Monopoly's 'Millennials' Edition Is Kind Of Insulting

Am 17 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
Parker Brothers released a new 'Millennials' edition of Monopoly that's perfectly catered to the generation known for its long attention spans.
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  • Wow... So many triggered millennials here

  • Looks like a certain Steven Colbert is extremely offended by something that want even aimed at him.

  • It’s funny because it’s true

  • 99.999% of Millennials will not like this version of Monopoly because there is not enough safe spaces on the board .

  • Clue joke was so lazy

  • Insulting! Offensive! Disgusting! Despicable! Uh! Where is my safe space?

  • Out of touch old people laughing at the state of this country that resulted from their incompetence. Those spoiled brats enjoyed the most prosperous economic era of this country because of the sacrifice and prudence of their parents and grandparents but can't even pass it on for their children. They let our government be hijacked by corporations and the economic gains by the elite few and they find it funny. Funny is right because they are the joke.

  • I fucking loved this version of the game. Funny as hell

  • Um they literally understand millennials 100%...everything they show is so true! Are you triggered? Are we gonna get 50+ videos on this like you did with trump when you previously triggered?

  • Millenials are exactly this

  • If you think about the intended audience, this is actually the best game Hasbro could make. Plus, millennials getting insulted by this only fits the stereotype.

  • Seriously this would be funny if it wasn’t hitting a swore spot. Can’t believe ppl are getting mad at millennials for finding it offensive. It is offensive. But I guess you have to be drowning in student loans, barely able to afford rent, working three jobs to stay alive and not able to save for a down payment on a house to understand how this can be offensive. Glad so many ppl out there are doing so well for themselves that they can easily dismiss these problems while most of us are just drowning and being called snowflake while America makes fun of us for drowning. My friend makes so much money she just got a promotion yet she can’t afford a house because she is paying off $2000 a month for student loans. Hopefully she will be able to afford a house by the time she is 50.

  • Whoever is offended can die

  • First I'd like to say that I'm a millennial With that being said, this is hilarious. People need to stop being so damn sensitive. Humility is being able to not take yourself too seriously

  • People in the comments are proving their point by getting attended by a game

  • Do not scroll down, the comments section is full of butthurt millenials.

  • I love all the outraged people who are angry at a game making fun of them by pointing out almost exactly how they behave. All this game needed was a few more cards: "I'm triggered so hard right now," and "I have anxiety, I need a break!"

  • Tarot shop? Lol Play card games with tarot Google "talon a tarot card" and download free rulebook. Its better than Monopoly. No player elimination and no role and move!

  • Millenials are not Gen Z. I find it hilarious that ppl mix these up.

  • Ok but the history of monopoly proves that the sassy millennial monopoly is really just the logical next step

  • Oh my gosh...

  • I've never seen so much crying in DE-tv comments. Good job living up to the stereotype, millennials. You really are a bunch of triggered babies who can't take a joke.

  • My millennial brother took going to jail horribly. He refused all offers of food and drink, spat and swore at anyone who came near him and smeared the walls with his own feces... After that we never played monopoly again.

  • Millennial Monopoly? How the hell do you play a game like that? Your job isnt investing, it's a walmart cashier. You cant buy any properties, you can only afford to rent. If you land on community chest, instead of getting money you owe money to the bank. And when you pass go, a baby boomer tells you to stop being so entitled and get a real job, even though they've been just handed everything in life, including their jobs.

  • People are really upset about this. 🤣 I'm sure Monopoly knew excatly how Millennials would react.

  • Why would you insult the people you're trying to sell your product to? Man, I hope they crash and burn.

  • Orange man bad

  • i kinda want it, and im a millennial

  • Hey, send one of these to Ocasio-Cortez! Maybe she can learn how capitalism works!

  • "board game news" *laughter Board games are cool now actually fyi byw. >:-( (not monopoly)

  • Is that even real? It looks like something someone made as a joke, that isn't something someone actually made as product meant to be bought and played by someone is it?

  • Does Stephen seem like he's going to pass out from exhaustion to anyone else, or is it just me?

  • So many triggered millennials in the comments justifying themselves to 'who'? Exactly.old people don't watch Steven Colberts or DE-tv. it's just millennials here stop crying cause someone made a board game that is meant to disparage a category of people you belong too you're an individual not a category. You're extremely egostical to be so upset that baord game about millennials or any disparaging comments made about millennials is about you individually.

  • I'm a millenial and i own 5 houses and I'm looking for a 6th

  • I'm 22 and I say that this is *exactly* what my generation is like

  • As a baby boomer I can tell you getting a house wasn't easy. A lot of work, sacrifice, and mainly SAVING MONEY. No eating out, movies, or other luxuries people waste their money on day after day. Scrimp and scrape, then you can afford real estate.

