Net Neutrality: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Am 2 Jun 2014 veröffentlicht
Cable companies are trying to create an unequal playing field for internet speeds, but they're doing it so boringly that most news outlets aren't covering it.
John Oliver explains the controversy and lets viewers know how they can voice their displeasure to the FCC.
(, for any interested parties)
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It's HBO.


  • WHAT JOHN?!?! ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT WE AUSTRALIANS ARE STUIPID. We all know you leave your baby with a vicious swooping magpie at most.

  • They still worry about shrek attacks

  • This was Obama's fault

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  • When you see all those 1 year old comments realizing that video is 3 years old. But actually it's 4 years old.

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  • We wouldnt have internet if its inventor had charged cant rid of net neutrality.

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    • You realize he's literally railing against the FCC taking control of the internet here, right? Pai returned the internet to the 2014 standard. putting regulation back under the FTC.

  • 4 years since this video, 1 year since the other one, where are all the dead bodies and the internet premiums people were gonna be force to pay? Oh, you're actually retarded liberals and the internet in the US is better than it's ever been? I would have never thought.

  • I would trust a dingo with my baby before I trust 99.99% of the politicians

  • Whoopsy.

  • Good evening monsters. Lmao A perfect name for 100% of the internet

  • I wouldn't of said 'fly my pretties, fly' I would of gone with 'And let slip the dogs of war'.

  • I find it hypocritical of this guy saying it's an important issue when he was all for censoring what democrats dubbed 'Fake News'

  • First this happened and now article 13...

  • what are you talking about my friends always go away when i tap them in the face

  • This was back in the days when John Oliver had compelling, funny stories and not just a platform for Trump-bashing

    • To be honest, Trump is an easy target for any joke you want to make. And my whole family voted for him

  • You ARE essentially a friend to the terrorists since you work for the Rothschilds & the Clintons. Nice style choice for your suits, though.........playa.

  • SOMEONE should vote to regulate the FCC

  • Ill give you a hint about nutflix 99% of the videos are Jon

  • DEC2018

  • This is the greatest ever news segment ! 4 years on, this is still the best.

  • *Trump attacked Pres Obamas efforts to **_preserve_** Net Neutrality in 2014* _"Obama’s attack on the internet is another top down power grab. Net neutrality is the Fairness Doctrine. Will target conservative media."_ Although that makes no sense at all (if Trump was likely tweeting that message using his phone on a wireless connection, then, he was enjoying net neutrality, not having to pay extra for "Messaging Package" that ISPs will roll out soon. So that's why Trump repealed net neutrality. For no good reason at all. California passed its own net neutrality bill this year. Trump struck back, and has sued to ensure nowhere in the United States will anyone continue to have net neutrality in any form. The reason ISPs haven't rolled out their extra charges for stuff you already get for free, is that 20 states (unsurprisingly, they are states with Democrats as governors) have sued the Trump administration, and the case is still pending. So, thanks to those states we won't see costly new Internet packages immediately. The case will probably go to the Supreme Court. If Kavanaugh votes to strike down the lawsuit, Trump fans better start saving their pennies - the new "Politics" bundle will only cost anywhere between 25 and 50 dollars a month on top of basic Internet access. The real question is, how does this help "Make America Great Again" for the average citizen? Can anyone answer that?

  • So, uh... Nutflix is actually a thing.... it's a porn sight....

  • 8:40

    • I'm Estonian and I'm actually offended wtfffff

  • Just magnificient :D

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  • This is so relevant! And funny...

  • Stop at 1:11 This guy is fucking cute.

  • Simple solution, because that´s how economics work: If they starting to charging, switch! As long as we keep switching and draining their profits this way, they have to crumble some time.

    • And as they deal between themselves and there is no actual concurrence, just disengage. Switching won't work.

  • Estonia is actually one of the most innovative countries in the world!

  • The iTunes user agreement thing is actually true. As a social experiment, a UK gaming company added a line on their user agreement for a week where by accepting their terms and conditions the user transferred ownership of their immortal soul to the company. By the end of the week they had been freely granted well over 1,000 souls by the soul's respective previous owners.

  • "Just the tip" :D

  • I have 99 problems and my wifi ain’t one

  • So if you support net neutrality then you are against the regulation changes and want to keep things as is, right? If you don't support it then you want the ISP companies to be able to control and throttle, correct??

  • The episode that made Last Week Tonight.

  • I'm already seeing slow downs in the loading times of web pages. The blowback from this is going to be bad.


