The President's New Punching Bag: Sean Hannity

Am 16 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
White House aides say Donald Trump has been working on an insulting impersonation of his #1 fan from Fox News.
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  • I have observed the last two years as an outsider. I have come to conclude the Left is no longer the party I once knew. We are not ashamed to say it. Trump 2020. Emotions are not facts.

  • He broke the illusion send in Jim 4.5!

  • The end is scary. Get Out reversal...

  • Booboo

  • Hop on Stage Hannity Must take a lot of make up to cover his brown nose 👃!! Lol

  • I loved the Get Out reference

  • ... And the Guinness World Record title for LONGEST ass-KISSING goes to... (drum roll)... SEAN HANITTY!!


  • They news reader, gosh he had a tall forehead

  • Jim anchorton look like jayz and tom hanks had a baby

  • Fake News Fox... Calling The Fake News...((Fakes)).

  • MAGA= Mindless Automatons Glorify Autocrat.=Malicious Agendas Grieving Americans,= Moscow Agents Governing America,

  • Hannity been sucking up to Trump from day one.

  • Straight Outta Orwell.

  • Hopefully, Karma will make sure every single person who still thinks Trump is a great person gets a boss who’s exactly like Trump.

  • Hannity is actually mocking Trump. So cheesy. Urgh!

  • colbert has sucked a lot lately. I don't have an issue with shitting on the president, just please make it funnier.

  • Trump and Hannity look like lego figures.

  • But that is what he always does, just like any bully. He wants everyone to suck up to him then mocks them for doing so. Can't wait to hear what he says about Giuliani.

  • Hannity is Trump's propagandas czar

  • >>>>>>"Trump's new punching bag" >>>>>>>>>>>>Uses Trump as punching bag in order to get ratings >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Not really capable of critical thinking and rely on outdated humor and group think >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  • Screw this overfried couch potato, Russia take me back

  • Maybe Hannity will be the next Saudi Arabian target, wonder how much he'd be worth?

  • .... "We need to stop him " Gets Slapped 😂

  • Acosta asks valid questions. Trump: You are being rude! Hannity asks flattering questions Trump: Hannity is such a suck up. Great, we have a 'Predisent' Golditurd in office.


  • Almost done with ruining America's credibility and shitting on our prized institutions. Mission accomplished.

  • Just another puppet. Promoting the new world order. When will you people wake up.

    • Steven have guts to think for yourself.

  • I'd let Jill Newslady spank me all the time

  • Make it Tramp

  • Hannity, when normal size buttplugs just won't do. When's he going to report on Drumpf's hemorrhoids?, Seeing how he's sharing a room with them...

  • Promises made promises kept?... Where's your WALL that Mekziko is happy to pay?... Where's cheaper BETTER Healthcare plan TRUMPCARE?... Turns out You Trumptards were CONNED 😎

  • his impersonation of a president is priceless

  • The cyst in Trump's brain has now reached his, "do not EVER invade," section. Wow. Next it will be the man who owns Fox News. The adder is going after the golden goose! humm Evil going after evil. Interesting. Stay tuned. I think Trump should consult that lady on the street who was told Trump was going to give back the statue of liberty to France. Specifically that Trump said he was going to give it back to President Gerard Depardieu because of what it says on it. "Give me your poor. . ." And she approved and said that Trump has, "balls." And her Mother agreed. :) Anything he wants the Trumpites want him to have. :) Songs

  • Remember what it says on the Statue of Liberty, "Give your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" Emma Lazarus. That says it all. Trump is the antithesis of that. If you believe otherwise, you are a fool. Just look at the individuals who attend his MAGA rallies; cross eyed, missing teeth, mullets. All fools, all sheep, following someone who doesn't care about them, who only cares about himself.

  • Stupid...why are you so obsessed late night facism!

  • Now that’s funny he makes fun of him like the rest of us

  • Holy shit ! Canada must build a wall to protect from this crazy Sirius zoo !

