • there was an AR beside his name ask enough for me I believe in guns and God on the Bible on the rule of law issues issues why do we need issues I just complicates things I don't want to think that much

  • And "that old woman up there on the Supreme Court" is Ruth Bader Ginsberg you mindless hick. And you are not fit to lick her shoes. God, Republicans have taken ignorance to an entirely new level.

  • Is it me or did all the women in the Cruz party have fake blond hair?