What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)

Am 22 Jul 2018 veröffentlicht
Did you ever wonder what happened if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? No? We neither! Let us find out together!
This video was inspired by xkcd and a video that shall remain unnamed.
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  • im scared of nukes because they are powerfull and can destroy the whole bergen in germany and im on seymour street in germany

  • Press B to pay respect to the cartoon birds that suffer a gory and non child friendly deaths

  • Or it would open a portal for another dimension and kaijus would start coming out from it

  • i was kinda hoping for the same result as the pacific rim underwater explosion but nooooo.

  • ihr seid deutsch =?

  • I live in Philippines 🇵🇭😢😢

  • Well that was an anticlimactic end if ever I saw one. Guess I can sleep better at night now.

  • Yeah "nothing" happens except whole lot of marine life being destroyed.

  • Speaking about giving ideas to Satanic Governments(USA, Britain, IsraHELL mostly).

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  • 4:19 WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?! omg I keep searching the comments and I’m the only one who saw this...

  • I saw we do it


  • It will make a glowing sea.

  • :,3 lastima que este canal solo esta en ingles... es genial

  • your big words make me pain

  • great vid... could have added fusion bit of the nuclear reaction. Could do a follow up... what about a ton of anti-matter / matter?

  • I like the total nullification of their own arguments with the "probably " in the middle. 😂

  • 60 fps 👍

  • It's a category 5🐙

  • It would do pretty much nothing.. on short term. In 50 years fire shooting flying sharks will attack

  • Prove it.

  • 0:09 for shore.... I sea what you did there

  • life on earth would end

  • Typhoon >> Nuclear Bomb

  • I love your videos, 10/10

  • Surprised we haven't tried it yet, we are so fucking stupid, we must be too busy with other majestic scientific experience fuck ups hidden from the public. I still ponder what science is good for but the acceleration of the earth destruction and soon the close proximity planets. Lovely😂🤣😂

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  • this is what hit japan in 2012

  • Seems like it would have been cooler if they did it half a mile under the ocean

  • This is how we get godzilla

  • These videos are so optimistic

  • Tsar bomba was not 1mt of tnt but 100mt, missing some zero while comparing with historical earthquake ;) Very nice animation!

  • The strongest nuclear bomb is not capable of affecting anything in the world, and they want us to believe that a role and a car will warm the world and thaw Antartica. lol

  • The deepest anyone has ever drilled is 8 miles deep.... How do we know what's below that? We don't..

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  • Fuck you i don't want any of that radioactive rain on our country, what do you mean nothing will happened what about the damage the rain will cause to our country hah think on that

  • The planet wouldn't be affected, but the radioactive fallout would be disastrous, invade every ecological system and poison our food supplies. After the subsequent food-shortage we get all the societal chaos that comes with famine: mass-migration, food-riots rising prices of remaining food and goodbye seafood and every species that depends on it.

  • I Live In Philipines.

  • An interesting fact is that the 50 megaton Tsar Bomba that was detonated in a test had only the half of its potential. The reason they halved it is because it was projected that the plane could not escape fast enough from the blast radius of the falling bomba. Therefore, if the penguin submarine dipped it into the Mariana Trench with a timed detonation, it would be possible to use the real Tsar bomba, the 100 megaton one which is twice as powerful (2 megatons in the trench?). That said, our evil experiments are not over just yet!

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  • According to that documentary the meg theres a layer beneath the trench.

  • Cool, so why the fuck not, something to do?

  • The nuclear reaction shown at 1:50 is nuclear fision while the tsar Bomba was nuclear fusion...

  • I think we figured out how to get rid of all those bombs and declare world peace.

  • yup nothing happens on the grand physical scale, it all happens on the microscopic level with random viruses evolving and wiping out the life on the planet...

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  • We should nuke the Indian Sub(human)continent instead. I like the Philippines.

  • the entire ocean would be filled with radiation.

  • 4:18 rip spongebob

  • Nuclear weapons are a hoax...dont exist u retard

  • Stop giving ideas to 👽 how to destroy the earth


    • They did a cut scene and the bird was well out of there. Whew!

  • Prettymuch nothing happens, yet you choose to believe in global warming...

  • Everything in the ocean would die from nuclear poisoning !!! And God only knows what else !!!

  • It would be a good place to bury nuclear waste however. Drill a 1 or 2 mile deep hole on the Pacific plate side right at the interface. Let the plate take it down with it deep into the mantle for the next several billion years.

  • Simple. It would be the movie Deep Impact. There, saved ya'll your 6 minutes of your lives.

  • 2:08 w... Was the squid okay

  • "Its a relatively pristine environment thanks to the absence of humans"....."this will be the perfect place to test our nuke"

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  • I’m a vegan and don’t condone your roasting of cartoon birds 🐦

  • Why are some humans so Destructive. Mmm let’s think about what would happen if we set off a nuclear bomb in one of the most pristine untouched ecosystems left on earth 😤

  • No don't do it, think of the lag.

  • So you just crushed my ideas of mass death's...thx

  • Why are there nukes? Lmao just destroy all nukes

  • This video is 6:03 long and in my opinion that is 6 minutes to long

  • nothing would happen because no bomb could withstand the pressure that deep. would be crushed before it could ignite

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  • Boats and whales will become sans

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  • I like the birds

  • Pure fantasy, not science.

  • Fucking die Megalodon!

  • OK.....so fuck the Tsar bomb, lets detonate the complete nuclear arsenal on the planet, and see what we get. :D

  • The earth doesn't care? I didn't expect that ending...

  • So no cares about sealife underwater? Oh okay

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  • "cool lets do it itll be funny"

  • One persons scientific theory says it would destroy everything, another persons scientific theory says it wouldn't do much of anything... Which one is it? Why can't so-called brilliant people ever agree on anything? I mean is science truly the research and documenting of factual information, or is it just a dick measuring contest between a bunch of know-it-all, but really don't know shit douche bags who's opinion only means something because they have a piece of paper stating that they've completed some classes?

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  • How to make people interested in science

  • That is not true in any way shape of form that would be worse then a million oil boats exploding all at once the ocean would slowly begin to become completely toxic and because these toxins exists within liquid and can spread extremely quick the oceans would be deadly for years and the radiation would begin to go on the shores radiating everything. Fish that didnt die would go for hundreds of miles before they die with there toxins.

  • Next video:What will happen if there is zombie apocalypse.

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  • just a lot of radiation and ravaged seabed