Rachel Weisz Defends The 'U' In 'Favourite'

Am 14 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
Rachel Weisz stars in 'The Favourite' and is willing to defend its English 'u' in the title.
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  • 1:52 that was literally the reason americans don't use the U. it was to save on ink b/c newspapers charged by the letter

  • Smash

  • We originated the language, how about that...

  • This woman is BAE ❤️ Pretty sure she sparked my lesbianism back in middle school with her role in The Mummy!

  • Her beauty. . . 💞💞💞

  • I find it a little disturbing that when she said: "...when we settled this great land..." people almost booed her. I mean... I knew north americans were somehow obnoxious and self entitled but I didn't think they also believed in the spontaneous generation theory. What is wrong with her sentence? Do y'all think your ancestors sprouted from corn?

  • The real spelling is with U. #fact #ThatsARealEnglish

  • And he uses k for colbert

  • I hope Rachel works with Jennifer Connelly next.

  • my favourite actress in the world 😘😘😘

  • I think (emphasis on "think". I haven't actually researched this) every English speaking country besides America uses the "u". Here in Ireland we spell with "u" too (Colour, Favourite, Flavour, etc.)

  • Why’d she have to board the fillers/botox train?

  • I used to have to edit a mixed UK/US 'base paper'. What an absolute pain in the backside it was having to review in both English & the US version of for whichever nationality wrote that particular piece.

  • humans are so super-arrogant. all the comments with some stupid juggernaut attitude of "NO IT'S THIS WAY" like some toddler in a sandbox. rather than a simple, "oh that's interesting, we do it this way over where i'm from, pal." that's how adults do, simple.

  • Is Rachel pregnant? She looks different, her face is all puffed up.

    • Probs because she just gave birth, they talk about it in the video.

  • her beautiful smile is very contagious to me 😂

  • That is the actual reason y we don’t use the “u’s” it was to save on the cost of ink

  • it was to save on ink in newspapers, he's right.

  • America is about "Me" there's no room for U

  • I love her since Chain Reaction. She's wonderful.

  • Colbert should be (attempting to) defend its absence in the US.

  • It was Webster from the Websters dictionary who removed the U. It was purposefully to americanise English.

  • It actually was to save on ink in newspapers

  • Noah Webster, publisher of the dictionary we now know as Merriam-Webster, wanted Americna English to be as phonetic as possible. His more radical suggestions, like soop for soup and wimmen for women, did not stick, but his more moderate ones, like favorite for favourite and civilization for civilisation, stuck.

  • She still looks gorgeous inside out. I love this woman.

  • She was my first crush at 7 years old, still consider her the most beautiful lady on the planet. :)

  • Daniel Craig is one lucky mother*****

  • Civilisation with a Z? Where the hell does that go?

  • No hate, but he really comes across as stupid and unresearched.

  • I find it annoying when Americans leave out 'u'. The language is English. Speak & spell it correctly or not at all.

  • Rachel Weisz is everything! Congrats to the new baby ♥️

  • I love her attitude. She's fun and doesn't take herself too seriously. No starry tantrums and arrogance.

  • And it’s W E I S Zed.

  • Americans and their imaginary everything.

  • Every time I hear Disobedience my brain thinks of the spit scene and I gag.... Great movie though.

  • Anybody else seen "My Cousin Rachael"?.

  • Love her.

  • Love it when Americans try to tell the English how to speak "ENGLISH".

  • ‘Definitely, Maybe’ did it for me.

  • Olivia Colman is brilliant

  • I just realiazed, I use colour and organization

  • Daniel’s girl... steely blue eyes and big shoulders... of course haha

  • ‘The child’ bahahaha, come on Colbert, can you at least try to talk to your guests like a human person.

  • If you raise the kid American and British you just end up Canadian

  • Still a dimepiece

  • Honey, you can't "settle" a land that already has millions of people living there.

  • She is a wonderful actress ,why she took a big break after her Mummy movies

  • There’s nothing to defend. American entitlement strikes again.

  • The only one still doing well after "The Mummy"

  • You've really got to stop with these clickbait titles, Stephen.

  • No U, maybe that why Americans can't pronounce EMU, it's always some EMOO nonsense.

  • When she smiles she looks like Emilia Clarke

  • It's Favourite. She doesn't have to defend it. That's how it's spelt.

  • Well the "U" in the word is the right way to write it and I am not even British. Well we in Europe as far as I know learn british english. Sure we also learn some differences between BE and AE ...but I realised in some american videos that people also don't take grammar that serious as well. What is the point in saying for example "he don't..." instead of "he doesn't..." ???

  • Lovely woman.

  • british or american...is there a difference?

