The Blue Wave Is Making One Man Angry

Am 15 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
Donald Trump has reportedly 'retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment' as the midterms results are looking bluer and bluer.
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  • Sometimes i think of that photo of trump as angry butterfly and i just start laughing by myself.

  • Colbert use to be funny

  • "ORANGE MAN BAD! ORANGE MAN IS GOING YO LOSE THE ELECTION!" Me: Where have I hear this before. *thinks back to 2017* Me: Oh ya HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Do you not have phones?

  • You mean OUR senile president

  • Ugh. I hardly think that THING in the White House is a man.

  • A miracle of nature, a maggot goes into a shell, and morphs into a fatter, whiter maggot.

  • Hardly any blue waive this shows how much Democrats have there head up there ass

  • There will be many New Democrats and Blue Dogs in the Dem caucus, like in 2006-2010. Dems cannot win in rural areas anymore, and the suburban ones are less Republican now but still moderate.

  • Why are you STILL awarding coverage to this horrible person. Please Americans, take yourselves seriously and start talking to the nearest adult in the room which is Mike Pence, instead of the lazy, incompetent prince of lies and spite.

  • racebaiting

  • Donald Trump won and protected every seat that he rallied for. Obama on the other hand, it was the opposite, his candidates all lost. In addition, by every metric, this was NOT a wave, not even in the House. A gain of at least 48 seats were required to be considered a wave (Dems picked up around 35 to this date), a pickup of 7 Senate Seats (-2 or -1 seats), 10 Governor races (gain of 6), and 525 State Legislatures (gain of only about 300+).

  • Trump's disrespectful no-show at a major remembrance event for his own country's fallen was an epic fail, and he knows it. He is being universally criticised and condemned for such selfish, disgusting behaviour because, as POTUS, it was HIS JOB to be there paying his respects. But no, he whined about the rain and didn't bother. And now he's regretting it. And, like all spoilt brats, he hates having to regret his own behaviour because that would mean admitting to himself that his behaviour was inexcusable. And this is why he is now throwing the mother of all tantrums. Loathsome creature.

  • mirror mirror in my hand who's the hottest in the land? - trump.

  • The Republicans beat the average for mid-terms not during a war. At least until Democrats started cheating and finding ballots in closets and moving trucks marked 'for EMERGENCY use only!' There was no blue wave. Colbert is a propaganda puppet for the left which has been usurped by the ChiComs.

  • The Rats have Sniffed out a Iceberg coming .. , (sorry) no disrespect to actual Rats.

  • OMG, the part at the end had me giggling like a little boy.

  • Are his wifes lips blue?? Ask SH

  • Remember when this show was funny? Yeah, me too. Same goes for SNL.

  • YES!!! The sleeping giant has awoken......& WE R APPALLED & DISGUSTED!!!!

  • -The jobless rate (unemployment) dropped to the lowest in nearly half a century. -Number of unfilled job openings hit a record high. -Economic growth spurted to a 4.2 percent annual rate in the most recent quarter. -Median household income rose to the highest level ever recorded in 2017. -Poverty declined. -The growth of federal regulations slowed, and has lately reversed. -Crime rates declined. -The number of homicides went down 0.7 percent. -Corporate profits, stock prices and home values set record highs. -US crude oil production up 15% -More percent of people have medical insurance -Less percent of people are homeless and/or on food stamps We can report about this, but lets just wait untill Stepehen colbert or jhon oliver or CNN, MSNBC to tell us what is that is gonna make us angrier today at our very own. You look like actual russian/macedonian bots chanting "Orange man Bad" or "Beliave all Whamen" "Diversity is our Strenght". I suggest to you to quit the bs start to critically think, or youll elect more "diverse" people like Ocacio Cortez lol

  • When he said the one place Trump ' would never go, I thought he was gonna say the library.

  • 'A cocoon of bitterness and resentment' - a perfect oxy(moron) for trump!

  • I miss the days when Colbert was an actual comedian, instead of a political asshat.

  • Does Steven remember how to make a non Trump joke, Its getting old fast!! (not a fan of Trump)

  • Wait... if Trump never goes to the salad bar, that means there are two places he'd never go, not one. After all, we already knows he doesn't read, so I imagine he never goes to the library.

    • +VJ Schmidt - Well the gym is a place he never goes now, but he did in his youth, considering he used to play sports in his collage days. You know, during the time he was supposed to have bone spurs that were too bad for him to serve in the military. .... ohh wait that's SCHOOL GYM, not these modern exercise gyms that have nothing to do with sports but just have exercise and weight lifting equipment. Yeah you're right in that, he never goes to exercise in a gym nowadays.

    • You can add the gym to the list of where tRUMP never goes😂


  • Trump is a joke fodder. If he wonders why so many media and humorists go after him, he should look at himself: he does or says one stupid thing after one per minute. It is exhausting.

  • you call that a blue wave ya right lmfao #MAGA

  • “Who’s to blame? Look in the mirror!” “Mira? Okay, she’s out of here…”

  • This so worthily summarizes ours and Stephen's love for the great Corroder-in-chief, GolD-E-Locks, devouring bites of wisdom attempted by staff and converting them into turds on his Golden Throne. Please fly-awayyyyy, you yellow moth flocker.

