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TXT’s Yeonjun, Here’s Everything We Know About him, So Far

Am 10 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht


  • He is reportedly the oldest

  • But....he’s cute. Like really cute

  • wait i heard they have between 17 and 21 years

    • probs something like that, bts during debut was around that age, jk was 16 and jin was 22 in kor. age

  • So he is like jong min ? At first jong min is a backup dancer and now he a singer

  • Yay

  • UwU

  • Somehow he reminds me on A.C.E Chan

  • 0:27 i doubt be will be the maknae I think he more likely to be the eldest or one of the eldest members (people are saying he is a 1999 liner) since it’s not likely they would debut anyone the same age as bts they would go much younger and would likely be more around the ages bts was when they debut

    • you might be right! I guessed he could be the oldest member of the group as well!

  • He looks like Jihoon from Wanna One and Chan from a.c.e..... Both of them are my bias so welcome to my bias list

    • When I first saw him, I thought of chan and jihoon too. He's really cute but Im more excited to find out his talents and personality.

  • If V and Jimin had a baby

  • 2nd comment.

  • No one think that he's a little bit alike to wanna one's Jihoon?