Melania Trump Says 'You're Fired'

Am 14 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
Years after First Lady Melania Trump took her husband's last name, she's now stealing his catchphrase, too: 'You're fired.'
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  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Who got the oh so terrible to elect the super racist, redneck, hit by a midlife crisis and extremely childish old white dude with way too much tan??? I think those were the first warning signs??

  • Lol, why would anybody in France drink U.S. wine? Crazy.

  • How did not say "reach AROUND the aisle?" @2:45

  • Lol, love the way he says Macron and MFGA. 😊🤗😂😆🤣

  • I love how Stephen uses the Classic Latin "w" sound for "veni vidi vici" instead of the modern "v" sound. He was taught well!

  • Somebody slap Colbert already!

  • Tax China 50percent

  • Jimmy Kimmel should be fired for putting on a black face and mocking the way blacks talk.

  • American wine is even worse than German wine

  • .HEY TRUMP I FOUND SOMETHING FOR YOU Neurosurgeons Discover A Breakthrough 'Brain Enhancing' Phenomenon

  • Whiner Trump also owns a winery in the US. Nobody should be surprised at his position on tariffs. If only Macron served the whiner's wine in Paris Trump would have thought the leaders there.were complimenting him when they kept whispering to each other that Trump's whines are the best in the world.

  • Melania is a college drop-out, mail order, trophy wife. I normally wouldn't ever consider criticizing her - and if she kept herself occupied with her grammatically incorrect plea to trans-Saharan African people not to cyber bully, then I wouldn't... But it seems to me that with her "impressive" Slovenian high school education, she's really not even qualified to plan the menu at a state dinner, never mind who should work on the national security council. Remember Michelle Obama, a graduate of Princeton and Harvard... Remember when her suggestion that children should exercise, eat vegetables, and avoid sugary drinks was describes as the same as recruiting Hitler youth by Fox "News"? (Google it, I'm not kidding! They said that for weeks) This seems worse... Where is the outrage now?

  • MuhFuhGuh says it all.

  • lol, bet it was about that compliment Trump gave Mira, how great she looked. Know what he was grabbing at while Melania was quiet.

  • Trump just didnt want to ruin his coiffure in the Paris rain.

  • Colbert would make a great president.

  • Ironic how a man with so much can be so angry

  • gee, Trump blaming someone else for his failure as president - what a shocker. It's almost like he never accepts personal responsibility when he does something cowardly, insensitive or just plain stupid.

  • trump's usual class -- Retarded History 101. If it wasn't for France, we would still be an English colony. So, who owes who what!

  • Melania certainly doesn’t have the honor to be the First Lady. You came here illegally, and snagged someone’s rich husband.

  • You spell Colbert with French ?

  • The US did not win the war against Germany, the Allies did. Including over 3 million Indian and African Colonial Soldiers from various colonies. Russia on the eastern front lost 6 million soldiers. But what do you expect from a turd that won't even show up to the WWI memorial?

  • A.

  • The only thing that makes sense is comedy with Trump. So called First Lady, a a prostitute who gave craven Trump whatever he wanted. When Barron rolled his eyes when his father was speaking he had it in one. Hopefully this poor kid will come out of it unscathed.

  • whats next? a flat $15 tax on beer to balance out his next tax cuts.

  • Exactly, talking about France and their tariffs is kind of pointless undertaking (unless you are talking to an uneducated lot) - because everyone with basic education (at least in countries where education has a purpose of creating educated people for a better world) knows that FRANCE IS PART OF EUROPEAN UNION AND EU SETS THE BLOCKS TARIFFS ! (same as it is not the state of California setting it's own tariffs but it is Donald Trump doing it for them...the difference is that EU is more democratic and based on experts called the US you have a TV show presenter running the whole show - kinda like in Roman Empire times)

  • Anyone else clutch their pearls when Stephen threatened trumptariffs on Nancy Meyers movies?

  • Does Trump truly believe the French want American wines? lol

  • With Whitaker firmly in place as Attorney General Trump is a full fledged Dictator rivaling Putin and Kim. In fact Putin has already called Trump to congratulate him on his new victory and cemented status.

  • Trump made France better again just by leaving it.

  • Just one word"MFGAaaa"

  • I don't need Trump to tell me when things go bad. The very fact hat he's president tells me that things are bad.

  • #mfga mefigah’ 🤣🤣🤣 Colbert is the best 💋

  • Deport Melania and her anchor babies.

  • Good show but as usual, stupid comments. Don't waste time reading thru this wasteland.

  • Stephen trying to say MFGA is hilarious. 😂

  • i m not a grammar nazi but.... trump got a problem with upper case and lower case writing. thats all i m not a nazi but

  • Make America great again Impeach Donald J Trump as soon as possible!

  • I hear Colbert quit using Monica brand chapstick cause he says it tastes like blowjob billy.

  • The most powerful "SuperModel" in the world.

  • Wow such hate toward the president and the first lady. He wouldn't dare say such things about Michelle Obama even if she was far worse. This country I swear is seriously fucked up. We put on a such a liberal facade and give certain people a free pass (like the Obamas) and certain people we prosecute them through a witch hunt.

  • We laugh, but this is biblical, it was said it would be like this, THEY SHALL NOT CLEAVE ONE TO ANOTHER, FOR CLAY DOES NOT MIX WITH IRON.


  • Sometimes I don't know if the tweets are real or not. That's both hilarious and terrifying.

