String Theory Explained - What is The True Nature of Reality?

Am 1 Mär 2018 veröffentlicht
Is String Theory the final solution for all of physic’s questions or an overhyped dead end?
This video was realised with the help of Dr. Alessandro Sfondrini and it was funded by SNSF under Agora Grant n. 171622 and through the NCCR SwissMAP: The Mathematics of Physics.
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String Theory Explained - What is The True Nature of Reality?


  • In the video we introduced Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in terms of the effects of a measurement (what is sometimes called the observer effect). The two concepts are not exactly the same, but the observer effect provides an intuitive physical interpretation of the uncertainty principle---in fact Heisenberg himself used it as a physical justification of his principle. A more precise way to introduce Heisenberg's principle is to see that very small objects, such as elementary particles, behave like waves: a famous experiment in quantum mechanics shows that electrons going past an obstacle "diffract", i.e. they go around the obstacle. This is similar to how sound waves behave: if you sit in theater behind a column, you can still hear the music. The uncertainty principle is then a mathematical consequence of this wave description, or in more mathematical terms of the fact that "quantum observable do not commute". In this sense it is not a principle in itself, but a consequence of the axioms of quantum mechanics; yet, given its historical importance in the development of quantum mechanics and the fact that it is a basic feature of quantum mechanical effects, physicists think of it as a founding principle of quantum physics. It is indeed correct that, while the observer effect gives an intuitive way to justify Heisenberg's principle, nowadays physicists distinguish between the two, and they have been working hard to better understand their subtle differences.

    • Wouldn't it be more precise to call "String Theory" String Hypothesis instead?

    • There is no way in hell I am reading this

    • Your channel is terrible

    • Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell and is light

  • Time for my monthly (sometimes weekly) mid-life crisis!

  • Wow now it’s sad that Stephen hawing never found his theory of everything

  • Um... I have heard in the past that this actually isnt how the heisenberg uncertainty principle works. Scientists compensated for the idea that the photons we use to observe the particles were changing them, and came to the conclusion that it wasnt the case. The simple act of observing the particle changes it. That's why physicists had their minds collectively blown. If it was as simple as you're putting it, no one wouldve been surprized. Though, to be honest, that's not even what the heisenberg uncertainty priciple describes to begin with. The uncertainty principle says that you cant simultaneously know it's spin and momentum. I think you guys need to do more detailed research on your episodes, because this isnt the first time you've given misinformation.

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  • I just forgot everything that I had studied till now after watching this!

  • zelda shit made me so happy. thank you

  • square theory - coming soon

  • Try cutting the string a little when it's about 3 dimensional.

  • QFT == Point Particle Picture ?!? Sorry, kurzgesagt, but your research team made some insanely poor calls generating the script....

  • 6:20 - 1 = 3 quick math

  • But what's the point of information if we aren't made too understand it?? You say we need to take advantage of 10 dimensions, we can only conseptualize like, 8 of them? If we aren't physically made too think about this why would we? It's like giving a baby a crane machine, only for it to fuck up and run itself over. I'm all for messing with genetics, my moral sense doesn't go against cloning. I will dedicate weeks at a time to reading about the possibility and chance of aleins life. But when it comes to string theory, I feel like that's something the current human race shouldn't mess with. We need to shove these ideas away until we as humans advanced ourselves with technology before we can get back to making use of the string theory. Can we not forget the guy who first conceptualized infinity when insane? What will happen to us in the process of this? At least with infinity we can use hypothetical physical things until we find what we're looking for. With the string theory we don't even know how to prove it's a thing! Idk y'all, we as a human race are playing with fire.

  • string theory could still work in our universe with knots and consider the strings as sheets, right?

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  • string theory is still useful in quantum field theory

  • I don't understand a thing.

  • How is gravity a particle?

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  • 6:21 minus one that's three quick maths

  • 4:56 Trap Nation

  • Turn out the answer is knot.

  • 2+2 is four minus 1 is 3 QUICK MAFFFFFS Quick maths theory explained

  • So basically we're not really sure how everything works but we think we have an idea of how it might work... nice

  • I feel like an idiot

  • We will never find out what is the theory of everything because global warming will take over and we will all die (science is NOT my best subject, but, from living in American for the past 2 years and our, ummmm, current situation--cough cough the president--I can guess that we won't be around for much longer).

  • Me and my friend was talking about simple things and i said "1 is 1 and 2 + 2 is 4!" My friend said: "Wait if i have 1 bag of 6 oranges get 1 orange and eat 1/3 of the orange, 1 still 1? And if i get 1 bag of 6 oranges and buy another one, i have 2 bags with 12 oranges?" And we was questionating everything that we learned.

  • Can be that a string theory is actually about how we see 4th dimension?

    • Nope, it has nothing to do with that.

  • What type of string this type std::string

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  • So we're really just going to ignore that this video visually badum-tssed its own pun

  • Me before watching video: "I can't wait to understand string theory" Me after watching Video: "Wtf did I just watch?"

