Trump Will 'Definitely' Declare A National Emergency, 'Probably'

Am 11 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
The President confirmed on Thursday that he will likely potentially certainly improbably possibly doubtfully absolutely declare a national emergency. For sure, maybe.
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  • His talking tongue copying Trevor Noah

  • Colbert doesn't get it. Trump is the Redneck dream. Crude, womanizing, fraudster, gold plated, low class con man. They'll believe him forever. MAGA!!!

  • Gosh Fatso45 has no neck left whatsoever…..McDonald much?

  • Trump said he is an expert in technology. Someone needs to explain video to him. He needs to understand his lies can be discounted by video of his own words. Tech expert? Preposturous. There's not even a computer in the Oval. Trump's lies are becoming way, way, way over the top. He has dementia, like his father.

  • When your opponent is involved in open treason against our country, you can only hope they come to their senses. But democrats are too up the butt of mexican cartels for that.

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • It has been long since this was a comedy show. Not it is Democratic Party propaganda medium. ☹

  • Contrary to the actor's ego, it is not God. Yes keep spreading your fantasys and lies. Wake up America. We are repeating the Rambo Reagan years The shut down is not only about the wall I guess the dunce doesn't know that there is already a wall and fencing

  • WHY?

  • Colbert and Kimmel help Trump...They are weak, lame, boring and so predictable...They can only fool kids that have no life experience...They represent the weak and stupid.

  • CARAVAN 💃💃💃💃💃

  • LOL..The little Trump bashers get their News from little Stevie Colbert...No wonder they are so confused and weak....Stevie didn't tell them that Liberals and the msm are hated more than Trump is, and that Trump will be re-elected easily....He left out that little fact.

  • It's so sad to see what the left has done to the youth of America...They taught them to be weak, anti-American crybabies...All they can do is call people racist..They have NOTHING else..It's so sad.

  • Holy shit "a wheel is older than a wall". If there was any doubt that you made a big mistake then it should be clear now a vote for this moron... Nuff said

    • Obama told us we need to be weaker and poorer and he tried to tell us socialism would work..LOL..It's a miserable failure everywhere...I'm good with least he's not weak like Obama was...Nuff said.

  • Anyone seen the zombies at 3:30?? 😱

  • Trump is the greatest president in American history god bless America and god bless the wall keep them Mexicans away from us before they start a war

  • Nancy's smirk was a beauty! LOL

  • Please can we show less Drumpf please? I'm sure he's killing my brain cells with his stupidity.

    • Have you seen the all out anti-American freak show on the left ?...They make Trump look good...FYI..Crybaby liberals and the msm are hated MUCH more than Trump is..Don't forget that !!

  • Go Trump!

  • @2:50 omg thank god that caravan showed up on left and right news networks otherwise we would have reported on all the Palestinian medics and journalists shot ta'Death in israel... you guuys need to understand our foreign and domestic policy is dictated such that it eclipses and obscures the travesty known as israeli foreign and domestic policy... plus we fight their wars so in a 1000 yrs israeli historians dont have to white wash much of our history... they killed each other what can we do? lol

  • Trump makes this so easy for the comedians 😂

    • What comedians ?..Colbert isn't funny at all, he just whines about Trump 24/7.. so lame, boring and predictable..same with crybaby Kimmel..This generation has no comedians....just crybabies.


    • Shut up..we hate the crybaby liberals and the msm more than Trump..Please don't forget that !!

  • Boring!

  • Worst President ever 🤦

    • Obama was the worst by far..He told us we need to be weaker and poorer, and that socialism would work..LOL..Socialism is a miserable failure everywhere...Obama was so bad that he made Trump look good..

  • I cannot even laugh anymore, he is like a terror toddler on crack.

    • Obama told us we should be weaker and poorer, and that socialism would work.. LOL...I'm good with least he doesn't hate America, like Obama and his angry wife do.

  • Perhaps Mexico did pay for the wall. We do not know what bank and account was given.

  • It's all so funny... lets just flush the liberal toilet and send the country down the toilet.

  • Why did he go to school to learn so much he was not good in any of the schools unless it was assaulting women

  • Whoever came up with that thumbnail line, Nice! They been killing it for a while now.

  • Oh, my God (OMG, for the mallennials) This is really happening, we have an insane president.

  • The proposed border wall along the Texas-Mexico divide is nothing other than a symbol of American imperialism. It's meant to be a message and nothing more.

  • Trump is technologically illiterate, this is apparent by his lack of utilizing spell check, umbrellas, toilet paper, his mouth, expect for when he's woking it out chewing McDonalds, Wendys and Burger KINGS and Pizza.

  • Loving it , but in all seriousness if Trump wasn't actually president this would be a lot easier to laugh at.. Ill be laughing a lot harder when its time to impeach tho..

  • I didn't have a tantrum but probably should have. Every thing is peachy dory in the United Sates of America.

  • Poor Stephen, progressively less funny as time goes on.

  • It still just floors me this FUCKER is our %#%#%# not even good enough for words Daffy Duck would make better sense as well as better MORALS!!!!!!!FUCKER can not even remember what comes out of his own fucking mouth!!!!!!!!!

    • Wheels technology:-/ dummy walls are barrier 's:-/ what an idiotic Moran!!! What is wrong with just putting more man power along the borders (more job's won't put about who knows how many homes and Americans on the Mexican side) besides aren't we ONE NATION UNDER GOD????:-) to me that means many religions as well as many people of color isn't that what makes everything different as well many more positive potential for all.

  • Cute malaphors. I would have handled that differently, but we know there's more than one way to skin 2 birds with one stone.

  • So let's clarify something here. Us Trump 'supporters' didn't vote for Trump because we love him...we voted for him because we hate Hillary Clinton. The better of two evils.