  • This game must have been designed by Fox News.

  • You wonder why young people have a thing against capitalism and how Baby Boomers act? Also if we wanted to be edgy a couple of the pieces would be the following symbols. 🌹☭


  • participation trophies are so millenial it's crazy.

  • People are actually getting offended by this? Wow just goes to show

    • I think it's more likely that they compare it to marketing PCs to women by sticking them in pink towers. Hilariously out of touch.

  • Ah well. It's just like real life, everyone wants Millenials to "get experience" but never pay them for it. Sounds about right.

  • This guy a looks like a Gen X but whines like a Millennial...

  • guess i am the game to counter that ;)

  • We play video games not board games 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 get with the times grandpa’s, also we would’ve been able to purchase houses, if it weren’t for the fact that the baby boomers handed over all the power to greedy Wall Street Corporatists.

  • Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

  • That's what Hasbro has to do these days to sell their outdated garbage games: purposely create controversy.

  • My son is ten and he pulls the classic version of Monopoly off of the shelf and says, "Papa, lets play Monopoly." Kids these days; who would think that they might like the old-time classic stuff more than the new stuff?

  • They have waited a LONG time. It's NOT directed at the COOL Elderly Peeps.

  • did you turn into Rip Taylor for a second there

  • I think you truly missed the point, which it's to make fun at the stereotype of millennials. If anything they are just pocking fun at the fact that it is true. Perhaps they are trying to raise awareness at how our youth is being screwed over more and more.

  • Wrong

  • Stephen Colbert, I love you and your comedic style. But, I think your suits are looking a little tight. Maybe one size b larger would work? Just asking.

  • Im a millennial, and we really are the worst.

  • I'm 25 and i think this is actually funny and i would love to play this.

  • Millennials are a made up title by dumb old men that wanted to sell a book and knew the mass was stupid enough to accept it. People keep making titles to define new generations but never realize the path the older generations created for them to follow. Hatred for currencies invented and conspired by governments to set limits on their slaves.. Allowing prices to be set on what is needed to be so high that only governments can generally afford them or businesses that governments regulate.. But what happens when the governments fill with stupid old men? What you see now.. Please don't speak about monopoly until you fully understand its origin in the minds of the people.

  • The original _Monopoly_ was a brutal, high-chance game in which one person one and everyone else lost *VERY SLOWLY.* It's a great way to make enemies. The original game was meant to be an object lesson on the foibles of capitalism, and indeed the eight richest people have more money than the poorest 3.6 billion (that is, half of the global population). Gates, Buffett & Bezos have more money than the poorer half of the United States. What's curious to me is if they've done anything to add strategy or choice to the game (id est interaction). I know the themed versions of _Risk_ have added a shot-clock and chance cards to make _that_ game not a long slog to defeat. Even the later Scrabble editions have more *Ses* to elevate scores.

  • That is condescending as fuck lol. I can't help but laugh at how absurd it is and yet some asshole on a board somewhere thought that should be released.

  • Haven't we all collectively agreed that millennials never wanted the participation ribbons, and that they were given to us so our parents could still live vicariously through us?

  • Stephen and the whole audience laughed at “board game news.” Clearly, they know nothing about the board game industry. There’s a whole world out there beyond Monopoly, Clue, and Operation. In fact, seasoned board gamers look down on those kinds of games. Anyway, this game sounds really stupid. Who actually thought this was a good idea? I agree with the people who say this game isn’t actually for millennials, but for older people who wanna make fun of them.

  • At least Venezuelan Millennials didn't vote for Chavez JAJAJAJAJAJ

  • Really? People are being offended at satirical board games now?

  • And whose fault is it that we can't afford real estate? Perhaps the people who printed huge amounts of money, which ultimately drove up housing prices, to save their own bottoms from a crisis they themselves created?

  • Millennials be like "whats a board game?"

  • Thats the point Colbert, you are playing right into the joke.

  • Really tired of the misuse of the term “millennial.” Anybody under 21 at the youngest is not a millennial, they’re Gen Z. Most millennials are in their late 20s-mid 30s.

    • Oh my, hope you didn't spilled that Starbucks on your costly Android phone

  • Millennials are people born 1982-1996, so you're talking about people who are finishing or out of college, and 30-something professionals raising families, not teenagers (Gen Z). I guess Parker Bros didn't know that. All of my friends own our own homes, many also own businesses. Real estate isn't at a high right now. Obviously someone who is 23 might not be in a place where they can afford it but neither were my Gen X sisters back when they were early 20s. Stupid concept. Liked the original game but it's embarrassing how out of touch they are now.