  • String theory is wrong. Gravity is a property of mass, not energy

  • Wow, simply amazing video. This is the first description of the quantum world I've heard where it all makes sense. The act of observing something & causing it to change seemed like dark voodoo magic before, I understand logically now why this happens; awesome!. Keep the good work.

  • I can tell you it dose predict everything, but thats to one making the equations. We can predict a lot of particles, but some percentage are fictional because of the amount of predictions. Its like hitting the lottery. I know by looking at the stars that particles are round because of looking at the starts. Squares make squares, and triangles have undefined shapes. Its do to the divergence Principe basic Newton.

  • Never understood why looking at a particlee changed the nature of it but now I do! Thanks

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  • can you make a video on loop quantum gravity theory

  • We already know what the true nature of reality is but some people choose to remain ignorant.

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  • String Theory (or M-Theory) states that there are actually 11 dimensions,not 10

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  • 7:09 Legend of Zelda reference.

  • String theory might be the answer to everything but there again it might knot.

  • Was that turtle at the beginning a reference to Native American literature?

  • So... It's a song. Wait. Was Tolkien right, then?!

  • Talking about gravity, means talking about lives or soul. Just like human being, they can talk, feel, see, walk, cry and so on, that's because they live and have soul. If human die, then he can not do that anymore. The earth is a creature. Since it's live and has soul then it has a gravity. When the earth die, then it just like the other dead stars. And they ask you, [O Muhammad], about the soul. Say, "The soul is of the affair of my Lord. And mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little." So..... to explain gravity, then people must able to explain the soul. 'How people can live?' is similar question to 'How earth has gravity?". It's a similar question to : "Where is God?". The question is : "God is here and never changed from beginning to the end". The true question is "WHERE YOU ARE....". .

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  • My brain imploded within the first 30 seconds

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  • Wait but I thought gravity wasn't made of particles but how can it be a different kind of a particle

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  • So one day we could move stuff with our eyes???

  • So if the upgrade from 0 dimensional points to 1 dimensional lines (strings) was a massive leap, then I suggest we create a 2 dimensional... PAPER THEORY!!! The 34 year later we make lump theory

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  • i am just 11 and i really want to learn about the string theory but i dont understand what you are saying so can u plz help me understand

    • Really small things were once believed to be points, now we think they are strings because it makes more sense. pursue physics, and you’ll learn what true beauty is.

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  • Plz do a video on Loop Quantum Gravity

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  • Props, for whoever animated and designed 2:22 that must have been insane.... Shit like that is one of the main reasons I am sub'd to you guys. Not only do you need to animate the information you are telling us, you have to research and explain the information to us like we are beginners in the first place. It took almost 5 minutes to begin talking about the actual subject of the video, strings... THEN, you and everyone else explains that it's pretty much all heresay anyways... That is why I am a physics student. lol

  • You said " more wavelength means much energy in 2:09"

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  • Can you pls explain why your name is Kurzgesagt?

  • How did we become so smart in a very short time? Like 100 years ago we thought that the universe was only our Milky Way, now we have improved to a very high level. I'm speechless.😶

  • While the time I was having Sox, I came up with the theory that we are just string. Then I stopped and said, ‘ Ur strings are too fxxkable’.

  • 5:06 Chaos Magick has been validated... We are stepping closer to the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium...

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  • Might I suggest to everybody that they read the book Farewell to Reality by Jim Baggott. It'll provide a different perspective.

  • 1. Dimension: X-Position 2. Dimension: Y-Position 3. Dimension: Z-Position 4. Dimension: Time 5. Dimension: Gravity 6.,7,,8.,9.,10. Dimension: We have to think about this for a little longer time to find out. The solution isnt to cencel dimensions, it is about finding with human mind (pherhabs impossible with one brain) 6 more dimensions.

  • 1. Dimension: X-Position 2. Dimension: Y-Position 3. Dimension: Z-Position 4. Dimension: Time 5. Dimension: Gravity 6.,7,,8.,9.,10. Dimension: We have to think about this for a little longer time to find out. The solution isnt to cencel dimensions, it is about finding with human mind (pherhabs impossible with one brain) 6 more dimensions.

  • Why does it needs 10 dimensions?

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  • you Can also consult with Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper. He worked on this Theory for a very long time.

  • What’s more complicated than a string? A plane! We just came up with “plane theory”!

  • Why 10D for the String Theory ? I didn't get it, 4D is already complex 😕😅

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  • Keep searching , and one thing you will find out what so many of us already know . The bible is true all things were made by God . Space , Matter , and Time .

  • Quantum mechanics prove that science is a religion. But not literally, since the scientific way is actually what we could call an anti religion. Science is based on belief system still though and as this video explains we are still seeking for the answers. Science is atheists religion. Science is paradox, we believe in it and we don't, so we can progress.

    • +AGPMandavel I mean it is based on beliefs just like religion and quantum mechanics prove it.

    • Science is about facts and knowledge, gathered by experimentation and observation. Your comment doesn't make sense.

  • Science isn’t about why! It’s about why not!

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