  • That strange music reportedly coming from the President's bedroom was not Barry White.. Fake News!! it was actually

  • Macrrrrron 😛

  • Hey people, get real! Trump couldn't find France on a map any more than he could find the U.S. on a map! Get out of your ignorance and admit Trump is dumber than a box of rocks!

  • I just saw two of Trump's single digit IQ MAGA maggots say that they agreed with Trump that America should give back the Statue of Liberty to France. Can these people be purged from America?

  • Sure wish Melania would get pissed at Matthew Whitaker.

  • suburban women and French wine, excellent

  • Seems to me like Colbert should get an actual show, instead of just talking about the greatest president we've ever had. Cunt.

  • Is Melania running the whole show for the puppet master?

  • If Trumps family had ever had balls, it's HIM that would be speaking German What an oaf and a fraud

  • Colbert used to be funny when he was on comedy central, now he just sounds like a moron.

  • I believe the correct response to "Make France great again" is: VA TE FAIRE ENCULER!

  • The US really needs to invest in proper education for rural areas or not let them vote.

  • Trump is one dumb #MFGA! LOL!

  • Melania has frequent sex with the moron that runs the US! I hate them both!

  • lol i though colbert was calling baby in chief a mother fka. lol he was saying MFGA.

  • Bi-Sexual Marxist beats decorated war veteran and fighter pilot, AZ deserves all the pain it has coming

  • Stephen did not just say “cut a bitch” omg I’m dying😂😂😂

  • Stephen did not just say “cut a bitch” omg I’m dying😂😂😂

  • This show sucks so badly

  • Trump apparently thinks NATO is like a Mafia protection racket?

  • All that’s missing in trumps look is a straightjacket

  • Colbert has become a one trick pony. Probably jerks off to a Trump poster.

  • Why Russia? Russia is fine see football championsip! Hungary is fine too!

  • MuhFGA!!!

  • Melania has got no class, ... mascara and cats eyes don't a president's wife make ...

  • Oh my f***ing god! You pronounced "Veni, vidi, vici" correctly! My high school Latin teacher would have loved you!

  • Melania was probabaly boning some of her "aides" and Mira was first on list of suspects about making it known in gossip circles. I bet money the aide was in the party crew to Africa that Mira was pushed into another plane for. Cant tell what you dont see!

  • Most amazing guy on television! Stephen rocks!

  • Don't you people get it :- The White House IS the Office of the first lady! No wonder Trump is acting weird LOL

  • Why do people think that the so called first lady is better than mr dumpie ? She married that idiot in the first place, they must share something .. hmmm .. racism?

  • trump still doesnt understand what the European Single Market is!

  • Can we fire Melania for being a horrid First Lady.....did she immigrate within the law?? How about her parents ?Can they all be deported ? Dream on!!

  • Who Cares About Melania forgeting that she's an Immigrant, With Power To the Americans.

  • So funny Stephen, Trump the idiot blowhard and his stupid tweets, I am looking forward to him out of the White House permanently along with his wife and the rest of his crooked family, Huckster Sanders, and Skeletor Kelly Ann Conway it would be my dream come true.

  • France isn't even a military member of NATO.

  • "See that mushroom cloud over there? Fake News!"


  • Communist born , mattress worker , marries boy of ship maid and wakes up in the WHITE HOUSE.....ONLY IN AMERICA.

  • Throw the baby out with the bath water,PLEASE

  • How about Trump Vineyard Estates in Charlottesville, Virginia? Is that why he wants tariffs on French wine?

  • Any time a world leader criticizes Trump, he turns into the angry, pointing monkey from Family Guy, with 'tariffs' written on his finger.

  • remember the civil war much?


  • Lol. I can count on you to make laugh and cheer up my day. Thx

  • But when moochelle wanted someone gone , they were gone like disappeared gone, but that's ok cause she was Democrat.

  • It's an honor to serve in THIS White House?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Je crois au plus profond de moi que L'Europe et je compte la Rusie comme Européen aurait vaincu les Allemands en WW1 et WW2. Dans les deux cas US est intervenu pour servir ses propres intérêts et non les nôtres ces deux interventions ont fait des US la super puissance qui a l'intention de gouverner le reste du Monde par la force de leur argent et rien d'autres. Trump le dit clairement et la il est plus honnête que ces prédécesseurs. Je me refuse de continuer à parler Anglais comme cela ce connard ne comprend rien. Bolton rien d'autres qu'un chien de guerre. Bob Dylan l'a chanté dans Master of war. Se battre pour la "liberté" dans le monde et être raciste et xénophobe chez soi. Les GI ne sont rien d'autres que des mercenaires aux service de l'industrie de guerre et du capital style Black Rock. Renforcé nos armées oui mais avec des armes Yankee. Acheté leur gaz. Leur voiture de merde. Les Harleys qui sont des dinosaures etc... Macron a raison créer l'armé Européenne et une industrie d'armements Européenne au service de L'Europe. Intégrer la Russie elle est plus proche que les US et au vu de sa dépense militaire moins agressive.

  • Slovenian model and, sadly, most probably the KGB paid agent, Melania. She might be the first to summon Donald serving her chief tutor - Vlad the Terrible, Russian car.



  • Firing, good ethics.. Serving COUNTRY..🤔

  • Steph is the one Saludos de Mérida México

  • Good to see that President Trump can pull off horizontal stripes!

  • Lest we gorget, President Melania wore a jacket with a message, "I Don't Really Care, Do You?", when she went to visit kids in cages in Texas.

  • Proper Classical Latin pronunciation of veni vidi vici. Awesome, Stephen!