The White House's Exaggerated Acosta Videos

Am 9 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
The White House shared a doctored video exaggerating Jim Acosta's contact with a female intern. But the Late Show has more.
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  • 00:27 best one!

  • I just have to say how crazy all you left wingers are. the video was doctored ? you have to be absolutely insane to believe that zooming a camera in is doctoring a video. unreal!

  • UH, I did not raise u like that!!!~!!

  • fake soundtrack laughs are all you have because making fun of a man putting his hands on a woman and restraining her isn’t actually funny. shame on you.

  • 📹

  • how is incivility at any level funny? so the message is its ok to be rude and childish to an unpaid intern as long as you don't pull a knife on the intern and threaten to do her physical harm! This is Brain Dead liberal logic! Liberalism is a Disease!

  • Why do you all act like this is damning evidence of a giant conspiracy? The facts are that Jim Acosta should have STFU with his 17 follow up questions, and he was wrong to throw up a very WEAK stiff arm.

  • There is zero proof that the video released by the White House is exaggerated. It's not in this video, or anywhere else. Yet, Democrats who believe in this absolutely made up claim so easily, say that the Republicans are stupid? Liberal late shows have become absolute tasteless and not funny, and to top this, they spread misinformation. Very sad.

  • The White House retweet is the same as the widely available press conference video, give or take some zooming. It's fake news suggesting it was altered. It was far from "assault", but having said that it was far more violent than anything Brett Kavanaugh was accused of.

  • This is hilarious, anyone with eyes could see they are exactly the same!

  • Yeah zooming in is a doctored video. And the NPCs are buying it.

  • it was not doctored - you lot believe everything you are fed.

  • Are you kidding me? Who's the one spreading conspiracy theories now? So disappointed with Stephen. Absolutely adored him in the past.


  • battle for mic!

  • No video was doctored, but it also looks to me like a video of a woman aggressively pushing her arm into a man's personal space and that man's arm lightly grazing hers as a natural result of that action. Exactly what did he do wrong?

  • Here's a very detailed, technical proof showing that the Acosta clip has not been doctored. Every media analysis of this clip media is wrong:

  • ZOOMING IN IS NOT DOCTORING. Zooming in to trump so you don't show a japanese official dumping fish food before him is shady, but this was zoomed in to show what happened in detail.

  • The intern is hot.!!!

  • I just realized the intern trying to take away Jim Acosta's Mic, is the same intern that kicked out plaid shirt guy.

  • FAKE NEWS. There was no “doctoring” of the video you buffoons. The Info Wars video inserted a zoomed in window enlarging the area of the screen that clearly shows Acost’ya chopping down on the female intern’s arm. It’s the exact some footage as the original but ENLARGED. The claim of a “doctored video” is a complete lie and is FAKE NEWS. You’re all morons for believing it. Watch for yourselves, do a forensic analysis. Facts and evidence matter.

  • Why how microphone no turn into Light Sabre?

  • How easily MainStream media can spin information, that everybody believe what they're told, not what they see.

  • Liar.

  • I don't believe my own eyes which say that it's just a zoomed in version! I believe Serious Journalists and Funny Joke men who all agree it was super doctored and showed something completely different. Orange man bad! Orange man racist! Orange man Orwellian!

  • #walkaway

  • CNN is intentionally delusional, and ignorant, the Video was not doctored, and any one making that claim is either lying or intentionally distorting the truth to fit their agenda. compressing a video file to put it on social media is not doctoring a video! and if you look at the videos side by side, they both show the exact same thing occurring, both show Acosta physically preventing the intern from taking the mic.

  • The left went to the next level of denial. You have video footage as evidence, but they have somehow managed to convince themselves, that this is fake. This is done Flat Earth level of bullshit.

  • Hey jim. Cya later bud!

  • Don't give these trump fascists any ideas... trump's cult WILL literally believe these sketches as real if propagandist sarah huckasands tweets it!

  • That last one ! XD

  • Funny how they never show the actual footage. More fake news

  • Late Night Hosts are liars.

  • It not doctored lol, zooming in isn't doctoring. They had numerous experts look at it and they all said it wasn't doctored. You people are lunatics.

    • It's pretty spooky how many low IQ drones are on this channel

  • Only the left could take the side of a man strong arming a woman... He might not have full on hit her but does that matter? This is in the whitehouse. Where is the respect?

  • That last one with the intern feed actually makes the most logical sense. The best way to get an intern to turn on their "employer" is to actually pay them, or feed them.

