Soulja Boy Drags Tyga, Drake, Kanye West & Reclaims The Best Comeback Of 2018

Am 16 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
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    • Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM all this shit means is there is some new crappy Soulja boy music coming out soon

    • he did put dexter on hard asf

    • I jump out the bed turn my swag onn..still jammin

    • 💯 all facts no bull

  • Just watching to see the bandanna 😂

  • Yeah you feel off bro. You never were all that great to begin with and you put a nail in your coffin when you disrespected the soliders.

  • 49:18 Drakkkkeeee? That took me out and I don't wanna come back!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • That headband look like it seen more niggas heads than blacc chyna

  • When SB raised his voice and CthaG said, "stop all that yelling in here" and SB whispered his next statement had me rolling 😂😂

  • Dont hate on Soulja Boy. Son really helped these new generation niggas. Dont sleep on em too much

  • This was a very enjoyable interview

  • Hahahahahaha so much ignorance.. daaamn

  • big fax comin from soulja

  • Charlemagne need some goddamn deodorant... tryin to put people on blast with some sweaty ass armpits ... smh

  • whens the soulja human coming out?

  • This nigga on crack crack 😂😭

  • this shit goat

  • This shit was funny as hell draco

  • Charlemagne doing to much.

  • He looks like a hound dog with a gold collar. Whomever choose the jewelry was drunk. Lol

  • Sub to me and i will give you a cookie

  • Classic hall of fame interview by Souljah! 🤙

  • Yeah he telling the truth he was the first one streaming and got a deal but yeah he did f*** the game up the worst way real music can't be heard now over the b******* that's out there I don't salute none of it I'm only looking at this video because of the cartoon when he was clowning him I'm just seeing what you got to say there's no such thing as real music nowadays you got the look on the ground to get goosebumps and share tears for real music nowadays cuz you will never hear it


  • best interview on breakfast club idgaf smd

  • This nigga ain’t never lied, DE-tv it!!!!!!!!!

  • why is his headband so loose 😂😂😂😂

  • The black tekashi

  • Soulja number1 trend 😂😂😂

  • This nigga is HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Soulja Boy's one funny dude

  • this the young og right here i respect it

  • Anyone peep charlamagnes armpit sweat 😂😂😂

  • They way he cap you’ll think he’s a Pisces or Aquarius- his a whole Leo 😂😂😂 his ass funny

  • “You need to stop supporting Trump, trumps racist” Politically incorrect and thinks he knows anything about “hood”

  • love this, thoroughly entertained 👏👏👏👏👏

  • They was hating on Soulja they didn’t want to say anything positive about him

  • who just watched pewdiepie's video.

  • Ребят кто хочет бабла поднять на ставках на спорт!? Подписывайтесь на его группу! Не давно его нашёл!! Бля он изменил мою жизнь!)))

  • Dam the first hour long video I have finish on YT for like the last 2 months, best interview the breakfast club has done in a minute, 9 out of 10 interview for sure

  • I actually got a new perspective on SB from this interview.. Clever kid.. Respect!!!

  • Soulja boy jus signed me

  • *Once the sun is gone* ... no worries, SOULJA boy will STEP UP! .... because our world will spin around *THIS DOPE NIGGAAA!!* Honest, how can our little planet, carry such a enormous ego!

  • 'According to the TechInsights data, the iPhone XS Max with 256GB costs Apple $443 in parts and assembly" not $20 lmaooo. Plus apple obviously has other expenses like legal, marketing, etc.

  • I have to respect soldier he 💯 can't be mad at him he rite like it or not

  • He like the Cuzzo that’s cool with everybody in the fam!

  • If any rapper had the bast comeback of 2018 is Eminem

  • This guy is funny!!

  • big draco speaks only facts

  • Say what you want , this is Soulja boys plan to get this clout, can’t deny he smart when it comes to this .. all about this money

  • Damn Charlemagne I know you trying to be “funny” but it look like your hating on a young black successful guy. Whole thing was cringe

  • Charalamange was hyping him up lls

  • Ladies and gentlemen: the black sterotype

  • 69 collect-called this nigga from jail and told him to hold his spot at the Breakfast Club as a stunt double, and gave him explicit instructions on how dumb to act ... Soulja said he don’t need no instructions because wouldn’t be no 69 without him.

  • To be honest, Rae Carruth had the biggest come back.

  • Tyga? TYGA!!

  • Compare to this new foe foe rap artist he is the father of hip hop, say what yall want he started this foolishness what we now call the new hip hop

  • Nintendo about to clap that ass

  • 🥰 I’m happy he came back better than ever. I had Soulja boy all over my myspace page omg

  • 50:29

  • He speakin some facts tho

  • DRAKE ??! DRAKEE?? 😂😂😂😂

  • Soulja boy is the best story teller in the game period.

  • 18:00😭😭

  • "So you had forearm meat all in your living room"" This dude Charlamagne wild.

  • 13:08 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 49:45 That's not Kiss Me Thru the phone but a song called What's hannenin by Soulja Boy

  • Soulja stating facts 💯

  • Good interview

  • I believe him.

  • 38:35 Blueface

  • Soulja telling the truth though. He did start this social media, internet broadcast, add a dance wave!

  • I like Soulja boy after this 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • He ant lyin bout bein the first artist on youtube i remeber dat!

  • All these clothes can be purchased on instagram page @xtravaganceclothing

  • Okay. I will wake that A$$$


  • 16:30 min had me dying

  • The light skinned nigga from degeneres? Lmaooo

  • This the best breakfast club interview ever

  • I fucks wit Soulja after this interview, period.

  • #1 on trending

  • I don't necessarily think trump is against the black community. The media paints him a certain way and I don't think he's against black ppl. Black ppl talk about bringing Barack back but what did barack really do for the black community other than being melanated??? Donald Trump donated more money towards black colleges than any other US President including barack obama but hates black ppl???? How? Now I'm not saying spending money on particular ppl doesn't mean your not racist but too many ppl believe the bullshit that the news spreads now I know both the news and Trump are both guilty of that. I just find it ironic that all these years ago every rapper in the industry's wanted to be like Donald Trump now that he became president all of the sudden he's the enemy against black people. Where is the proof for it? The media molds your mind to think the way that they want you to think and unfortunately Donald Trump doesn't have the type of personality to fight back against the opposition in the Deep state that wants to derail his presidency. All he can do is tell it like it is which in most cases is his way of fighting back against it, that's all I'm saying but people want to ignore that as if it doesn't exist.

  • Chalra?

  • Charlemagne the instigator

  • I like this nigga again

  • Check out @biguard on instagram

  • Charla

  • Soulja Console should’ve had a Soulja character with a Super Nintendo design. He could’ve been another super Mario lol

  • Trending @ number one.

  • The sad part is that when u look at his face he really believes that bullshit that he saying😫😐

  • I like him. He isn’t stupid he speaks very clear and smart. I like his character.

  • @49:13 was probably one of the funniest shit I heard in a while

  • Look at this fucking clown...

  • Charlemagne needs his ass beat damn i fucking hate him

  • Console still dumb he still getting sued other than ibfuck wit em

  • 4million views in 1day "who said big soulja aint from the hood"


  • checkout the link and win 3 coupons of amazon

  • He right about being a pioneer of DE-tv that nigga was a internet pioneer comedy aside. I remember all those muthafuckas hating on him while all the same niggas was doing the dance

  • This might be the best interview they’ve ever done. And that’s saying a lot!

  • That headband looks like it was washed a hundred times #chinatown

  • Damnnn I like suldjaboy