The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

Am 22 Apr 2018 veröffentlicht
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The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations


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    • Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell, I have an idea. What if we make a black hole in spaceship port. The Rocket with the spaceship intering in ergosphere and having more speed that it can make. Then Rocket throws spaceship away from a black hole. Spaceship takes a very big speed and flyes to the point. Can it be a good idea?

    • How would we turn the energy from a black hole into electricity

    • I got the discount!

    • Пп

  • *isis wants to know your location*

  • Our visible universe is in a black hole wich keeps absorbing more wich expands the visible universe super quick We wont ever know

  • why does the duck have a condom on its head? 3:47

  • starcraft

  • "it's a simle calculus. This universe is finite, its resource is finite" if black holes are left unchecked, life will seize to exist

  • 1:56 black holes dont have cores

  • The us government wants to know location... Blackhole!!!!!!!!

  • *_Motherfucking Blackholes_*

  • Humans: Black hole, can you give us practically infinite energy? Black Hole: To sustain all your energy needs forever? Humans: Yeeees *Actually builds superweapon like a boss.* Humans: It’s great filter time

  • Good luck finding a black hole in a dark universe

  • My question is simple: WhoTF comes up with the idea (and analyzing the consequences) of building a mirror around a black hole?

  • Man, the people epicmountain really make great music

  • I thought all black holes spin. They're all stars and stars spin, don't they?

  • What if we build a small black hole? Can the same principle work in it?

  • Kurzgesagt: The ringularity makes you dance whether you want to or not. Me: Wouldn't that mean you'll dance dance til your dead.

  • that is how han solo did the kessel run

  • Pinky and the brain

  • I learned, energy can be violent xd

  • This guy is working in NASA

  • *galaxy succ intensifies*

  • It turned dark

  • 0:16 Looks like a fun game - I wanna play!

  • By the way, at 1:42 , you say that some black holes spin millions of times a second. The smallest number that can be considered millions (plural) is 2M. Considering that the speed of light is 300,000km per second, a black hole would have to be 300,000/2,000,000 km (or 0.15km ) in circumference--and that's assuming that black holes can spin at the speed of light. Since the smallest known black hole is approximately 75km in circumference, would it be safe to say that you maybe meant millions of times per hour? Or per minute?

  • the thumbnail creeps me out with that horror hole

  • 0:20 STARCRAFT! ♥♥♥

  • T H E R E C A N T B E L A Z E R S I N S P A C E

  • The "Show me the energy" scene is a tribute to a Starcraft cheat code you could use in Brood War: "Show me the money" in case anyone was wondering.

  • Love the Halo reference

  • Mom; c s, are you watching one of those silly "Fort of the Nite" videos?! Me; Nope. I'm...... *Learning*

  • I always wondered if black holes were really portals to alternate dimensions. I saw a movie once where one of the characters went through a black hole, and they ended up basically outside of reality

  • i did not understand nothing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cool Starcraft

  • "Didn't we learn that all black holes trap energy forever?" No, they don't, they evaporate. This is not true, video debunked, over.

  • Who'd said that the ducks are the smartest being.

  • 'Constructing the largest bomb in the universe.' *Arabs perk up*

  • How humanity learned that?!

  • Can you be my science teacher?

  • I saw homer, your team have vast imagination and ideas and facts, hope all of us are like that so we can make impossible possibble

  • Omg is the poster at 8:02 a tribute to Steven hawking?

  • Why you gotta say the blackholes are violent? they just grew up in a rough empty home...

  • Thank you for this information that i can use on my presentation, i will mention you in the powerpoint as the information provider. Thank you, Andrejs Rozentāls From the EEB2 of brussels.

  • WARNING: Never tell Kim Jong Un. He will detonate it when it is made if he goes into the control room.

  • Rocket: goes close to black hole Black hole: hippity hoppity, imma eat your property Earth: =O

  • Can I get a source for the information about the ringularity?