  • I wonder if a FOX News rep did something similar during Obamas tenure. I really! Wonder! what the Hollywood Mouth pieces would have done to him/her??!! A Visit to Guantanamo bay for dishonoring/sabotaging a peaceful gathering of Reporters at a very peaceful and solemn event- Don Lemon from CNN says

  • Jim Accosta SHOULD sue Trump, his intern AND the administration for what they tried to do to him, contrary to the !st Amendment, and against such a HIGHLY respected capable and experienced journalist, doing a great job, questioning the Golden Turd on why and how come El Kapitain tries to shut down the legitimate press. While at it, he can take a class action on behalf of ALL Americans, against, Alex Jones, Jeanine Pirro, Hannity and Tucker Carlson- all of them utter toadies bellying up to the Trump bar for hand downs from the golden throne !

  • Hilarious Stephen, you have a GREAT team. !!

  • Wow, what a bunch of morons that can't tell a video closeup vs. and actual "doctored" video. Literally the blind leading the blind. I can't stand trump but it's pretty easy to see the speed of the tape is identical, the video is just magnified. The most amazing thing to me is how easily deceived you clowns can be just because you want something to be true. Truly morons.

  • WOW.

  • that intern shouldn't have been wearing that tight red dress. Just asking to have hands put on her (I'm being ironic)

  • From reading the comments, I now know why they feel confident enough to push the "doctored" narrative. The confirmation bias is strong in this comment section. I get that the response is exaggerated, but that's today's politics(sadly). Acosta reacted out of reflex, BUT, the video is not doctored. Stop being so gullible dear god

  • I like the "pardon me, ma'am" before he bitch slapped the intern. Classic Acosta.

  • Acosta clearly didnt see intern grab his mic so his arm movements wasnt because of her. She interupted him during his arm movements while he was looking at trump.

  • I died at thumb-wrestling.


    • RickK RocKStar Hey, I have a weird feeling you'll have cancer soon, good luck!

  • #Qanon #SheepNoMore #WeThePeople #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan

  • And guess what, _no the video was not doctored._ Retraction? No of course not. Gotta protect that narrative amirite?

  • Why didn't they show the original video. They showed the edited one said it was fake and then didn't show the original. I would like to have some kind of proof

  • the doctored wasn't footage. Sorry, the Karate chop wasn't doctored. Seriously, Lefties have abandoned reality. The original video shows Jim showing the same aggressiveness than on the "doctored" version, which is only changed in quality, not content. Jim did push her arm. Denying it is madness coming from people who say: "believe all women".

  • Calling a zoomed in and compressed version of the video doctored is moronic at best and dishonest at worst

  • exaggerated? he karate chopped her.

  • Jim Acosta could rape a trump supporter at a trump rally and Colbert could spin it to "Acosta wasn't even there."

  • Colbert really has the best writers. Funny but substantial and true. Kudos, Stephen Colbert and Co.!

  • Too many non-thinkers here. Acosta should not have been removed from the press but the video was NOT DOCTORED. slowed down and zoomed in is not doctored. This is a lie but from someone as spineless as Colbert I'd expect nothing less

  • Haven't seen a Road Runner meme since forever.

  • Are people really this f@cking stupid? This video is not doctored. Humanity has collapsed truly, well for democrats at least. When a military civil war comes, the democrats will be annihilated.

  • How was it doctored?

  • ha ha

  • The video wasn't "exaggerated". Next you'll be saying the Russians did it.

  • It was so disrespectful of the president disrupting acosta press conference

  • Acosta was more or less aggressive. The video wasn’t doctored. Learn about codecs, interpolation, compassion, and frame rate. Don’t listen to some intern who has only sliced and diced videos their whole short career.


  • Breaking News! October 7, 2018 Members of the White House do not answer Jim Acosta's questions. Breaking News! November 7, 2018 Members of the White House do not answer Jim Acosta's questions.

  • Is this a joke? The video clearly shows him hitting her arm, because he didn’t want to loose his microphone.

  • Winning! You know when they start talking about Infowars that they are getting worried. Looking at all these pro conservative commenters on here has to worry them also.

  • Funny and no comment. 😂😂😂😂😢😷Sir Colbert.

  • The video wasn’t doctored folks, seriously all they did was zoom in, that’s not doctoring

  • You idiots, the "doctored" video is one uploaded to twitter so the resolution isn't as good because of the compression process, not doctored, you can see in the original video he touched her.

  • The Colbert report was one of the funniest shows on tv, this show is just left wing propagation. The leftist cheer him, the right boo him, at least the old show was funny.


  • You guys are trying to change the narrative.Acosta swore till he was blue in the face that he didn't even touch her.

  • Yep,,, looks like a normal reaction..! Liberals created these type of fire storms and now the conservatives are using the very poison the liberals thrive on....! Payback is a Moth***F---k** ...!

