Only Trump Can Politicize Forest Fires

Am 13 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
During these dangerous and deadly wildfires, Donald Trump is keeping California in his thoughts... thoughts he should probably keep to himself.
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  • Hey Axl Rose is alright!

  • Paradise Lost #16 ~ PT. 1; "THIS IS MASS MURDER" ...The Victims Speak Out and Share Their Stories: @ @ - ​@ "Everything turned blue" & Tree explodes @ Water in reservoirs boiling (to really see best, click on settings (the gear icon below the video, set speed to .25 and watch. then you can still click the start/stop button to see frame by frame) @ "Started seeing incinerated people in cars, then saw a school bus. Could not bring myself to look." @ Asphalt on fire & black top bubbling. Street itself on fire @ "Everyone else perished" @ The horror of discovering the incinerated cars

  • I cannot believe these morons are you serious? How are these fires not California's fault? There are steps you can take to mitigate fires from happening in the first place and yet they're not doing that so again how is it not California's fault? My God you people are stupid. You know one of the good ways of stopping forest fires is burning all of the Dead foliage in a controllable manner cut down dead trees common sense.

  • Was Axel calling out Trump or President of the Pasadena Fire Fighters?

  • Why does anybody think trump is doing good for america, wake up!!!, he is playing a part in this, big production to take america down, keeping everybody occupied watching what he is doing, while behind everyone's backs, there implmenting the plans to sabolish america, trump is one of them 100% and all you trump supporters are need to wake up!!!!, you're being used, hoaxed, lied to about trumps intentions, and decisions, he wants everyone dead as much as all the other members of the illuminate clan, they are the murder mafia, its real, its truth

  • clearly the PFA President has been too busy to keep up with things these past few years. He seems to think Trump is actually capable of things like admitting that he's wrong, helping others, and learning.

  • I feel like he might be a satisfactory president if he didn't have twitter

  • america deserves trump, he is a cartoon version of the american elite. surely a nation that could find two 'lone gunmen' for the kennedy brothers, would have no trouble in dispensing with trump, if he were not throwing money at the already rich. he truly is an embarrassment, to foreign eyes, but 'our clown' to the republican party.

  • I didn't know axel rose was a lefty (or just anti-trump)

  • I live in the Cali... these past 3 local fires and the 1 up north that was extremely tragic.. I don't wanna hear smack from ANYONE who says we don't need help from these tragedies! Not everyone that was affected by these fires has money! Some of us don't even have enough to replace mailboxes let alone houses! Soooo... STFU!

  • Why cant you become president instead? We're getting tired of having the Orange buffoon spamming our news with depressing, ignorant and **** up comments - at least you'll give us a smile now and then.

  • Nobody seems to have mentioned to Trump that only 3% of California forests are managed by California. Most of CA forests are federally managed.

  • OMG he definitely is a lower form of human being and most of us know that by now... But worst than him are his dam supporters that see shit like this and make excuses for him or just don't care! I mean Hillary was right all along "TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE A BASKET OF DEPLORABLES!" and is sad she took it back for nothing as they will still support him even if he doesn't deliver what he promised them and leaves them in complete ruin! 😞😒


    • Only an idiot would think he's making light of the devastation in California. He's criticizing how ignorant our president is. Why we haven't impeached him yet is beyond me.

  • 69 dead and Trump manages to somehow manages to politicise it and try and make himself look clever.

  • Trump is a one-man covert Russian Operation to destroy America from within. He has run the deficit up by trillions of dollars and is destroying our economy with his tariff nonsense and giant tax cut for those who did not need it. Now he wants to pull disaster relief funds from states thus hampering recovery efforts and harming general morale. Putin really got his money's worth.

  • Didn’t the left use this disaster to talk about climate change? 🙄

  • Steven: you are hilarious

  • Please...California...leave.

  • So I guess staying in the Paris Climate Accords would have kept the fires from happening?

  • You can tell Stephen is a huge GnR fan

  • What a second, The Feds control the forests. They are called National Forests and have names with the last part of the name saying National Forest which means the feds take care of the forests. California should hold onto all the tax money and give the feds a trinket or so to run the government. No more tax breaks for the rich and Trump who got a billion dollars on his tax return. Then had to lie about it and said he didn't make a dime.

  • If you think the ‘FIRES’ are truely natural........ There isn’t much hope really, these fires are supposed to be hottest ever recorded, but members of the public have recorded the fires on phones etc, and they are very close to it. HOW? Cars melting, homes basically reduced to dust..... trees still standing and green in close proximity of homes. Oh and to top it off the tarmac roads are fine, they don’t melt under intense heat or this normal for a fire??? Show me forest fires elsewhere on earth that has done this to homes and cars??