  • How is Colbert still on TV? His ratings are in the toilet and he hasnt been funny since his comedy central days.

  • It's not sucking up that Hannity does, it's called suckling. Suckling the tiny under sized orange mushroom.

  • Hannity the greatest Brown Noser.Hannity your nose is full of Trump's Shiiiit.

  • Trying to drive a wedge... stupid democrats

  • Another blind fool who thinks he knows something. It must be what is in the water! Are you for open borders also? Ask some muslim rapists to visit your home.

  • Jill Newslady got a new hairdo!

  • There is a list of 30 promises made by Trump during the campaign and virtually non of them have been kept. I fact checked all of them every way possible and they all held up as bull shit. It's on DE-tv, and the list is given by Robert Reich. No Trumpanzee can deny this list unless of course you are willing to completely disregard verifiable facts which is what most Trump supporters do.

  • “Lock Him Up!”

  • Hannity: Slurpslurpslurp

  • Its amazing hannity can speak so clearly even with his whole head up donnie's asswhole that takes talent

  • Trump loves Trump, dictators don't like being questioned or challenged.

  • Whoa, someone finally got woke, too late to help now


    • Blue wave 🌊🌊🌊💨🔥⛆ Whatever happened to the red wave?⚰😉

  • Not a surprise. Sociopaths cannot actually maintain real relationships, they don’t respect anyone, including the people who support them, and they have no self-limiting rule on what they are willing to do to make themselves feel better than other people.

  • Those inserts are really bad. All of the small insert skits I've seen on this show have been incredibly lame. Like the show but wow, ditch that rubbish.

  • Lol. Trump always turns on everybody. Hannity deserves it, he has enabled a traitor president.

  • All reds is a flush lol, thats how stupid trump jokes are getting people even laugh when the joke makes no sense lol. And when I say people I mean Auto laugh que button.

  • Why is Sean Hannity sucking so hard?

  • Colbert is a shill for the Democratic Party and he says what he is told to say. Yes he is part of the swamp.

  • Stevieee you lookin a little more salad and dont worry bout nexim cult connect....stevieeee dont worry you'll never be convicted...hillary shall live forever & John Podesta shall never swing in the wind...have faith stevieee u shall not die...relax and go eat a steak at the cannibalclub

  • Hannity you deserve this!!

  • Hannity is so far up Trump's ass you can't tell where he stops and Trump begins!

  • We need more Jill Newslady!

  • Every time I read something that Trump said, I read it with Stephen's Trump voice, I'll bet I'm not the only one too!

  • Just call this the late night president impression show. Supposed to be a comedy show and all he does is that voice. Get a show that's funny u smug arrogant twirp

  • Hannity is such a creepy clown.

  • Trump is your president?

  • Badly done

  • #Muellertime #BurnTheWitch

  • Sean hannity= TURD

  • Wow Jim that last scene gave me chills...

  • In regards to the opening joke : are Colberts writers so hard up for material they stole a joke from oceans eleven? Damn. Also real news tonight isn't working. Move on

  • Top 10 anime betrayals

  • I never noticed Jon's vocals at 2:56

  • I think I might run for president someday. Apparently they'll let anyone run the country so I'm pretty sure I have a good shot.

  • Just like Joseph McCarthy; Hannity and Trump will be in the history books for being American conspiracists who conned Americans into believe being garbage.

  • Just like Joesph McCarthy, Hannity and Trump will be in the history books as America’s conspiracists who comes America in believing garbage.

  • Trump is becoming white what happened to the orange

  • These days u just need to make fun of Donald trump to be comedian what a shame.

  • Hannity and Trump are walking endorsements for birth control.

  • What happened with the trump/hannity bromance?

  • Hannity sucks Trump’s dong so much that his lips are always chapped!

  • Donald knows a suck when he sees one ...

  • Sean Hannity is supposed to be non-biased since he works for a news organization even though he’s more like an entertainer now. Lately he’s been Trumps hype-man at rallies. He must be on Donnie’s payroll to spread his agenda through his platform at FOX. I guess Fox organization doesn’t care about what he does since he’s got good ratings for the network. It’s a conflict of interest but you can’t tell them that.

