Timothée Chalamet Worked With 'Sex Icon' Steve Carell

Am 17 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
Timothée Chalamet worked with Steve Carell in 'Beautiful Boy,' and just recently discovered the online treasure chest that is Steve and Stephen's old comedy sketches.
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  • Ofcourse he's free but I can't get used to boys with lipstick

    • HeS not wearing lipstick u dumb his lips are naturally like that

  • It's funny how awkward sounds like award

  • It's funny how awkward is so close from award

  • He's so cute and dorky and awkward, he kinda reminds me Eddie Redmayne

  • this cleared my skin and cured my depression

  • Just love

  • Timmy is such a sweetheart omg💕 *heart melts*

  • He's weird. I like it.

  • So awkward, so sweet. 🧡

  • this dude is 22 years old i-

  • George Harrison looks so cute here

  • Timothée has nude photos that will soon be leaked

  • What shade of lipstick is that

  • I think he might be on the spectrum

  • why is timmy just like me when i socialize

  • Nicole Kidman is looking right.....

  • am i the only one who gets so uncomfortbale while listening to his intervieuws?????

  • lmao the amount of times Colbert says "sure " when Timothy retells his tails

  • Okay, I’m all for him wearing makeup, but whoever did this makeup on him did him dirty, honestly. He’s still super cute, the makeup artist screwed up a bit !

  • So I’ve noticed a lot of people commented that Timothee looks a like a member of the Beatles in this interview. In case anyone is interested, there’s a petition on change.org about creating a Beatle movie about John Lennon, his first wife, and the crazy phenomenon that was Beatlemania. If you guys are Beatle fans and wanna see and are interested in seeing a new perspective about them, this might be worth checking out. Here’s the link for anyone who’s interested. www.change.org/p/julian-lennon-make-new-beatle-movie-about-john-and-cynthia-lennon There’s also a fan page for the petition on Instagram called cynlennonmovie. Here’s the link for that as well. instagram.com/cynlennonmovie?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1b1usru9m6whg

  • thought he was British for the longest time

  • I fucking love him

  • Hey It's George Harrison!

  • I didn't know Howard Wolfowitz had a brother

  • he look like a got damn beatle

  • Timmy is aging in reverse,,,, we stan

  • omg Korean orange lips yes king

  • ME when im very anxious 5:17

  • Wtf i couldnt recognize him

  • he’s so awkward it’s adorable

  • Absolute angel

  • Arghhh Vampire!

  • Why is he so precious lol

  • He is acting like Kristen Stewart

  • That awkward ass laugh 😆😂 I love him 💖

  • I would sniff and lick his feet

  • He soars above the rest.

  • [loves] I have to love him

  • How come his lips are so RED???

  • That bone structure!!. How has he not been snapped up to do a fashion campaign??(plus he's also tall and skinny)

  • I really want him to be my boyfriend.

  • the fundamentals of caring is one of my favorite movies!!

  • THE BANGS! 😍😍😍

  • Damn it, what has he done to his hair? Go back to your beautiful curls!

  • Is he wearing a Kylie lip kit? 😂

  • I love how he completely fanboy-ed out with: "I googled Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert... it seems like you guys are in love." Stephen...I think Timothee out researched you!

  • Ele é tão fofo! 😍😍😍😍🇧🇷

  • Love very beautiful😍 Timothee❤ the best movie and actor👏👏🗽🗽🗽


  • He has such a dorky laugh *I stan*

  • he would've been so good in the fundamentals of caregiving

  • I love how this fandom is just laughing at Timmy all the time but locals don't know we will slap a hoe for him


  • Did he just come from a "Foundation Day"? He has a beautiful face why put thick make up????

  • i dont understand why people think this style of footwear is attractive. ugh

  • peaches... hahahahah.... he will be tied with peaches forever.

  • he's so awkwardly cute imma cry

  • Ugh this is hard to watch Colbert obviously was kind of annoyed how awkward Timmy was

  • HE IS SO CUTE there are so many awkward little tangents that he starts and then is like “anyway this is way off topic and unnecessary I’ll stop” 😂 I love it. He’s great.

  • why do people love him so much??

    • devilsmusic I honestly don't know. I've never been a fan for men around my age, always for the older actors. There's something about him though... that makes me want to protect him at all costs. 😓 P.S. his acting skills are phenomenal, and his acting chops have attracted male fans as well. You can hear them in the audience just as loudly as the females.

  • He is so awkward I love it

  • Damn his hands are so pink and his face is so pale😂😂

  • He's so awkward. I love him

  • He’s so nervous it’s so cute

  • I just want to hug him forever

  • He looks one guy from The Beatles!!!

  • Love timmy’s new haircut! Why does he have to be so adorable my goodness

  • 8:58 to 9:05 ❤️ I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!

  • He is so me

  • Lost my beautiful boy to addiction last year. It does happen to "regular" families. And so heartbreaking. Hope the movie doesn't sugar coat things

  • Really hoping beautiful boy drops online soon... if anyone knows where I can find it help a fan out

  • He looks like Finn wolfhard

  • What a sweetheart

  • Well done! Finally someone spoke about this amazing movie. ❤️ 👏🏻

  • :') he reminds me of a younger logan lerman.

  • I swear his awkwardness just disappears when he talks about Beautiful Boy he loves that movie so much

  • He’s so awkward I wanna hug him

  • The title drew me in

  • Awkward is the new sexy

  • i love how he's still that boy who had one pap taking photos of him. never change you stunning man

  • I feel like if i knew him I’d end up falling in love with him.

  • he's so gorgeous

  • George Harrison vibes

  • Fear is the mind killer. I love it when Colbert gets his geek on!

    • Will be a masterpiece of this decade of movies,because is the same director of Arrival,Sicario,prisoners and Blade Runner 2049 and the same writer of forest gump and the curious case of Benjamin Button.Will be a future sci fi masterpiece.

  • Still hot as ever. 10/10 would smash


  • Timmy always warms my heart aw, i hope he always stays so soft

  • I love his shy smile at 9:01 he is like, “was that okay?” Haha

  • I loved him in Miss Stevens!!!!

  • I like his old hair better. He still cute though

  • 옆에 armie hammer 가 있어야될것같은느낌...뭔가 허전해보여..

  • When he said "Nic's son's meth addiction", I heard "Nixon" and for a minute I thought it was a movie about Richard Nixon and his meth addiction. I had to google check it... ^^

  • TWINK. 😁👌❤✨🌈


  • His laugh is so cute. :)

  • he reminds me of logan lerman so much

  • I literally love this boy


  • glad he's a meme boy.

  • why people keep saying he's awkward? he is genuine that's it