  • Hope he flies into a bug zapper 😊

  • That was hardly a blue wave.

    • It was enough of a blue wave to make a huge difference. No more toxic red tide choking the life out of everything decent.

  • grab those guns abort those babies criminal aliens run wild put you in prison for using the wrong pronoun Democrat platform

    • john e trump will come for your guns and you will be so surprised he will flip on you and you will be so surprised and blame it on Obama. I am so scared of poor brown immigrants seeking asylum and abortion should be retroactive for you and trumpy boy.

  • even cnn had to say it wasn't a blue wave, get bent

  • Do NPCs know what a wave is?

  • Very impartial


  • “Orange man bad” *laughs in liberal*

  • Nooo comment😃😂😀😂Sir Colbert...No comment.

  • M - Michael A - Avenatti G - Got A - Arrested

  • I feel that not making the trumperfly's abdomen a Cheeto was a huge missed opportunity .

  • when this nightmare ends, tons of Tell-All books will hit the shelves, and then we'll see just how bad it really was. (not that it doesn't look horrible now)

  • Lololol "blue wave".

  • LMFAOO... I'M DONE 🤣🙊💀

  • What blue wave

  • did he really just call it a blue wave?

  • 🎻🎻🎻🎻

  • This cannot go on for another four years, can it ??

  • A most eloquent burn, sir Colbert.

  • You're not wrong.

  • Should call this show “tonight about trump”.

  • Lol Trumpy staff hiding in Salad bar lol How about WH Library lol

  • Hooray for gridlock! Wasted tax dollars...

  • There is no Blue wawe

  • There is another safe place for staffers to hide in the White House: the library.

  • The winter blues? lmao

  • Coming soon at a theater near you. Donald Trump is MOTHRA.

  • Trump's sex worker is firing folks.

  • All the comments are so funny. The funny part is the element of truth, the Dems and their latent racist undertones.

  • You know what else emerges from cocoons? Termites, a termite that keeps chewing on the infrastructure of our country until it collapses.

  • The real story is how the dems are being overrun by Leftist thugs. Old school democrats are losing their party to marxist, communist ideologues and they are not able to speak out against it for fear of serious retribution. So the take over goes on. America now has two parties. One, a constitutionally conservative party, and the other, a radically Left party. One is quintessentially American in its values and governance. The other is quintessentially un-American in its thinking and tactics. To not recognize this fact in American party politics is willful ignorance on display.

    • Republicans have sold their souls to the devil.

    • Mmm... conservative tears.

  • The muppet show

  • Lol more like a blue ripple

  • No it’s not a blue wave they under preformed

  • Trump's just been working too hard, and needs a rest. I hope he can rest in peace.

  • Trump butterfly? Moar liek butterfry amirite

  • Lost??? He’s in the White House stupid 😂

  • I bet the best spot for hiding from Donald in the WH would be the WH library. Just being around that many books is probably enough to induce anxiety and a sense of inferiority in him. The poor moron is practically illiterate.

  • Speaking of Mueller, when the heck is he going to present something???


  • Trump 2020! Colbert plays the liberal card well.

  • trump is done ! trump is toxic !

  • cocoon? i'd say more like a russian nesting doll.

  • I wish Trump would just retreat period?

  • If you all think conservatives will stand by and let you all impeach Trump while ignoring Hillary and Obama's, better think again.

  • Have u composed a personal profile yet o U guysgo on a brake take ur wife somewhere nice. Let’s call it seas fire. And u don’t catch a lion with honey. Honey is for bears lol

  • Are you tired of all the winning yet, Mr President?

  • On the bright side, he made Obamacare popular. hahahahahahaha

  • The real blue wave are the Republican tears.

  • What Blue Wave? I think I saw a ripple, but definitely not a 'wave'..

  • Regardless of whether he's a butterfly, moth, or caterpillar he'll always be filled with bitterness and resentment. That is his nature.

  • Ohh man, you guys need to lower the outro sound. I almost had a heart attack here!

  • When there is such a thing as hell, Trump, after his death, will be forced to read all the comments about him in social media. At least the ones that was made by people who's sister is not their mom and aunt at the same time.

  • Hey, Stephen.

  • this is my new favourite late show now...way better than those jimmys.



  • I know this song! I think its lyrics in the native language are "NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN!!!"

  • Don't insult Insects by comparing them to something as tiny and insignificant as Trump.

  • Trump doesn't own mirrors. Not since he bought that painting from a certain Dorito Gray.

  • That butterfly tie XD

  • 🐘🌊🐴 I hope donkeys can 🏊 swim.

  • Couldn't be happening to a nicer guy.

  • B l u e s p l a s h

  • Lol trump butterfly 😂😂😝

  • "There are none so blind, as those who will not see......"

  • The stench of a sinking ship hit by a big blue wave .......

  • lol thanks for the Senate guys. Once RBG it's gone we'll get another one in.

  • He has been in a cocoon of bitterness and resentment since the day he was born. And he wants to drag us all in with him.