  • build the wall, it's what most of us want

  • Emergency for what? Get a job and quit living off that Gov Titt. I could use a labourer. Move yourasses.

  • If your boss asks how he is doing what would you say, Knowing disagreeing would get you fired.

  • google search - To be completely historic, as noted here, the very beginning of the wheel goes back to the Paleolithic era (15,000 to 750,000 years ago). ---- The oldest walls found in existence so far are those of the temple of Gobekli Tepe in Urfa, southeast Turkey which date to 11,500 years ago. ----- you're welcome, and suck it long, suck it hard.

  • It's nice that he's holding out and we can all see who goes to the beach on a private jet with lobbyists, and who wants to resolve national security. Remember when Colbert gave trump 0% chance of winning the presidency? Awesome, so do I. Why do we think Cobert is news again? Dance puppet, the band is playing again.

  • "I know all the latest technology" says the man that doesn't know how to operate an umbrella.

  • Thank you for taking such an interest in my chappy lie

  • The funny thing is most illegal immigrants do fly in as did Melania Trump.

  • ... come you american let this clown get into the WH.....?


  • For the price of the wall he pay thousands and thousands of people wearing MAGA hats at minimum wage to stand shoulder to shoulder alike Red Rover Red Rover 24/7 and save billions and billions of dollars.

  • Here only because John Oliver is months away :(

  • _the only difference between the wall going up or not is the kind of lynch mob waiting for him as soon as the Secret Service stop covering his ass._

  • This guy has no clue. Trump has said he does not want to declare a national emergency but he will AS A LAST RESORT.

  • I wouldn't be surprised. BUILD THE WALL!

  • So why dont we just strap a lie detector on whoever our president is from now on? If you say some off the wall shit then we know your saying BS

  • outstanding! He certainly gives you lots of material.

  • Colbert, if you're caught outside, you can expect to get your head bashed in by a steal chair.

  • Trump is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED to directly attack AOC by name, LMFAO! COWARD!

  • Give it a rest already Colbert.

  • So disrespectful the way you treat our commander in chief. Republicans didn’t mock Obama, u don’t have to like him but u have to respect him.

  • What Donald needs is some advice on how to resolve the problem he created, some way of making a deal with Democrats. Perhaps he should read "The Art of the Deal" or something similar, I'm sure that would be useful. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Imagine them putting 10 billion worth of steel into middle of desert. Each of those slants value ~50-100€ as scrap or reusable steel pylon. How long do you think that steel is going to stay there ? Never mind the border you'dd need to have 24/7 security guard for the steel. Based on the designs I seen it would take a crew of two man and truck 30 min to steal $2000 worth of scrap steel from the "wall".

  • wow...

  • Trump literally gaslights the nation on a daily basis.

  • I had really hoped he would use Larry King as his example for old person but then I remembered this isnt Conan

  • Trump doesnt like work.

  • L9ve this alot. t rump runs his m ou th because he talks m ed sd.

  • Trump wakes up lying in the morning trevir was right trump doesnt want to work.

  • Trump has alwats lying clearly he doesnt know technology.

  • Trump evan lying abiut his beh a vior.

  • Trump is always lying always.

  • Declaring a state of emergerc y fo r a wall isnrm t swme r ious.

  • Yeah, the young people are crazy because we have 700x the basic human morals than he does

  • Ever notice how always answers questions about what he did the same way: "I didn't do that, but I should have. I didn't do that, but if I did, it would have been right to do it!"

  • dear god please give trump a heart attack


  • Power is not evil, unless you use power to hurt people.....

  • can you do a whole week of what you do to trump to actual dictators and bad people in the world ? That would be great

  • Why are americans waiting for mueller? Act now... get out and protest to get him out!! All the daily jokes about how stupid he is... just shows how stupid americans really are by letting him still be president! I understand it needs organisation to do so but look at the french... they don't wait too long but get out on the streets and react!!

  • ahaha this is the fifth time i'm watching Stephen's caravan dance

  • How can dump be a "tech genius" when he cant even use his cell phone properly???????

  • He is one step from becoming a galactic embarrassment, never seen any leader this stupid!

  • This is more interesting than watching Mister Bean.

  • Even I am getting tired of the Trump diary

  • I lost it at "conjoined Democrats"

  • Ha!..."They Can't Fly"!...FACT: More illegals come into the US via Airports!

  • Why is this dude's band dressed up like The Black Panthers?

  • God he is stupid.

    • thank god there is only ONE dump!

  • From a Hollywood “type”. LOL. Now you guys have some serious support! Good luck with that

  • I feel for the Us ppl, it seems there was no better alternative to him

  • I'm a backdoor man>>>>"

  • This guy isn't funny if there was no trump he'd have nothing

  • This show is so fuckin funny!I can't believe I never watched this guy

  • i dont like Trump pesonaly,but he still did not start any wars.and lets look at other presidents in past hmmmmmm

    • He hasn't yet, give him time.

  • As much as I believe Trump is a criminal and traitor, his use of the term, "peachy-dorey" is a frequently used term of his generation. Oh how those caravans of convenience seem to materialize when Trump needs to feed his base with some red meat.

    • It's hunky dorey and peachy keen.

  • President dtrump is so uncouth.

  • Trump is just a puppet like any other president we had. They probably got him by the nuts on rape or pedophilia or something. America is a joke, a genocidal corporation.

  • I kinda like trump Jk

  • Ah missed a trick at about 6:40 when mocking his ability with technology: He can't even close an umbrella!

  • Whatever happened to Amy Sedaris? Why doesn’t she do cooking segments on your show? She’s so cool:)

  • Please “Make Trump Great Again”! He will probably be removed from office!