Rachel Weisz Defends The 'U' In 'Favourite'

Am 14 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
Rachel Weisz stars in 'The Favourite' and is willing to defend its English 'u' in the title.
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  • She looks like Brooke Shields!

  • Americans are just a group of Europeans, especially UK who invaded the native land of Red Indians and just to be different,changed spellings lol.

  • who's daniel cregg?

  • Is it just me or does Colbert come across as a bit snippy here?

  • I'm learning English. What should I stick to, British or American ?

  • why is every famous brit also based in the US ?

  • Would someone tell usa people it's not fun or cool to misspell words? All it does is generate pity from others that your education isn't a little better than it obviously is.

  • is it me or everything about this whole interview is awkward? i love the movie tho, watched it last week it was amazing!

  • It’s actually true that Americans stopped using the letter U in most words as newspapers charged by the letter so it was done to save money. So he was mostly right

  • It's always mystified me that a nation whose name begins with a U detests the letter so much. Right, nited States?

  • oh god she’s boring

  • But can she defend the stolen jokes?

  • Noah Webster, of dictionary fame, had a fair bit to do with the standardisation (standardization?) of US English, I believe

  • Stephen u sure did your home work dear. Who knew!

  • Awkward

  • Poker face is right lol he didn't get that

  • Rachel defends proper English language, period.

  • And the Oscar goes to... Olivia Colman!!!

  • Goddamit that movie was so fucking good.

  • Interview got awkward at some parts 🥺

  • Defending stupidity is the American way. I'm not saying it's a good/bad thing, but it is to blame for Trump

  • Trouble with the American ‘reform’ of English spelling is that it was really just tinkering. If you’re going to reform do a proper job. I mean the word bought, why keep the gh when they’re not pronounced? I could or should that be cud, go on.

  • Americans genuinely believe they spell everything correctly. Americans like to change things they didn’t create to suit them and then are the first people to claim cultural appropriation or are easily offended if their country is insulated in anyway. But are happy to take a language they didn’t invent and change the spellings to suit them and then act like they’re correct. Next they’ll be changing all the colours and the dates of things that happened in history to how they see fit. It’s ludicrous. If you’re gonna have the balls to change something created by another nation then at least own up to it and admit you’re being idiots.

  • she still looks good.

  • Why does America have such idiot chat show hosts. They can barely string a sentence together, far less ask an intelligent question. I cant get past the first minute. "This is with your husband Daniel Craig?" I would be tempted to say - No I slept with some random guy on the street!

  • S, so corny!

  • She's not American ??

  • I was always in love with Rachel Weisz. Now I'm head over heels in lust with her . . . her sense of humor, her rapier wit, her mind, and oh yes, her boudy! Among other things, Mrs Craig is a yummy mummy. (You, Daniel, of all people, cannot disagree!)

  • colbert is such a bad interviewer, this was really bad

  • Is this something Americans and Brits don’t know? That they spell words differently? I teach High school English in Norway and this is in our curriculum

  • not to be dramatic, but rachel weisz could top my gay ass

  • I love your movies and love you in mummy and mummy2.

  • Stephen Colbert just sucks.

  • I like the 2 ways of writing in British and American English,it doesn't matter me

  • They got rid of the "U" right before they tried exterminating the native inhabitants.

  • She wasn't aware of how Americans write "civilization"...? How... odd.

  • The obvious in joke in the title is the debasement of OUR culture by influencers celebrities selfies fortnite games etc etc The spelling is not about a difference between american and english spelling BUT the word OUR between Fav and fortnite as opposed to dumbing down for the masses and designer dressed nobodies.

  • She doesn’t need to defend the U it’s correct, it’s English. It’s America that’s wrong and needed to simplify the language. There is no American English, it’s just bad English.

  • 1:09 she just b*tch slapped him.

  • What's up with her eyes/eyebrows

  • Her mind was blown about the civilization thing 😂

  • ughhh colbert is such a crappy interviewer

  • bad interviewer, she defintely deserved some better questions

  • Olivia Coleman was unbelievable in the favourite and Yorgos Lanthimos is my new favorite director. If you haven’t seen the lobster or killing of a sacred dear you’re really missing out.

  • - Americans Have An Inability In Pronouncing And Spelling A Multitood Of Wordz - Please - No Lecturing On How To Speak, Pronounce Or Spell Words Or The English Language Y'all . -

  • U mean she has never came across -zed or -zation?

