Power Saver Scam EXPOSED!

Am 11 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
Power Saver devices are sold everywhere. But do they actually save power?! DON'T BE SHEEP!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  • I’ve never heard Mehdi say Fuck! in any video.

  • ElectroBOOM In france, with the new "Linky" power meter, we now pay for reactive power ! There is a great video serie on it by Deus Ex Silicium : de-tv.net/tv/video-wfLoiwe1fgA.html

  • Thank you so much!!! I feel like I can sleep with ease now. Zzzzzz 😴

  • Add a rectifier to that bad boi and your shocker won’t depend on when you pull it out. Probably, would need to test

  • no way ive been watching you for years i had no idea you lived in bc too

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  • This is guy is a legend

  • Try making a USB killer and putting it in keysight

  • You should become a teacher lmao

  • Howard Dean!!! I was talking about him at work!!

  • Can you teach us how to change a Circuit breaker.

  • WTF. happened i mean he sounded pretty know it all unttill watch when i connect FUUCKKK. If you got a real shock dude i feel U pain. I DK we use 230v mains, and (here comes the Trump) believe me, it makes UR heart pukker and UR shorts brown.

  • A flippin + dude. ♥️

  • LMAO. Always a laugh with your videos. Thank you so much for making me smile.

  • what if you buy 30 of them and put them all over the house? now how much would you save?

  • Unless you want to mod Power Saver devices good enough so they won't be impostors.

  • I don't know what's so amusing about watching someone knowledgeable about electrical systems electrocute themselves multiple times, but I can't stop watching.

  • I'm always astounded with his perfect line drawing skills. 3:23 Teach me sensei

  • jaja happy new year. question. volts amps resistance but watts kilowatts hr and so on. i pay to Phr can you explain? im confused if i mix it with the jules und coulomb man!. one episode that includes it all would start my year fresh

  • Fuck that exploding capacitor made me jump and made my heart race. I love when he jumps or gets shocked he's so funny love this video.

  • i love this guy

  • 0:52 That's the Turkish flag.

  • Haven't watched it fully yet, but looking at the design I'm going to say it's crap.

  • Hi man can u pls explain why this guy is not exploding and how we -the average noob- can do this? www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/ag6e09/this_dude_stands_in_a_tesla_coil/

    • I'm just happy he is wearing shorts, otherwise,... well you know arcs jump from pointy objects

  • Ever messed with modifying a toy grade rc car motor & circuitry too make it take say a 2s lipo or a pair of lithium ion battery cells instead of 4 puny AA batteries without killing the boards components or burning the steering or power circuit on that board ? Perhaps you can do some messing about with that there improving it as much as possible at a fairly low cost & explaining in general on what this & that component does & a diagram of the circuit board for that specific rc car at least.

  • BAHAHAHA! I love this.

  • This mf is guna fry his ass one day but until then I can't stop watching and he's fucking funny every time he says "lets connects" and it nearly explodes "fuck" lol

  • Actually where I live (Argentina) they charge you, approx. every 2 months, for that Reactive Power consumed. Anyway, as you explained, it's mainly caused by AC motors, so factories are the most affected

  • Every time I watch your videos, I wonder how you not electrocuted yourself doing stuff like that 😅😂

  • But... Advertising a VPN to help people watch youtube is nice but if youtube is blocked there in the first place, they won't be able to see your video, thus they won't be able to know about the VPN... this is 99% sarcastic, don't get wooshed.

  • Go to 1:03 to skip the ad

  • Yeah, fuck China's censorship! We higher beings use magic to get around your bullshit censorship! No but srsly, your videos are magic. And so is VPN.

  • You taught me more physics than my teacher

  • Hey men, you're the best. There is always a way you present electricity that removes us from the humorless frame of professors. Thank u!

  • It was just crossing my mind and the flag popped up :)

  • Please, can you make a video about "Gyroscopic inertia pulse motor generator demo"? You can find it on PMMG4HYBRID channel. I ask you about it because I don't know what to think about it. Could you explain it?

  • Your videos make me nervous. LOL at the BC Hydro part.

  • So people really believed that plugging a thing into a wall would save you money? Ok.

  • "It is illegal to carry or use teaser in Canada" ~Mehdi 2017or 2018 (Not quite sure) "Novelty Shocker" ~Mehdi 2019 Mehdi....common Mehdi....Mehdi??...

    • :D they sell novelty shockers in Canada! almost bought one of them today

  • 0:52 Bruhhh this flags my fking contry flag that sh*t aint 🇨🇳

  • full eyebrows rectifier!

  • Is it just me or the "FUCK!!" ant 3:43 was especially energetic?

