Quantum Computers Explained - Limits of Human Technology

Am 8 Dez 2015 veröffentlicht
Where are the limits of human technology? And can we somehow avoid them? This is where quantum computers become very interesting.
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Quantum Computers Explained - Limits of Human Technology
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  • 1:36 felt like a StarCraft reference to the archon!

  • When he said _"There's only one way to find out..."_ at the end there, I expected him to say *_"Skillshare!"_*

  • "It's a gray oblong pill... quantum nano-technollogy CPU.... the quantum computer in the pill will travel through your blood until it implants in your brain and it tells you what to do..."

  • Nice Rick and Morty reference. Gear wars is a great bit :)

  • I swear this teaches me more than all my years of school combined

  • *brain.exe has stopped working* I have to write an essay about Quantum computers ._.

  • But can it run Minecraft?

  • Kurzgesagt, your channel has been getting ever more interesting, thanks for the wonderful videos!

  • 1:56 Roll credits. *ding*

  • You know why NASA has interest on that?: "Quantum Computers" feed a lot of power just for the cooling (almost sub Zero to activate super-conductivity) but outer-Space's temperature is roughly 2.7 Kelvin and it's more efficient to run it in the ISS than here on Earth. It's not about the possible development of "Quantum Entanglement" long distance communication thinggy. Our current computer cannot compute Quantum mechanics simply because of the "errors in our Math", most of the units aren't exactly accurate. That's why simple units became expanded into sophisticated formulas while it can be simplified if someone out there can discover the "simpliest" units out there (ex. dalton:Mass ;Kelvin:Temp).

  • But how does it calculate?

  • The files are in the computer. It's so simple.

  • Thx for the info. Now I'm writing the first quantum pc operating system. Think I will call it Nanosoft.

  • Saying that electricity is moving electrons is physically inaccurate

  • and then there are the people that think the earth is flat

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  • Nope, the typical scale of a transistor these days is 14nm++. Get your facts straight!

  • Maybe infinite ram comes

  • Is it possible to purposefully exploit the flaws in transistors that are sub 14 microns if they were arranged in a tight grid? In other words, if I had a grid of transistors that were so small they shared electrons as a signal passed through - could we get a visual representation of the wave form function by setting everything to 0 and updating one transistor?

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  • Out of all your videos, this is the single one that explains the subject very poorly. You explain what is super position but not how that enables representing more data with fewer bits; the fact that 4 qbits can be in a superposition of all 16 states is irrelevant as that basically means they do not represent ANY info, same way as if you were asked whether you're hungry, then answering "yes and no" doesn't give any info.

  • i'm way too high to watch this and keep my sanity at the same time

  • I would caution strongly against comparing computers and brains as identical. There's plenty of reason to believe that computation alone is not enough to display the kinds of complex phenomenon associated with invention, inductive reasoning, and originating technologies through commutative language (Mathematics) that must be of an order of magnitude greater than the subsystems we develop into machine technology.

  • Does entanglement make faster-than-light communication possible? Like a rover on Mars could be given commands without lag?

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  • I wish this video was in English or at least had English subtitles

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  • this literally seems impossible, like how the fuck do people think of this and do shit so small, what the fuck even is this shit

  • people are doing this... but its hard for me to learn coding... nice!

  • Eight billion lines of code can be reduced to just few lines of code. That's what is quantum computing.

    • How it reduces complexity is just like. Say if a then b or if b then c else d. If a b then b c d. move a b move c d move e f. move a c e b d f.

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  • I didnt understand a single fucking thing but still liked the video.

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  • So now that we can easily encrypt our data (asymmetrically) and with hash functions to decentralize systems using a blockchain, big entities developing this tech get quantum computers that can use superposition to crack algorithms in the blink of an eye and PUFF! there it goes web 3.0 and all our coming revolution... or not? how will quantum computing disrupt this scenario?

  • 4:07 and now IBM introduces first commercial computer with 20 qbits!

  • This is incredibly complicated. And I mean in a "I'm a Roman Republic soldier looking at a Renaissance-era knight armor" complicated.

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  • I didnt understand anything after the "most of our history" part

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  • There's just a problem, scientists are trying to use something they don't really know how it works.

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  • 7 nm is becoming the norm in a few years. 3 nm is possible at the moment but it's not profitable to make. Some phones even have 7nm already! In 5 years, once 3nm is the norm, everyone will push for 1nm. What then?

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  • I always wondered if quantum entaglement could be used to send data near instantly across any distance. For example, a super computer with entangled output qubits linked to input qubits in another computer the entire world away. If the output is measured to be 1 (or forced to be 1) then the input the world away would be 0, and so information can be shared across the world by encoding info in the output computer in opposite to the computers actual computational result. The application here, besides data transfer without lag, is that super computers could be built on distant planets or orbiting stars, magnificent in scale and power, and the info could be read by a much smaller computer on our planet. But then, I'm no quantum scientist and my knowledge of the subject is fairly limited, I just wondered if it was a possibility. Is there a limit in physical distance of two quantum entagled qubits, and can we force a qubit to always give us the desired unit we would like?

  • Go and learn about probabilistic programming.

  • Imagine the safety questions this pulls... With these computers you can hack everything

    • +Pelo do Fonseca It already is. Encryption is a _way_ more profitable industry than hacking.

    • +Dr. Zoidberg You really think that it would be use to protect?

    • They also work the other way. It could be the case that quantum encryption is literally impossible to hack (like, according to the laws of physics impossible, not just "we don't have a good enough computer" impossible).

  • I sprained my brain trying to understand that sentence at 4:36... Gonna have to take an ibuprofen and keep weight off it for a few days.

  • The transistors are not 14 nanometers or what ever number of nanometers. What that number means is the smallest part of the transistor. Don't get me wrong the transistors are tiny but not that size. Quantum computers will never be commerical for consumers not maybe. They might not even be commercial useable. The thing is there are many different ways for quantum computers to work there have been a best one figured out yet and no standards. While transistors might be at size limit there are many other technology as you see multiple cores prob will have photonic computers so optical fibers instead of copper circuits and wires.

  • How do we build things so small?

  • What does Kurzgesagt mean?

    • Dr. Zoidberg Thanks !

    • It is German & idiomatically translates to "in a nutshell". Literally, it's a compound word of "kurz" & "sagen". "Kurz" means "short", whereas "sagen" is the verb "to say", with the prefix "ge" being the German past tense marker... so literally, it might translate to something like "briefly said".

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  • But if we use quantum computers, how can we tell that it's not hacked and hacked *at the same time.* ?

  • But if we use quantum computers, how can we tell that it's not hacked and hacked *at the same time.* ?

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