  • The love fest separation. Fraud fox fraud dump they belong together

  • He won't budge, the trumpism has been ingrained in that poor man's soul it's hard to exorcise.

  • Colbert has never been funny

  • reality surprises you by making 1984 meets v for vendetta seem like a dumb combo

  • Don't worry, Jim is safe at the embassy

  • 2:27 woops! that turned into a real slap LOL!

  • Uh, there was a "keepandbear" website ad before this video. WTF?

  • "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

  • TOTAL B.S.!! The satanusts (demoncraps) have been trying to get everyone to turn on Trump since he even started to run (so they could finish their DESTROYING THIS PLANET FOR LUCIFUR!!!- since they sold their souls and are under his orders now- which is why they are doing and saying all of the crap that they are now). That is ALL that this is- just ANOTHER attempt at that. Nothing else.

  • Sean Hannity is nutcase just like Cadet BoneSpurs

  • If you look up the unemployment numbers in the Bureau of Labor Statistics for November 2018 and find the graph on total unemployment, you will find the total is over 7%, not the percent currently being touted. Yes, there are more jobs. No, they are not great jobs, but they are jobs. If you work two or three of them you may marginally get by. But that is not the whole story and it is not really that great a success story unless the numbers are cherry picked.

  • NOW HANNITY? “Raking the forest fires” - 38 GUILTY PLEAS (10 more to come): 1) George Papadopoulos,- pled guilty 2) Paul Manafort, - pled guilty 3) Rick Gates, - pled guilty 4) Michael Flynn, - pled guilty 5-20) 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies 21) Richard Pinedo: - pled guilty 22) Alex van der Zwaan:- pled guilty 23) Konstantin Kilimnik: - pled guilty 24-35) 12 Russian GRU officers: These officers of Russia’s military intelligence service were charged with crimes related to the hacking and leaking of Democrats’ emails 36) Michael Cohen: - pled guilty 37) Sam Patten: - pled guilty 38) General Michael Flynn - pled guilty - - - - - TEN ON THE WAY - - - - - - 39) Jerome Corsi (Mr. liar liar pants on fire) 40) Roger Stone 41) Ivanka Trump (Miss "Lock Hillary Up") 42) Donald Trump Jnr 43) Matthew Whittaker 44) Kelly Anne ConYourWayToTheTop 45) Sarah SucksToHaveYourHeadInThe Sands 46) Mike (don't leave me in a room with a woman without ‘mother") Pence 47) Sean Hannity - why did Cohen represent him? 48) Donald Trump

  • Colbert worst American in the country

  • I Stopped Following Trump When I Realised He Actually Is Not The Only Human On The Planet That Is Perfect.

    • #Media In A Nutshell. Oh Someone Famous Quick What Wrong With Them! We Need To Know Because We Terrible People Need To Feel Better About Ourselves. Instead Of Oh Wow Famous Perons. How Did They Make It To Success? What Inspires Them? What Keeps They Strong In Tough Times? What Challenges Have They Faced? How Do I Become As Driven As You?

    • I Kid. You Guys Hear President And Think President. I Hear Donald Trump. Business Man. Not Much Experience In Office. Doing His Best. Filled Shoes Very Nicely. Got Nicer Suits. Needs To Work On His Speeches. Handles Paperwork Like A Boss. Gets Along With Other Countries.....waaaaait a #DonaldTrump A Human Too?

  • this is so damn over the top it's not even funny.. Black men when are you going to start having some dignity and self-respect..

  • The Donald's melting down. It's only a matter of time that he's incarcerated, or involuntrarily admitted for some deeply needed help. Putin has orchestrated this. Anyone else seeing through this charade? WT heck's going on in DC? Stand up and be men Republicans! The emperor has no clothes.

  • Hannity , Trumps love child and don't they just look gorgeous together