  • pretty sure by the time we have this tech, human would have been extinct or destroyed our own habitat.

  • Wow I'm surprised that no one commented about the bird that died literally in the first 12 seconds of the video. R.I.P Bird

  • Enough energy fot my pc to support minecraft.

  • I just wondering: what if I blow up the black hole bomb and change it into a supernova after light out,in order to recreate a star ?(sorry for my poor English)

  • These mirrors opening and closing thing looks kinda like a good solution for my dyson sphere night/day/seasons cycle question.

  • Silly

  • Love the music on this video

  • But what if we somehow spin the black hole in oposite direction, shouldn't they become white holes?

  • I remember watching a TV show saying that black holes had hair ;-;

  • Omg I love this channel! You used a spoof of starcraft and one of the cheat codes!!! Yall are amazing!

  • black hole bomb.... was that our Bigbang...

  • you must construct additional pylons

  • protoss ftw

  • 7:01 Not sure if Steven Universe or mere Simpsons reference.

  • I'd like to report DE-tv for being scumbags.

  • 6:06 RIP Newton's 3rd Law of Motion 😆

  • This is fucking laser. The mirror surrounding the black hole is the collimator cavity, something that is an integral part of a gas laser, in that the cavity does the same thing with light that the mirror does with the energy. Black Hole Laser

  • Do it for her.

  • I heard black holes are very good at SUCKING ooooo

  • *Bill Nye has left the chat*

  • How do you pronounce your name? Read more

  • That was actually a pretty cool video!!

  • Esse canal é um dos melhores do assunto que eu conheço. Pena que não tem dublado em português.

  • Yes, there are void civilizations that are working in one tandem, alliance, and they all feed off human soul harvesting... Yep, they are selfish parasitic assholes that couldn't just stop and make themselves immortal without a cost of treating living conscious entities as shit.

  • 5:18 pinky and the brain?

  • That was an amazing fucking video great job guys

  • Black holes are important and dangerous to the universe

  • And spinning is spiraling


  • 5:20 pinky and the brain

  • Amazing work indeed! Any idea where to find the background music track?

  • “You can enter the ergosphere, and leave it, but it’s probably not a great experience.” Actually, that sounds like the universe’s most amazing drug trip.

  • So, can you travel throught space if you use black hole's gravity? Impressive...(sry for my english ;D)

  • If we made the black hole bomb, we could make a rip in space and time and enter other universes, dimensions or parallel universes! Fuck that's crazy as hell omg omg omg omg help


  • Time Lord engineering

  • Nevermind, this is actually the final structure for energy.

  • Hey that's black hole pac Man and 5:20 Pinky and the Brain from animaniacs. Also that was very interesting

  • Wait like how far in the future are we talking here?


  • 0:19 starcraft

  • So this is what the mirror in the phantom zone is in Superman... our grandparents were telling us things through science fiction all along.

  • Narrator: ... black holes are spinning. Me: ohhhhhhhhhhh shiiiieeeeet

  • Getting some interstellar vibes

  • You mean the black hole communication device. It's gettin old guys.


  • Did anyone catch onto the protoss easter egg?

  • so cool

  • So wait, are you saying we can make an artificial sun, so to speak?

  • Is it actually true that you can get a block with energy and you get away from it

  • Whatever you do, don't shoot at a black hole bomb with a white hole laser. You don't want to know what kind of mess that creates.

  • cool very intresting :)

  • So it’s pretty much general relativetty 😁😃😅😄☺️🙂😆😗😇😀😙😊😗😘😋😜😝😛😛😎🤓🤗🤠😳😳😳😳

  • i dont understand this. this is so stupid.

  • Don't you reduce the optical density of your radiation at the same time? It looks like knlh a fraction of the photons you feed it will get accelarated, and with each itteration of this process the number of the photons being compressed is progressively smaller. So to get yourself any meaningful amount of UV light jn this way you'll have to feed a black hole an insanely huge amount of microwaves, or am I wrong???