  • Nothing was doctored. These late night talk show hosts get paid millions a year to walk you blind sheep (mainly ignorant young people) off cliffs. They know the truth and they don't care. Lies, lies, and more lies.

  • The fact that you are blatantly lying about this tells everybody that you are fake news. Jim Acosta claims he didn't touch her - a lie. Her job is to retrieve the microphone and he refused to hand it over in breach of the rules. Why do lie so bad?

  • Are you guys blind?????

  • it is not doctored, Holy shit, People really cannot think for themselves. I honestly believe we should have a biological super virus just for these pathetic idiots.

  • It’s not manipulated, it lost frames after conversation and compression. And it was zoomed in, that’s not manipulation of footage. Forensic expert Hany Farid, studies digital forensics, human perception and image analysis at the University of California, Berkeley has debunked this bizarre narrative stating he does not see any evidence to suggest that it was selectively edited to exaggerate Acosta’s motion. Im not team Trump, but don’t lie to try and frame the situation as something less than it is.

  • I saw this on twitter. I had wondered who made it 😂. I like the bag of intern feed🤣

    • idiot, it has less frames because of the conversion process to.....TWITTER

  • God you are a joke now colbert

  • This wouldn’t be funny if Trump was the one doing it. They would lose their minds if Trump did this to a reporter

  • 35 years broadcast video editor here. The footage isn’t doctored. The differences are from mpeg compression which discards frames and spatial data then estimates them on playback, and from changing from 29.97 broadcast dropframe rate to a lower (10 or 15fps) gif frame rate. And anyone who can’t tell Acosta was being a jerk by not surrendering the mic when ordered, and pushing the interns arm away - well, that person is morally inept. That same person would shriek inntage if Fox News had done that to an Obama intern.


  • Trump and his minions are clearly trying to establish a dictatorship, it's actually scary.

    • I know, right? Weird how the dictator just let everyone vote, though, don't you think? My bad. Of course you don't think. You're another NPC programmed to speak only what your programmers want to speak.

  • CNN is LYING!!! He really did it

  • Are you calling that doctored? Show the whole thing idiot. To call this doctored is a gross misrepresentation. This is exactly why know one trusts y'all.

  • So Jim Acosta actually DID force himself on a woman. In both videos, the woman's shoulder dips significantly due to the pressure of Acosta's attack on her. This is an attempt by the globalist new media to explain or diffuse the actual assault. The hand may have been sped up and manipulated, but that still leaves out two very distinct facts. #1. He should have never touched her, his turn for asking questions was done. He was being rude to every other reporter in the room by asking way more questions than anyone else is allowed. AND he asks the SAME QUESTION every time there's a press conference by Sanders, Trump, or Barney the Dinosaur.... same question every single time... that IS fake news. #2. Her shoulder dips significantly, and her back lurched forward a bit during Acosta's assault. What the hell is wrong with you people 'looking the other way' on an assault on a young innocent woman just because you have a problem with Trump. Your problem is with Trump, NOT the intern. The intern was just doing her job, and should never have been assaulted in this way. You see, this is the reason why I'm not Democrat, because of all of your stupid bullshit, and willingness to set aside morals, ethics, and the truth.

  • Oh come on, there is very little difference in the videos ... is this what politics has come down to?


  • Trump answered two of his questions then went to move on. The guy refused to sit down and let someone else take a turn and wouldn’t give the mic back. This was a press conference not a CNN interview. The intern is just doing her job and doesn’t deserve to be mocked. You don’t have to like Trump to acknowledge that Acosta is obnoxious here. That’s the problem with Americans, you are so focused on left v right that you’ve lost the ability to view every incident on its own merit and see there is both good and bad on both sides.

    • just another press conference for him speaking out of turn and over other reporters

  • Ok, I'm not a fan of the show, but this is funny af 🤣🤣

    • Violence against women, particularly a rich white guy being violent towards an intern, is hilarious, amarite?


  • "doctored" Heh. I, also, like how it's funny to be violent towards women. It's almost like the left is nothing but faux outraged hypocrites all the way down.

  • The Hate Show with Stephen Colbert.

  • Funny how quickly dems will defend putting their hands on a woman #leftyAbusers

  • MSM war on reality continues. The video was zoomed in on that’s it. He clearly put his hands on her and lied and said he didn’t. Go watch the original c-span video. Exact same thing you brainwashed sheep.

  • He is ban because he is clever and brace

  • This looks like the real footage !

  • The Trump administration believes they are above any types of checks or balances, including the law. I can't blame them though as there are rarely any consequences. Let's hope Democrats in the House will be strong enough to start holding these people accountable. To be honest though, I doubt it very much.