  • what's this uh

  • cable tv sucks. you pay for all the channels and only watch about 10/20% of them. i don't see the cost benefit.

  • Great stuff! Sent here by BMIS 270. COB. UM Loved the Monopoly bit!

  • Sorry Americans...

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  • I really enjoy John Oliver I just wish he wouldn't yell the jokes so much.

  • Take back the internet from corporate america, check out Skycoin and Skywire

  • "You couldn't tap people's faces to make them leave" Really? Get a stopwatch and start tapping someone's face now and see how long they'll stay in front of you

  • Worth noting on that graph that Netflix speed on all carriers was significantly lower at that time.

  • This fall: When Shrek Attacks!

  • That ending was absolutely amazing


  • Is the laughter in the background real laughter?

  • Nutflix and nut

  • I hope they talk about net neutrality again & mention Verizon throttling firefighters.

  • This is where I feel sorry for Americans. People universally wanted to keep it when they tried to push the new laws before. They just waited until people forgot about the issue then snuck it though anyway. For people with online businesses, websites and such who now realize what they've lost, it must be like waking up with a prolapsed rectum and then realizing you got bum raped in your sleep.

  • you think your lacking dude ? here in egypte its avarage 1 mg download speed

  • The dingo joke is funny, until you realise that the mother killed the baby

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  • And we just discovered that Ajit Pai lied about a DDOS attack against the comment site; an excuse used to ignore all public comments that were placed on it.

  • The internet is a public good and should not give competitive advantages to any organization willing to pay more. It would be an inherently unjust system, with established companies having the capital to secure high speed data traffic highways, while start ups with possibly improved products or business models, that have less capital, left with slower traffic lanes. You really want to make it fair, give the businesses that pay an extra surcharge a short term advantage but use those extra funds to build gigabyte per second nation wide internet highways that will, in the long term, flatten the disadvantage of companies with less capital because the basic infrastructure would be developed to provide gigabyte per second download and upload speed, which would level out any advantages for large cap companies would get in the short teem for paying to build out a better/faster data system made of fiber optic cables. First gigabyte (GB)/per sec, then terabyte (TB)/per sec universal speeds nation wide.

    • Not sure i'm clear what you mean by short term advantages, but It's kinda moot now anyway. the ruling was passed last year by the FCC. The potential (impending reality?) of a tiered system isn't the only problem anyway. ISP's could now muscle in on the content market and crush all beneath them.

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  • Anyone else notice that DE-tv wants $19.99 to watch this show in HD?

  • Apartment 3B. Hmmm. Does this mean that Lex Luther and Superman live in the same building as Ross Geller?

  • omg i love this guy XD even when i don't understand what hes talking about i still laugh

  • You're right let's fight back but not in violence but in words they use are Firepower to win net neutrality

  • This fear mongering sure didn't age well

    • You're a voice in the wilderness on this one Andy.

  • They predicted this... I want a part 2 where they talk about Ajit Pai.

  • Estonias not scared of shrek its scared of Russia

  • Believe it or not his Lex Luthor reference has sort of happened before. Ex. Earth 2

  • I would totally sign up for Nutflix tbh

  • And just like people with a brain knew all along nothing changes with or without net neutrality

  • Welp, the son of a bitch did it.

  • Too bad it actually happened.

  • The Internet slow down started the day Net Neutrality ended.


  • And so it ends.

  • 2:23 Really? It always works for me


  • The thumbnail is a good representation of how I feel about the state of net neutrality right now

  • *READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO SAVE NET NEUTRALITY!* A few weeks ago the FCC announced NetNeutrality ends on June 11 unless we stop it. Click the link to write your lawmakers

  • 10:54

  • We thought Tom wheeler was bad, look at Ajit Pai.

  • "Go see what the real worlds aboot" John oliver

  • can I kill the Heretics sir?


  • yo is there a way that people can find the transcript from this video online without having to contact HBO directly? i've looked online but all i find is news reports from when FCC site crashing after this came out.

  • I wonder if John Oliver would sing the same tune today since the Left is trying so hard to protect net neutrality these days. This is a great example of how money drives politics and media.

  • imagine after this no one will care of whatching tv or even pay for internet? ...

  • As an Aussie ur impersonation of our accent was comically bad

  • "Good evening monsters,"

  • We are fucked

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  • It's funny, in hindsight, Tom Wheeler was a far better FCC chairman than Ajit Pai.

  • “Good evening monsters” Me: “yessss”

  • "Comcast tried to ruin Colorado's internet with a video full of insane lies"