  • Next week trump will say, i didnt say nothing about raking. Lying bastard.

  • How Dare Trump show up here after what he has said...if the USA didn’t have California, the country would be in worse trouble...this state pays out Way More in Federal money than any other state. Seriously we are funding poorer states especially in the you all want us gone, good luck! We grow half the food this nation eats! With our immigrants that WE appreciate! Screw Trump, he is such an embarrassment to All of us!

  • California has all this wealth...

  • Google "Students invent sonic extinguisher" < Darpa had it and they made it portable before I was even informed. Truck with a pull behind battery using sound to putout fires while releasing water ONLY to keep the fires out can be slapped together over giving money to other nations we don't need. Listen closely.. THEY DON'T GIVE A F%CK. If you people don't demand? Then they see you as WEAK SLAVES like the commoners in kingdoms of old. You know what kingdoms of old did to commoners when they struggled to manage them? Lets keep that for the shadow govt to deal with now, since they're the system restore point for America. But you people need to show your f%cking TEETH.

  • Orange man bad

  • Make america rake again

  • Rake America Great Again ~ Forest Trump

  • To my utter lack of surprise I've seen dozens of posts from braindead Trumpkins reiterating Trump's imbecilic tweet. And Ryan Zinke, the unindicted gangster currently heading the Interior Department blamed "radical environmentalists" (in other words, people who DON'T think the extractive industries should be utterly free to shit all over the landscape and poison air and water resources.)

  • LIARS!!!!!

  • Once an asswipe , Always an asswipe !!

  • Oh I know tons more jokes about Trump and victim shaming.

  • Agolf Twittler strikes again.

  • He is so ignorant, he doesn't realize he's crapping on himself. The vast majority of forest in California is Federal Land. So yea, if it's mismanagement, it's your mismanagement.

  • I no longer think Trump believes the things he says because he doesn't actually KNOW what he is saying. He just rambles, strings half sentences together, loses the thread and starts again, or just leaves it and mumbles on on a different tangent. It's fascinating to watch. That's the President of the great US of A. I don't know what is worse, Trump being the "leader of the Free World", or Trump thinking he is but isn't.

  • As a Californian, it's fine. We're used to this.

  • There are MANY schools closed or not letting the students outside due to the amount of smoke in the air. Also it is very hazy and visibility is not the best.

  • California now world's fifth-largest economy, bigger than Britain. California is now the world's fifth-largest economy, according to data released Friday morning by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Its 2017 Gross State Product was $2.747 trillion, surpassing the United Kingdom's $2.625 trillion Gross Domestic Product.

  • Come on, trump doesn’t know shitt about forest and y’all know it lol

  • wannabe comedian. if this is right with all that money, where did it go..... you could have many more fire trucks... more equipment etc etc etc !!!!! Trump is right.

  • He does not even know the name of the town...called it "Pleasure"...Oh what a name!!!" Trump is a nutcase in the most spiteful way. Hundreds will be dead...and he is critiquing..the forest

  • you guys are such sheep its truely pathetic

  • A new book?

  • Sociopath potus, very nice

  • With all due respect to the Pasadena Fire Association, the current President of the United States is not due any respect.

  • Forest Trump.

  • i miss colbert report

  • I am just sickened by Trump's tweets. I live in California and I pray everyday that the first responders come out of their battles against the flames alive and that those who are missing because of the Camp Fire in Northern California, which is now nearly 1,300 unaccounted for, are alive and will reunite with their loved ones. The fires have created toxic air quality for those near them, those who have lost their homes are living in tent cities, and many are wondering if they will ever have a normal life again. A whole town was destroyed Mr. President, and you decide to make it all about politics.

  • Stephen fueling hate

  • Time to leave commiefornia

  • #rakenews

  • This is why we need to riot in the streets and break as many windows as we can. Let's show these racist Trump supporters we're not going to put up with this anymore. At this point, violence is our only option.

  • Trump said they should rake leaves to prevent forest fires.

  • #freeWater #fuckTrump #RealityLeighWinner #duncanHunter 💦💦💦💦💦

  • Come take care of the FEDERAL LAND that's burning then, fuckwit.

  • "Get smart." That's rich.

  • California with Governor Moonbeam and millions of illegal immigrants, it is very poorly managed.

  • With British Columbia dealing with wild fire seasons with fires of that size lasting months at a time (hundreds of them in my province for the last 3 years) I’m surprised California/USA hasn’t requested help from BC Wildfire. We have some of the most trained wild fire fighters and whole teams dedicated JUST to preserving buildings and fighting the flames around buildings and houses and protecting people’s properties and farmland. Instead the US is using prison inmates getting paid next to nothing (which of course is good because more people the better) but is more people actually better if they aren’t trained, well versed and familiar with wildfire control/building protection? The US needs to work smarter not harder regarding their tactics and action plans. However, this has nothing to do with the people effected and this is the saddest thing. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected by fires. I hope everyone gets support they need after as far as psychosocial needs and mental health needs after all of this. Natural disasters are traumatizing in every way... and people often go into survival mode and ignore their “mental health hygiene” after a crisis like this

  • Good for Axl Rose speaking out on how f--ked up Trump is.

