Timothée Chalamet Worked With 'Sex Icon' Steve Carell

Am 17 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
Timothée Chalamet worked with Steve Carell in 'Beautiful Boy,' and just recently discovered the online treasure chest that is Steve and Stephen's old comedy sketches.
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  • He would look great playing George Harrison in a movie

  • He is purity personified.

  • I’ve never been on a nicer comment section. Timothee u r really doing something right. I’m proud of u baby.💞

  • he looks like one of the beatles whiwhwu

  • i love how when the conversation is non-serious and jokey he just ends up being super awkward and hyper, like he doesnt know what to do with himself; but as soon as the conversation gets to talking about his work, he becomes so eloquent and passionate. my kinda husband

  • It was about time someone recognize Steve Carrell as the sex icon he is.

  • What a beautiful boy who made a tremendous impression in this film that he deserved to win anOscar for. He was robbed last year for CallMe and inexplicably overlooked this year. His time to thank the Academy will come before he turns 30. Mark my words.

  • his bowl haircut makes him look so much like freddie highmore

  • He looks so weird without his long curly hair I still like it but wow

  • i wish my future husband to be beautiful, kind and awkward like him

  • what did he eat prior to this appearance?

  • He makes me so uncomfortable

  • I know exactly what memes he’s talking about. Shocked that the audience didn’t know?

  • An actual nerd with a face of a model. How.😭😭😭

  • Looks like he’s on cocaine

  • He's so pretty, beauty icon.

  • I agree with him. Steve is soooooo sexy!!!

  • its much more purer * me

  • And this young beautiful boy grew up to be the Prime Minster of Canada. Who knew?

  • his bang thoooo

  • God I wanna hug this boy so much

  • Girl that hair.... giving me coconut head

  • Comment #1500, Yay! I’ve been watching Timothée interviews all day he’s so cute and funny

  • .....I really like how authentic he is and super talented.

  • Tim....is always dressed super nice....crispy...real crispy.

  • Omg he's do cuteeeeee I can't

  • *he is like the acting verseion of justin bieber.* lol

  • Timothée Chalamet is so adorable it hurts.

  • He's hot af

  • ‘Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past me I will turn to see fear’s path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.’ He’s going to be great in the role of Paul, can’t wait to see the film!

  • I love how Timmy starts interview Stephen at some point.

  • Hes so nervous its really cute

  • Timothée is a gorgeous human being.

  • he's so awkward i love him

  • is it the color grading or he really is wearing lipstick?

  • is he wearing lipstick? his lips cant be that red

  • Such a talent. And surely his awkwardness has something to do with it. He’s very sensitive to situations. One can say for the way he describes people’s atitudes and things around him.

  • Reminds me of a young Tom Cruise. He might just be the next big thing. And have longevity.

  • He's so pure. So refreshing to see.

  • I don’t know why but... I feel like he’s not ok?!!😕

  • Omg what a sweetheart kid he is!

  • channeling a young George Harrison with that look!

  • He's so lovable. I love his performance in every movie he did 🌞

  • wow timmy i love ur awkwardness

  • Timothee Chalamet I offer my body...

  • he looks like whats his face from stranger things

  • I don’t know him personally yet he seems like a beautiful boy, inside and out.

  • I think Colbert makes him really nervous, he doesn't act like this in most interviews.

  • the hair.

  • Spectacular actor, the boyish good looks and raw emotion of a young Leonardo Di Caprio in The Basketball Diaries

  • He has young Crispin Glover energy

  • He’s charming and very bright... I think I just realized he’s my new celebrity crush 😂

  • Is it just me or does his hand look really odd at 2:02

  • He will be such a hunk in 5 years, like a more handsome Patrick Dempsey.

  • Wow those are some Big shoes....bahahahaha!! No Hate, I Love You Timothée!

  • the fundamentals of caregiving? the one selena gomez was on?

  • Seeing the comments and I'm not the first but... I just traveled to the early 60s to the ed Sullivan show!

  • I am absolutely in love with Timothee Chalamet. His looks, his personality, his spirit, his everything. I have a feeling that he is the Leonardo DiCaprio of this generation!

  • he is so awkward and LOVEEEE IT haha

  • Magnificent job. Beautiful Boy was brilliant.

  • What they did to his beautiful hairrr!! Leave his hair alone, it's beautiful just the way it is

  • timotheé is so lovable. and if his dating a girl now she is the luckiest girl on earth

  • كيف يستحي احبهههه😭😭😭😭💘

  • Someone needs to gif that cute lil head shake at 1:49.

  • If Rooney Mara and Aaron Taylor Johnson had a lovechild. It’d probably look like Timothée Chalamet.

  • the awkwardness is too hard in this one. i can't watch it entirely

  • Timothee’s going to be a huge star....bigger than he already is.

  • He looks like one of the beatles I'm in lovee

  • _Timmy is that awkward, cute nerd who sits at the back of the class you wanna hang out with._

  • I don't like or love him. He is just like another person around me. Like friend, neighbor... About CMBYN, I love that movie. And about people, you just simply need to accept another's opinions. Don't need to fight hard just try to force another one to be like you.

  • Can't wait to see Beautiful Boy, I've read the book, and it was amazing. And I think Timothee' is the best choice to portray Nick on screen

  • He's charismatic. I can see why all the young ones love him :)



  • It's so cute but sexy. I want to eat all of it xd

  • They are living in different planets, which makes the communication so amusing.

  • i love how awkwardly sweet he is 😍

  • He looks like Moe from the 3 stooges.

  • He's not awkward in an uncomfortable way he's super smart and has that creative quirkiness. If he doesn't get too caught up in "celebrity" and fame, he's going places.

  • hes so pure

  • Timothee is such a beautiful dork 😍😍❤.

  • That hair wasn't doing him any justice

  • What’s up with the hair tho ???

  • his ankle is so thin I’m jell

  • why did he get younger than last year lol

  • Ofcourse he's free but I can't get used to boys with lipstick

    • HeS not wearing lipstick u dumb his lips are naturally like that

  • It's funny how awkward sounds like award

  • He's so cute and dorky and awkward, he kinda reminds me Eddie Redmayne

  • this cleared my skin and cured my depression

  • Just love

  • Timmy is such a sweetheart omg💕 *heart melts*

  • He's weird. I like it.

  • So awkward, so sweet. 🧡

  • this dude is 22 years old i-

  • George Harrison looks so cute here

  • Timothée has nude photos that will soon be leaked

  • What shade of lipstick is that

  • I think he might be on the spectrum

  • why is timmy just like me when i socialize

  • Nicole Kidman is looking right.....