  • such an elegant woman. Love her.

  • Another is defense and defence

  • Americans cant write or speak english.

  • An all female Spartacus would be worth watching

  • We spell civilisation with a z here in England too tho so I don’t get why she went along with it having an s ?

  • Our language, our bloody rules!! 🇬🇧 (Seriously, we don’t give a shit)

  • Yeah! not racially motivated...we are all earthlings.

  • That's the thing in romance languages we pronounce ALL the vowels

  • I did laugh at that 'will you raise her in the U.S or London?'. There is more to the UK than London folks. So many countries bound by a common language,Much love people !

  • Ok she seriously resembles my cousin like crazyyyy

  • Everybody here are talking about the linguistic differences of the US and UK and I'm thinking how INTERESTING and worth-seeing is this movie !! I mean better than the '' Killing of the sacred deer ''

    • Ben Scudder You are right ! Dogtouth was my first Yorgos Lanthimos movie and at first I found it very different and more daring but now I get the hidden meanings and its very unique . I hope The favourite will be unique in its own way as well !

    • I think The Killing of a Sacred Deer is the weakest Yorgos Lanthimos film so far. The Lobster is fantastic, and Dogtooth is a masterpiece. The Favourite will likely be better as well.

  • She is so lovely

  • what is a place like her doing in a girl like this?

  • Here we go. Everyone is going to have a go at each other over spelling.

  • Is.orowh used to have a different word entirely for favouite. It was massacred out of us. By the British.

  • You just got every Miami fan excited for a second. Fuckers.

  • No, the U.K. and U.S. got "baby daddy" from Jamaica...

  • American is a dialect, just like Australian, South African or even Scottish.

  • Nothing wrong with the "u" there Some like it, some hate it I just happened to like it so much

    • +Emperor Leachicus No, my dear Emperour, U is a letter Marmite is coundtiment

    • Are you confusing the letter U with Marmite?

  • centre or center?

  • Every country that speaks English does coloUr, favoUrite, traveLLed, centRE, and the like. Only the states does it different. Very odd lol

  • i read somewhere that originally the spellings were favorite, color, etc without the 'u'. Then when English became the predominant language in the United States, the British wanted to be original and added the 'u' to words, and started replacing the 'z' with an 's' in words.

    • Katie Kelly I read somewhere that dogs are all actually fluorescent green by nature, but people were struggling to find them since they camouflaged too well in grass. Then when the English colonised America, they dyed the dogs at birth to be one of the popular fur colours we see today, because they thought they looked better.

  • Should play Jackie Kennedy Onassis

  • it's actually IS an ink thing! :) they use to charge small personal adds in newspapers by the letter, so people would ask to drop vowels and it got into the language!

  • Does she even age?

  • I love that people have these giant knowledge gaps. But then again, US always had their weird way of doing things just to differentiate from UK. Metric is global standard, get with the program and stop forcing people to learn your oddities.

  • Wait, she had a baby like 3 months ago? Isn't she like 48? Well, as long as she is healthy, it's all good, I guess. I always liked her a lot. She has a magnetic aura about her. Something that shows a mixture of strength, wisdom, and a great deal of femininity. She is beautiful, as well, but that is not what makes her fascinating.

  • Who every wrote the first american english words were dyslexic

  • The language is called English, it's from England. That makes us right and Americans wrong. Facts.

  • As a Kiwi I wouldn't lose my shit if we suddenly axed the U in words like colour etc, we're just used to it.

  • seems like a really nice lady :)

  • "settled"

  • The story told at Greenfield Village is that Daniel Webster is to blame for regularizing American English including the removal of the “u”.

  • What's with her cleavage... or am I missing a trend where women show off their bras?

  • No country gets to use another country’s language and then tell them they’re wrong.

  • Rachel:She does look very like him... Stephen:Steely blue eyes and big shoulders? Rachel:Yeah....(dreams about Craig) yeah.. I love her😂😂

  • Silly Americans with their funny ineptness to understand such simple things like universal healthcare and correct English. One day they'll learn...

  • Oh my awkward

  • The USA doesn't use as many 'u's because the first American English dictionary was penned by a moron called Noah Webster

  • Pretty sure "favourite" is the standard everywhere that they speak English, except for the US. So if they're aiming for more international children, the British Standard is a better choice.

  • Stephen Colbert is a boring interviewer

  • She is so humble and adorable.

  • She is such a beauty. All of Yorgos Lanthimo's movies were whimsical, kind of awkward but deeply original. I haven't seen this last one, I should.

  • He asked her if her baby was a girl. So insensitive. It's 2018. You can't judge gender like that. Let them grow and decide what they are. 😂😂😂