Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered

Am 8 Apr 2018 veröffentlicht
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Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered


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    • NM I fixed it on my end!

    • This says remastered buuuuuut the resolution looks very low? On my laptop, and not at full screen. Not sure if there is a DE-tv glitch possibly causing it, but I don't see any other comments referring to this....

    • From cells to fat internet people

    • Dinosaurs actually died from ice age then came chixulub

    • Didn't know Steve Taylor had a DE-tv channel

  • This is why religion exists.

  • If i join the course, can i use the kurzgesagt animations for my own use and even to create an app for example? Can I charge for the app? thanks

  • Kurzgesagt.. Will you go out with me?

  • That was the longest 7 minutes in my life.

  • When he said nothing left in the universe i felt horrible

  • This video was beautifully crafted with the music and the tick tocking and animation. Really fascinating

  • It always strikes me as VERY ODD that 12000 years ago we built the first temple... I'm assuming that's referring to Gobekli Tepe? But how did we go from whatever simple folk we supposedly were before that, to suddenly building a... temple? Why a temple? A temple to what? Or who? It seems that spirituality is an inherent part of humanity. What, then, is the use in trying to remove it, ignore it, berate others for having it, or coming up with explanations for our observable reality that don't include it? DNA is a coded language... a LANGUAGE. Language doesn't have dumb origins.

  • unless after the heat death there is another big bang

  • Kurzgesagt explain the Multiverse

  • This is dark like the1000 billion years later

  • those 3400 dislikes are from christians

  • I'm not crying , you are ... *sniff*

  • 다른영상 보니까 한국어 조금 할줄 아시는것 같은데 영상 재미있게 보고있습니다

  • If we don't know how the universe started, then maybe, in the end, it will start again.

  • how would the universe die if theres still matter existing in our universe

  • I think when universe dies, new Big Bang will happen

  • I don’t believe in the end of all

  • Bruh I was depressed but that end made me happied

  • Wait,... does can the universe even reach a trillion year before its death (heat death, big crunch, big rip, vacuum decay) and i’ve read in another scientific journal that our sun will be a full fledged red giant in 7.5b years instead of 1b mentioned by kurzgesagt.

  • Cher will survive the heat death ..

  • I loved the end

  • 5:06 fish and stuff as the label. 😂

  • “Set the arbitrary year 1 on our calendar” (THE COMMON ERA) Lollllllll wtf just say “Jesus happened” brah

  • There is debate about the age of Pyramids and Great Sphinx that is pretty much opened. I wish that Kurzgesagt did an episode about alternative view on Archeology as mind-blowing things are being discovered as we live now. Sphinx has water erosion dating pre 12k BC and relatively newly discovered Göbekli Tepe temples are dated for 10k BC. There is also pyramid dating pre Ice-Age (20 000 years old!) called Gunung Padang in Indonesia, this is huge as "modern" archeology tells us that first civilizations originated around 4000 BC. We might be species with big amnesia and there is a lot of to learn from our past ancestors. There is tons of hard scientific evidence confirming this; I recommend for everyone who is interested in this to listen to people like Randall Carlson, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch or Anthony John West. It makes be very sad that these people are being labeled as Conspiracy Theorists as we speak now while closed-minded archaeologists like Zahi Hawass are being put on pedestal. This world leading archeologist once said "I don't believe in radar" while being confronted about dating of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. I recommend video called "Zahi Hawass Storms out of Debate with Graham Hancock before it Begins" that will show you current state of affairs in archeology. Wake up people :)

  • Haha, make it count

  • 1999

  • What if the big bag occurs when all life in the universe dies or goes cold? So the whole thing just starts over again

  • Title should have been “How irrelevant we really are.”

  • Thích cái câu kết của add, thank very much

  • Mon Dieu cette chaîne est super intéressantes!! Une des meilleurs chaînes you tube de toute l'histoire.

  • 0:25 I saw Patrick and pepe

  • Well, I'm probably the only person born in 2008 and watch this video

  • Wow I cry with the End

  • Sorry.. I have religion

  • "- Time is precious". It's remember me than I have to do my homeworks 'cause it's 6 p.m.

  • 0:26 Kurzgesagt watches the Korean TV show Infinite Challenge? I want to know how that logo got there haha.

  • Black universe aaaaaaaaaaaaand... BIG BANG AGAIN.

  • Gravity is the most power full things in the universe. Black Holes contain infinite gravity. So with gravity, Black Holes will do nothing.

  • Why do I have a feeling when the universe dies and maybe only energy remains. It will get sucked into a singularity again and start all over??

  • Crusade

  • Thank you for everything you do!

