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Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Monologue - 2019 Golden Globes (Highlight)

Am 7 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
Hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg open the show by "roasting" the nominees and more at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Sandra Oh, star of the critically acclaimed BBC America drama series "Killing Eve," and Andy Samberg, star of NBC's Golden Globe-winning comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," will take center stage at The Beverly Hilton as co-hosts of the star-studded 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards, celebrating the very best in television and film. The popular three-hour ceremony serves as the official kickoff to awards season.
Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Monologue - 2019 Golden Globes (Highlight)
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  • Awe the end is so emotional

  • The teeth joke was bad not gonna lie. It was great besides that but like why did they have to include that.

  • 4:15 there can be 100 people in a room bit killed me

  • They were told not to be too offensive in the roasts because people are too offended nowadays. Makes me sad cause it was good with what they were given but couldve been better

  • 美版吴君如?

  • omg you can HEAR Emma Stone apologizing XD

  • bad

  • Not to be that person, but this wasn’t funny at all.

  • I dont know why they are making such a big deal about Asian representation in 2018. I have been watching Jackie Chan all my life they dont say anything about that


  • Hollywood is sinking Titanic style. lol

  • This was not good

  • 46u

  • 5:10 scarlett: IM SORRY

  • Woooooow this just proves that there could be 100 people in a room, and 99 percent don't believe in you, but one does, and it changes your life forever. That 1...was Bradley Cooper.

  • Weak

  • I liked it, not everything needs to be negative

  • WOOP WOOP! Asians! :)

  • scarlett johansson just telling “i’m sorry” after sandra mentioning ghost in the shell is a mood

  • Jim carry took the lead of this whole thing lmao

  • Awkward & Hellywood is SATANIC!!! #Survivor

  • Jim Carrey as Fire Marshall Bill

  • Bring Ricky Back!

  • Should have just let Kevin Hart do it

  • Am I the only one that thinks the hosting this year was lackluster?

  • It sucks because this is just the schtick from the James Franco roast

  • Wow, Sandra Oh was so bad.

  • Golden Globs

  • I don't understand why people look so uncomfortable when the camera pans to them.. it's the Golden Globes *filmed* ceremony where you're there because you starred in a film broadcasted to the *world* .?

  • This was kinda disappointing. It really wasn’t as funny as it shoulda been

  • The person that laughed at 11:05 probably feels like such an asshat. Probably cringed for the rest of their lives at thoughts of this moment. I feel bad 😬😬

  • They sucked!!!!

  • I wish my last name was OH...

  • rich (white) people are so funny. not. At least Moore going off on duct tape seemed to get under their skin a lot more.

  • Political correct comedy is NOT FUNNY.

  • Lame. All of it.

  • this was so cute i loved it. sandra and andy were not a duo I ever thought of, but one that I’m really glad exists


  • #FacesOfChange

  • Jimmy stole the show... still funny as ever 😆

  • Andy Samberg is being mismarketed. He shouldn't be marketed to my audience.

  • why are there so many dislikes

  • I love Emma Stone yelling IM SORRY. 😂

  • Samberg and Oh nailed it. Y’all are haters. 😂

  • it's a good thing Andy and Sandra are nice because if Emma Stone yelled "I'm sorry!" my first response would have been "yeah, says the girl who threw Jordan Peele under the bus in the name of white feminism"

  • So cringy

  • 5:11 was that Scarlet Johansson that said “I’m sorry” 😂

  • Weekend update golden globe edition

  • Wasnt too familiar with Sandra Oh, but seeing her in the golden globes made me fall in love with her so hard

  • #cultwood

  • not that i blame them because they were a product of their time and they did have an effect on change for the better in the long run, BUT i hate when people try and pretend the Black Panther Party was an altruistic freedom fighting organization. among many things, they were black nationalists, which means their ideology was just as racist as white-power skin-heads...

  • I thought this was actually really funny lol

  • why did emma apologize?

  • they actually did a pretty good job considering how last-minute this was

  • I need to know what moron laughed when Sandra said “I see you”

  • This is so bad its good; I love it

  • I don't get it.

  • Do people actually tune in for this garbage

  • Why is there no spotlight on Spike Lee and Michael B. Jordan?

  • This is not a monologue. Two people can't do a monologue. This would be a duologue.

  • 5:19 .... did Scarlett JOhanson actually yell out "im sorry" .....i have to sit down.....

  • I would be drinking heavily if I were at this event😂

  • 6:50 is actually the worst thing I ever had to watch on my tv screen *brian may and roger taylor were in the audience*

  • WE THE PEOPLE ASK THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO CALL ON CONGRESS TO ACT ON AN ISSUE: Arrest, Prosecute and Execute All Satanic Pedophiles in Positions of Power in DC and Hollywood and the USA


  • why would you ever allow a complete stranger to walk up to you and inject you with god knows what simply because they are wearing a lab coat??

  • 6:40 oh my God. That's incredibly disrespectful. And in front of 2 of Freddie's best friends, really!?

  • This was the least funny awards show monologue I’ve ever seen

  • What was the David spade reference?

  • this isn’t andy samberg it’s all jake peralta 😂😂

  • This is what monologues look like in a post-comedian world.

  • 5:13 someone shouts "I'm sorry", and part of me wants to think it might have been Emma Stone or Scarlett Johansson

  • Cringe

  • Was that a Freemasonic humiliation ritual or just sucky writing?

  • The Jim Carey part was funny but other than that this was kinda wack. Ricky Gervais is still the best to ever do it.

  • Anyone else watch this and imagine the South Park Mr. Reality?

  • Falls flat, trying to hard and zero humor. To safe, I miss the edgy Hollywood but no-one has a sence of humor nomore.

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is cringey af?

  • y’all should’ve avoided that freddie mercury joke all together just saying

  • Oh yeah, WAY better than

  • Never saw anything more unfunny in my entire life. Has America really become this dumb downed?

  • Omg you can hear Emma Stone saying sorry hahaha

  • SUCKS.

  • That Black Panther comment tho. WOAH.

  • eat each other devils !

  • oooowweee did he really say that ole boys face expression he gone mess u up he aint playing

  • There can be a 💯 people in the room

  • At first I thought oh okay something new, then I started to cringe, a lot.

  • These two are fantastic

  • Haven't seen Lucy Liu in forever!

  • Sandra Oh looks absolutely stunning.... Loved seeing her in this comedian type role!

  • Sandra get back to Grey lol


  • Man lady Gaga is OBSESSED with’s like creepy,,,,

  • It was just so scripted.......

  • Cringe. That "roasting" bit-- UGH. 🤦‍♀️

  • Sandra Oh is the female Markiplier

  • Think about it people, Why would Rich people car so much if all you get Vaccines, Then you got half of America getting the Flue right and getting sick, Right when all this is going on. Their trying to fool you all, with fewar and lies, "Dont ever get vaccine Shots", Unless you want too see demons and be tracked, Like a animal, "NO JOKE". "PLEASE LISTEN AND TRUELLY REMEMBER GOD LOVES YOU ALL, NO MATER HOW HARD IT GETS' REMEMBER HES COMING TO SAVE YOU AND JUST HOLD ON".

  • Jim is using his funny performance to hide his anger after being embarrassed by the two hosts and that dumb and disrespectful security meatloaf.

  • They literally asked Jim to move his seat with security. That is sooo embarrassing and disrespectful for Jim. Is that how they treat a Hollywood super veteran? Telling him to move to the back row when he is already in the middle.