  • She is absolutely charming. Him, not so much.

  • I studied in the UK and spelling 'Colour' and 'Favourite' without a U, and 'Civilisation' with a Z, seems bizarre to me.

  • She looked so so pretty in the mummy !!

  • Canada, Australia and the UK have the u in many words that American writing took out. The U is so civilized.

  • she is NOT entertained by him..

  • Γεια σου ρε Λάνθιμε!Greetings from Greece.

  • What way is he interviewing her in all fairness

  • She studied English at Cambridge I think she’d know

  • Daniel Craig is gorgeous!

  • it WAS to save on ink, I cant remember if it was when they started printing newspaper for the first time or during the great depression

  • It’s about a British monarch and the language grew in Britain, if the British say it’s favourite it’s favoUrite

  • remember the name Stephy.. Yorgos Lanthimos

  • Don’t a majority of English speaking countries spell Favourite with a U anyway?

  • I’d love to plow her snatch

  • Graham Norton wipes the floor over any presenter

  • So they write favour like favor. So they say fa vor we say fav our

  • She’s raising that kid in English after that civilisation/civilization conversation

  • min 1:07 "just...HUMAN" Holy sh%$...made Colbert practically look like a fu%$in NAZI :D :D

  • British English today is basically English spoken with a bad French accent.

  • it's what you call being lazy!!! that's why they have website entitled 'grammaly'...

  • I will never forget the moment when, working online in customer support for a London based company, a client from the USA told me she had doubts we were a trusted legitimate company because we "spelled license wrong". USA customers were always the worst.

  • It's because merriam-webster who created the first 'American English Dictionary' couldn't spell so wrote it phonetically... Screw u, merriam-webster.

  • Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon Rachel Weisz and Stephen Colbert ====== AWKWARD INTERVIEWS

  • Americans spell things wrong. End of story. And don't even get me started on how he pronounces his surname! So ridiculous. I presume he is trying to sound fancier than what he is.

  • Not a very good interviewer

  • how old is she

  • stephen really got the poker face mate!

  • Damn she got old. Where is my rachel.

  • Stephen cut her off right before she was about to say that the movie was actually inspired by and based on actual (love) letters that the queen and duchess sent each other.

  • Back in the day, the reason as to why americans dropped the U in words such as colour, favourite, neighbour, and honour, is money. It was cheaper to print notices, etc. by dropping the letter.

  • Simple.. WE.. the English.. invented the language. End of story. Its OUR language america wants to steal it and claim it as their own. Piss off.

  • In the Mummy and the Mummy returns she is arguably the most attractive women in the world.

  • I adore her

  • English is English and then there came lazy.

  • America wanted to make English easy for migrants so it changed a bunch of things. I still prefer the French "ou" in our words. Favor just looks wrong.

  • She is really cool!!

  • I adore this beautiful woman so much!!!!

  • Did you mean with a ZED? not a Zee lol

  • They invented the language talk show puppet lol... :P

  • This interview is so rubbish He fails terribly here. So many questions to ask such an inspirational talented lady and he does these questions??? So you have given birth?? You are a woman?? Come on You are a pro Stephen. You can do this.

  • Human! Why can’t people be normal anymore?

  • Omg this Colbert is so awkward as a talk show host.

  • Why is there no more u? Probably to save on ink It is probably something as stupid as that Yes it is in fact You paid per letter in the newspaper and because of that they eliminated the u

  • She’s everything.

  • What a strange' interview'..and what's up with that actor Rachael's voice..

  • Why does he have to antagonise her by being divisive or anti English? Well done her for not rising to the bait

  • Historical fact: it was Noah Webster who Americanised / Americanized spelling - not just the "u" and the s/z but also theatre became theater, plough became plow & axe became ax. Some of his suggested changes did not stick. For example he thought "tongue" should be spelled "tung", just as he had dropped the "ue" from catalogue and analogue. Being Canadian, I prefer the UK spelling ;-)

  • Why is Stephen having a go at English spelling when he can't even pronounce his surname properly?

  • When old ladies are HOT!

  • Because it is the correct spelling, no matter what colour your politics!

  • I fucking love Rachael and OMG she was amazing in the favourite

  • It's also the tale of Horatio, the fastest duck in the city!

  • She has such a great voice. No wonder her character narrates The Lobster. She's also terrific in The Favourite as well as Emma Stone and Olivia Colman

  • canadians fully support the u 😤