  • 7:26 Well, I don't really want to be the father, so I think I'll just stick to playing DOOM and becoming a gamer, drowned out by society and religion. You can't deny DOOM though, that game is fun as hell.

  • yeah what i am feeling is itchy

  • time for me is like fast. When I don't think about it, it goes fast. When I think about it, it goes slow. Like you are looking at a cat walking and he/she suddenly stops.

  • *PICKLE RICKKK* 1:34

  • 끼요오오옹오오오오옷!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for telling me that my country trains drones hunting eagles. And for the video!

  • I have a theory the name is : Brain Time The theory explained that our brain is already a time machine because in our mind we can see clearly the past and also we can see the future

  • Im sad and hopeful at the same time.

  • Brah this video roasting all the virgins at the end :(

  • It would be so fun in kurzesagt had a tv channel. Also anyone in 2k19? Hny

  • But what if the universe turn back to be big crunch?

  • Wish I had enough money to consider $10 a month extremely affordable

  • Am I this insignificant?

  • I love how the guy speaking in these videos speaks both German with a german accent and english in a very clear, comprehensive and beautiful accent.

    • yacine aouimeur Because English is a Germanic language. Germans usually speak English without much of an accent.

  • My grandfather's death didn't make me cry and now a God damn video about time is making me tear up emotions what the fuck fr tho I have no idea why but this makes me feel weird/sad/depressed/irritated/scared/anxious/serene/literally everything

  • 7:22 its not that easy, bruh.

  • Whatime is it?it's existenal crises time!Time is precious it may matter at the end of the day but it's mostly an nonsense illusion played by our consioness in space time continuem that never changes over time.

  • 0:24 You know me so well..

  • Anyone from Czech here? lol xD

  • I would like the nuclear power videos redone

  • it's how amazing you make a history of everything in an interesting way

  • The last statement is just...amazing and powerful

  • Sh*t, I'm crying

  • I believe that you are doing great work. Even I don’t agree with some points of the beginning of the creation as I believe Allah great us all and the end will be the judgment day, science dose not walk far from faith as some think no it gives answers to most of things that we are wondering about. Thank you all

  • It's The Endgame now

  • lol srsly its 2019 now why is it saying 2018

  • 0:25 Korean TV program!!!

  • 12017 XD

  • 07:22 Well, I'm touched. Thanks!

  • 0:24 pepes

  • the final of the video make me cry

  • I need a Tardis right now.

  • When he was telling the future I was wondering if he could predict when Logan Paul would die

  • Its 2019 sooooo WHERES MY FLYING CAR????

  • This video made me question my life and choices.

  • I was ok until the "global warming" claim that was casually mentioned - as if it was true. Junk science

  • watching this on January 1st 12019

  • Will not other protostelles be formed from nebulae?

  • i don't think the boy will come to me

  • yeah i see time passes real quick, so *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019* !!!

  • obrigado pelo maravilhoso trabalho de vocês, um feliz 2019

  • Plot twist, the pyramids were constructed over 12,000 years ago

  • LOVE this vid, but i must say, just as we don't know what happened before the big bang, we also don't know what will happen after the death of our universe. as the oscillating universe theory suggests, our universe may undergo multiple big bangs and big crunches for all of eternity. so even after the death of our universe, there may be a rebirth of it, and another "death" and another "birth", etc.

  • December 31 2018

  • I did, but she don't like me. And I discovered universe will die forever. :(

  • Why do I have the feeling we probably murdered the other human species

  • Will be there video about WHAT Is time ???

  • Pretty sure that celino is fake and was not born in 1896. The oldest person at the time was Nabi Tajima who fun fact was the last person alive born in the 19th century (yes 19th century goes go december 31st 1900). Her birthday was not just closer to napoleon ruling europe, but actually closer to the american revolution aswell


  • columbus “discovers” america i see you kurzgesagt, quietly throwing shade back there

  • Even better than the first. I can't wait to see another video redefined and remastered, the only thing kurzgesagt could do better is their own work, no one could replace them, only they could do the job they do in the way they do it. Thanks for handling such an existential subject in a such a beautiful way.

  • The ending of the video is absolutley beautiful

  • This is the best channel on youtube :)

  • Celino Jaramillo (the man stated to be the oldest living person) died within two weeks of this video going up.

  • fucking whispering existential dread into peoples ears to get them to do what you want

  • Not ''Fall of Constantinople''. The correct saying is ''Conquest of Istanbul''.

  • He said the Sun will be too hot for life on Earth to survive in one BILLION years...i first thought i heard one MILLION...whew thank god

  • I watched the old one and I still can't watch the end of this because it legit makes me depressed and I don't know why