  • Your jumper wires were too small and create too much resistance in the circuit, therefore the device cannot function up to its full designed capacity! :D

  • That's right, show people how to touch mains power with your bare hands. Retard

  • *Sorry, i don't speak Electric*

  • Must seede-tv.net/tv/video-NobfAhlYLzs.html

  • You are so funny I can't inhale...

  • Soviets find there way here

  • This scum is ancient. Thought everybody knew about what it is already. I more interested why they provide 2-phases in US/Canada houses. Do you have 2 meters also ? Are you able to run some equipment meant for 220V (stoves, heaters, etc) ? In Europe you can only choose between 1 and 3 phase connection.

  • Dude you are cool 👍

  • Good news everyone! BYAAAAAHHH! Wonderful..

  • I thought he was Trevor of GTA 5

  • 6:20 7:01 when you thought those sparks in his videos are scripted

  • Have you a death wish

  • I am not sure how we pay for real power only since from what I believe the power consumption is based on the AmpHours metered * Voltage, so if you're having "apparent" power, you'll be drawing more amps. Correct me if I get this wrong. And one more question, @6:29 when the microwave transformer is drawing 480 v,a.r. power, is this becoming heat and if you, since you're saying that you're not paying for reactive power does this mean that you can trick the electricity company and heat your place for free with reactive power or do you pay for these amphours*voltage ?

  • Please make a video on how to add 12v output in a UPS. I need a long lasting backup for my 12v router.

  • It's not practical to do power factor correction in a residential setting and worse it's potentially dangerous. If you over correct and end up with a leading power factor you can end up with an over voltage situation which can cause damage to the devices of in your home, especially electronics. So, even if this device did what it promised it would potentially do more harm than good.

  • 7:06 please do not let people think this is not deadly.

  • oh, and we have a HUGE bank of capacitors at work to correct PF, and still despite a $70,000 electric bill per month, they save less than it costs to maintain them

    • It's not all about the power in an industrial setting though. I don't know how your plant sized it's supply conductors but I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't handle the uncorrected current.

  • I am an electrician, I can say EVERY ONE OF THESE DEVICES ARE CRAP AND DO NOTHING FOR PFC. If you learn enough and do the math, you wont save enough power to even run the device itself

  • you got me subscribed with that boom... lol

  • The privacy nullification of the internet is true theres no such thing as internet privacy. Ill agree with that atleast

    • And america is an embarassment these days.

  • Reducing power usage? Turn the heat down or AC if you live somewhere warm. Job done.. Also go LED wherever practicable or practical. I still use halogen in the kitchen and bathroom, but the rest of my home is LED

  • Takeaway: I wasn't paying for that power anyway!

  • Electroboom, I was in the electronics field for a long time but for various reasons I've lost 20 yrs worth of electronics training, knowledge and experience with certain minor exceptions. Do me a favor and explain "reactive power".

  • talks about china, shows turkish flag and plays russian anthem. xD

  • ads of expressvpn more interesting than actual theme of video

  • 6:03 reminded me of Futurama. Do you get the reference???

  • This man has a gift.

  • 6:03 🤣🤣

  • If you were a teacher I would do the work and homework

  • "You gotta watch out for those hackers and hookers"

  • 5:00 No idea what happened here but I feel like he connected to someone he knows for years

  • There is a chip called radiation protection chip that neutralizes mobile radiation please expose that scam.

  • Say "I'll be back."

  • Happy New Year!

  • Holy shit, DUDE, I thought you electrocuted yourself years ago... Glad to see you're making videos again...

    • again? I never stopped! Now go watch whatever you were missing!

  • Want a scope pls 😀😀

  • 9:55 Hackers and WHAT?!

  • The middle eastern guy making things explode...

  • Where he from

    • Probably the Vancouver BC area as he called BC Hydro. (BC = British Columbia, Canada)

  • you're so casual with the high voltage

  • If only all Arabs could be like this dude!! I'd move to the middle east..

  • Can I have one of those handy scopes? So far I've managed to build everything from micro rc aircraft to resin sla 3d printers from scratch without ever touching a scope but it would be neat to add that to my work bench.

  • The ads are getting a bit much..

  • 1:16 "In case you're DEAF and can't SEE that you have plugged this brink into the wall" I almost spit out my beer laughing at this, no idea if it was intentional but I got a hearty laugh out of it thank you

  • When i REALLY started to worry & feel very nervous de-tv.net/tv/video-J86QK0Njfv4.html?t=411 Please Kali..... don't take the naughty Indian......

  • hackers and hookers :D

  • Guy was good before he became a sponsor whore.

  • Get a watt meter and amp meter and volt meter and power factor meter and oscilloscope to see lead and lag in real time ... etc, etc ... You will learn a lot ... Gene Bowdish ...

  • It's a wonder, that nobody has died yet.

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  • This man is a genius, why can't there be more like him?

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