  • Love the show but the cartoons are unfunny af

  • tRump DO NOT like facts ...........

  • It isn’t trees, it’s the chaparral.

  • Time for a new book? "Who's fire is this?"

  • What has the mother of Trump done so wrong ?

  • Only trump can politicize forest fires .... as colbert politicizes forest fires

  • Paradise is the name of the City that burned down & lost Everything...smh

  • I see the future.. 🃏💯

  • Trump was saying that if no forests are in California their would’ve been no terrible forests fires. Trump likes fields with cattle and crops for the insatiable people.

  • This is what happens when hillbillies are allowed to vote.

  • Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump 24/7/365 He is now famous!!

  • Trump admitted "climate change" had alittle effect. Then his stupid blame game. Give him "what if you're wrong" scenario. And if you wait for a gradual change, but instead at one point there's a drastic one where there may be a point of no return. Example: you're in a house in CA and you see smoke in the distance but inching closer. You can't keep waiting until it's too late to change your situation. Prayers for the people in California.

  • No empathy what so ever. Wrong timing for this discussion. Sympathy, caring, concern, anything but it sitting out like that

  • Colbert = Deep State Cuck

  • tRump won't learn. That's because he thinks he already knows everything. He's here in California to gloat over the democrats and to threaten to take away our funding. Maybe in response, we should stop giving state money to the federal government. We give a lot more than we get, and if California was a country, we'd be the 5th largest economy in the world. A lot of those red states don't realize how much California is in their lives.

  • Only Trump can look at the most lethal wildfire in the last century and go, "You know what will prevent this from happening again? Budget cuts.". So it's okay to spend tens of billions of dollars on a new destroy but preventing wildfires and saving lives in general is where Republicans draw the line, huh?


  • no how about the victims speaking the truth about intentionally set fires is quite political, Colbert you're going gitmo you lying dual national shill


  • Each day.. new lower standards are being normalized. This is nightmare.

  • scumbags jerry brown gavin newsome and yes you steven colbert can only be the failure you are because you were most likely tortured as children.

  • "Only Trump can politicize forest fires".. Just like Democrats are the only ones who can come up with accusations and conspiracy theories every time they lose an election. After all we ALL know that Putin was inside every voting machine and that the Mesopotamians hacked Facebook. Oh and then there's that "Elvis using an EMP weapon from a secret base on Mars" thing..

  • Chester the molester with his own talk show.

  • From Australia. Thinking of all Californians . xx.

  • He did the Axel sway😂

  • You are so not funny idiot !♥

  • He is going to the fires Trump said, Nobody has ever been there before ? WTF is he Christopher Columbus of fire management. Then he will come back and say, nobody has ever seen this before me the forest is so big, like a ocean and keeping it clean is impossible.

  • Trump is the same guy who thought the solution to forest fires is to log everything. Idiot.

  • So, I've worked in a lab studying forest fire regimes. There are several things responsible for the horrible forest fires we're seeing today and CURRENT mismanagement from the forest service and national parks is not one of them. First, forest cycling is a natural process but about a hundred years ago lumber barons believed it damaged production. In light of this, they ingrained into the public and government that forest fires were harmful to the environment. This created almost half a century of FIRE SUPPRESSION (Smoky the Bear was born from this idea.) This initially seems good but let me do a bit of explaining. When fires are regular they mostly just burn deadwood and the understory (short plants) and don't become a canopy firers (fires that burn down full grown trees). Many native tree species are dependent on this process. However, since this natural cycle has been suppressed it means dead wood (which is extremely flammable) has been accumulating in forests for the last few decades. This has been a major contributor to the raging canopy fires we see today. Second: climate change. I could take forever explaining how this influences fire but in short it's causing increased drought frequency. I'm certain there are other contributing factors that I'm unaware of as fire ecology isn't my specialty but I know this much.

  • Thank you....I was hoping someone talk about how insensitive this man is. In Paradise Ca.ppl literally die trying to escape the fires

  • Trump cut their budget!

  • Trump's solution would be to pay hookers to pee on them

  • Colbert staring at his piano player like what are you doing?

  • Wtf

  • Not Trump's fault he don't know anything! Wait. Yes. Yes it is.


  • "He is easily the most flammable president in history" ROFL

  • trump cutting all the money for building wall .. its just dumb ..

  • @ a buck an hour? hmmm...