  • Im 17 am i apart of genuration Z or a millennial ؟؟؟

  • That's about right for my generation.

  • #TheRentIsTooDamnHigh

  • Only Millennials think Millennial Monopoly is kind of insulting.

  • Monopoly is all about dissing and exposing the flaws in the capitalist system. The rich keep buying everything out. One person(or a small group of people, ie the 1% as much as I dislike the term) wins and everyone else goes bankrupt.

  • I’m so glad all these millennials have the entire world figured out already. Lived an actual life for 2 years and are getting their degree in art history, and they know all about the intricacies of financial markets and economics and everything else! It’s truly incredible.

  • I would probably not play either of those games.

  • just sad... (the game)

  • Baby boomers....who needs them? We can conjure our own hypocritical fake ness Women rights?......nah...not really Civil rights? just for boomers tho. And the right kind of boomer. Affordable or free education?.....oh that's just for the boomers too? Affordable housing? .....wrong again!...just a B Boomer thang? Sooooo, now we wait on you hand and foot and change your adult diapers? Nah....I can't even.... With Much sarcasm and marching your assess out to pasture, GenX

  • Why do people always say that about housing I bought me a house 4 years ago, I'm considered one of those Millennial things whatever that really is and everybody I went to school with own home's and have started families. So what are they talking about I always hear this. I guess it depends on where you live that is why they need to stop grouping people all together all the time everybody's different. No need to reply thank you for reading whoever read that 😊😁.

  • The older generations are responsible for the state of things as they are, if anyone is. Millennials (and future generations) will have to navigate this mess. Yet rather than take any responsibility for their own actions, or even educate themselves on the issues and admit they exist, they bash and blame their own kids. Yeah millennials are entitled alright.

    • +Porky Minch did you even read my post? What does discipline have to do with anything. And as someone who has spent a decade working and studying full time I think i know a bit about that. But keep projecting ass!

    • that's called discipline clearly something you plonkers didn't get

  • I hope Trump tries to talk about "Millennial Monopoly", as he will surely swallow his false teeth over it or jumble it with Melania Microscopy or something.

  • Orange man bad ! 👌 outrage NPCs !!!

  • Finally, I can play Fortnite offline, but still have all the screaming kids, stupid dances, and racial slurs of the real game, but it is *actually fun* and no micro-transactions that get you only pointless in game cosmetic items

  • I think Steven had a few more whiskies this evening, but then again, you try saying 'Millennial Monopoly' over and over......

  • Well shit...I just bought my 6 yr old the Fortnite Monopoly for Christmas...

  • Monopoly was originally created by a couple to cheer each other up about the fact that they were financially struggling through the Great Depression. It allowed them to pretend that they COULD afford real estate. I guess whoever runs it now missed that bit of history because this new game is the exact opposite of that.

  • I love this game

  • As a millenial can I say I hated participation prizes growing up. Asking for positive feedback on projects is not the same thing. I want both positive and negative so I know where to concentrate my efforts.

  • Memes are becoming real

  • All my babies are Millennials = ages 24 to 33. Stop picking om Millenials!! Intelligent, employed, and save for my 26 yo, who has autism, are in loving relationships (one's married). 😊

  • W-M-Erica´=₩ lunch

  • Strait talking shit

  • Do... do they not realize that millennials are like 30 now??

  • So... millenials can't take a joke apparently. Who knew?!

  • Stephen is the best

  • I'm a millennial and I in fact bought a house. I feel kinda bad now...thanx Monopoly!

  • I bought this game...As a Millenial, I actually found it kind of funny. I mean, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself, right?

  • This is why comedy is an endangered art form, not necessarily because of Colbert (although I do feel that he overly picks on “one side” so to speak), but because of our response to anything satirical directed at us. People, stop taking yourselves so seriously for those of you who are using this to launch a tirade against everyone who makes fun of some aspect of what you are.

  • What kind of tone deaf bullshit...... How did monopoly think this was gonna be popular?

  • I never heard of participation trophies until you guys keep ratting on about it. :P I'm pretty sure only a very small amount of millennials has ever been given one. Also, you older folks need to stop being arseholes to the people you raised to be arseholes. Just stop it.

  • Millennial's are hopeless, clueless, classless and obnoxious. Pretty much a wastrel generation. And happily I will be dead and gone when they are suffering the consequences of my generations failures. Hey, at least we tried to fix it. We failed and left them a shit sandwich. But that does not mean we twisted your arm to binge at Taco Bell however. And if you believe in reincarnation like I do you may be crapping your pants. It might be a case of what goes around comes around. Now that is a real horror story. Even death is no escape. And that is just patently unfair when you think about it. Now I just creeped myself out. Its smoke a bowl time.

  • npcs=triggered