The Immune System Explained I - Bacteria Infection

Am 1 Jul 2014 veröffentlicht
Every second of your life you are under attack. Bacteria, viruses, spores and more living stuff wants to enter your body and use its resources for itself. The immune system is a powerful army of cells that fights like a T-Rex on speed and sacrifices itself for your survival. Without it you would die in no time. This sounds simple but the reality is complex, beautiful and just awesome. An animation of the immune system.
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Why you are still alive - The immune system explained
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  • I love my body so much it fights very hard to protect me

  • Holy shit man. Mind blowing how cells in our bodies have strategies and communicate with eachother to keep us alive. And I never knew about any of this till now.


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  • So, for what I've found online, DE-tvrs can opt to have their videos titles translated, which would be why I see your videos with a Spanish title in my DE-tv home, but your videos are in English. If this is the case, please opt out of that option, because its fucking annoying. Stupid DE-tv. Thanks.

  • Cell: "So... tired... want... sleep. " T Helper Cell: *slaps* " PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN!"

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  • 2019

  • At 6:08. Is this why you get a flu shot every year so your immune system is used to knowing how to deal with a flu virus?

    • Fire Wolf57 The flu virus evolves quite quickly, thus the vaccine from the previous year isn’t effective this year. Also the flu virus has a lot of strains that comes up differently each year

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