Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

Am 12 Aug 2018 veröffentlicht
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Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?
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Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime


  • To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to www.brilliant.org/nutshell and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.

  • 7:26 Hey is that wormhole to Saturn is a reference to Interstellar? Also Tardis inside wormhole.

    • 7:37 Rick and Morty reference.

    • 7:30 Also Its the Restaurant at the End of the Universe from A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  • why 688?

  • So basically teleportation is possible

  • Are you all belive god?

  • Why not birdholes? You're ironically using a bird for a wormhole...

  • It looks so cool that i wanna get sucked in oooh!

  • This is too much lol, kinda cool tho, if i could i would pursue this is it wasnt just theories, and the chance the none of this means anything

  • Then what are we waiting for let’s make our own

  • Good idea when it the end of space

  • This video is really great, thank you for producing such high quality content and allowing us to watch it free! And the MUSIC! It's awesome, it has such an amazing 80's vibe!!! Thank you!!!!

  • I watch this for the music

  • When will everyone learn.... Stop criticizing the worm holes theories, after all I t s a l l i n y o u r h e a d

  • Am I the only one that watched this because I thought of Lance (from voltron) yelling, “I’LL STUCK YOU IN A WORMHOLE!”

  • If it takes an infinite amount of time to cross through to a white hole and it crimps shut in the middle, how can it spewing items out the other side?

  • I came here to learn about a wormhole, and Y'all starting talking about man-made wormholes for intergalactic and interplanetary travel...I love you.

  • to escape a blackhole, use a wormhole

  • to escape a blackhole, use a wormhole

  • Wormholes? Why dont you just buy a portal gun?

  • 1:04 kinds looks trippy the way it's drawn

  • If physicd was taught like this, I would have become a physicist today.

  • Vaporwave

  • “Worm goles don’t exist” Me: boi

  • 4:34 that Interstellar reference tho!

  • Element 115 was supposed to have antimatter properties

  • Bet this tech already exists somewhere in the hands of some lucky group of people

  • 2:13

  • I was thinking this idea that a Black whole looks like a black portal

  • The frame rate of this video is perfect

  • a e s t h e t i c k u r z g e s a g t

  • The worm hole strings remind me of the star wars galaxy with the hyperspace lanes

  • ok, firstly, im in year 9 and i understand nearly all of this, does this mean im smart? xD secondly, i learn more from these than in school.

  • Damnit garfield, we told you not to mess with the space-time continum!

  • I love Kurzgesagt physics stuff when I‘m stoned. But even sober I still enjoy it

  • Voltron has entered the chat.

  • Wormholes are like cheat codes or game sharks for the universe, you might get what you want, but you could also break the whole dam thing's internal system.

  • NASA confirms: In Space, Doggystyle and Reverse-Cowgirl Are The Same

  • wow this video has 3dimension effects :) keep it up

  • Good luck in making a wormhole and setting up a new galactic civilisation........What a load of bollocks

  • Or, y' know, just hire a tunneling ship.

  • what if we are going backwards and the parallel universe is going the right way but we think we are right?

  • 4:35 I know i'm extremely late but interstellar referance?

  • I didn't see any other comments so I just wanna say: LOVE THE STARGATE VISUAL REFERENCE!

  • What would happen if an object going Mach 20x speed of light heading through a worm hole

  • I think I’m gonna go build a spaceship now.

  • 20.019 ??

  • Few seconds before 5:16 kind of funny

  • I kind of feel they are possible though

  • What is the obsession with birds?

    • Welcome to kurzgesagt, sir. Birds are everywhere in here. Enjoy.

  • 100 billion years later, universe spins 0.000000000000000000000000000042 centimeters

  • exotic mathe is god maybe?

  • I have a theory of what white holes would look like. Since nothing can get near white holes, including light. But instead of it just being a bright sphere, the white hole would act like a cosmic mirror, you can also see the object where the ridiculous repulsion is coming from. It won't act like a normal mirror, your reflection would appear to bulge out and be very distorted, so distorted that the reflection would become a empty circle. The light from the stars would appear to compress as they get closer to the white hole, forming a bright pulsating ring appearing to be suspended from the object. Around the ring, space would appear to be distorted, like the effects of a black hole, and as you get close to the ring, stars would appear to cluster closer and get stretched more, until a thin line appears, where light then begins to move away from the white hole. Nothing can go inside the ring since it behaves like a reverse event horizon. Inside the ring, you would see pure blackness surrounding the object in the middle. If the white hole is made of +Mass matter, it would tear itself apart really quickly, making normal matter white holes impossible.

  • Did John Carpenter score this vid? 10/10!

  • *this is deep. literally*

  • If possible, how could the head of the wormhole find its tail in the wide of this universe. Do our universe have coordinates? I wonder.

  • 6:20 me actually trying to make friends

  • Dont u remember that joke where a person uses a wormhole to get into the safe and then the wormhole containing paper falls off. The man is trapped in the safe. Or woman. Or trans whatever u want to prefer

  • I liked all of your videos

  • I just can't stop watching your videos...

  • Hahahahahaha I'm laughing because in the parallel universe,the space color is green Hahahahahahaahahahaahahahaahahah hkkbjigj,cktfufgvyukgjhgxigjgfu6yutuy4uojiiyib

  • This video got me into Synthwave genre of music. Finally noticed the 80s sun in the background at 5:45 edit: and also the sun and the car(art style associated with 80s) at 7:43

  • I know where you can find a *worm* hole. The ground.

  • I need to play Mass Effect again.

  • If those negative mass pushing away gravity doesn't it mean we can't even enter the worm hole as it pushing our mass away?

  • Where is Petscop 2?

  • Brilliant !

  • 4:35 Wait, was that an Interstellar reference??

  • 3:30 “you’ll only become dead” XD

  • if exoctic matter was in the middle of a wormhole gateway, it would also block you from entering, as it would repulse you away from it when trying to go through the hole. all it would be would be a window of sorts, which cant be traversed.

  • what ive always wondered about wormholes... what if the other side has vastly different pressure? wouldnt that push air, dust, matter, water etc from one side of the hole to the other? would a wormhole only work if the pressure on both sides were approximately the same?

  • I have a question The wormhole is one that meets two point in spacetime. It's almost right, hu? And we have to curve the spacetime to meet that two points. And also we have to cut and curve the spacetime to connect that points. The curve of spacetime means 'time become slow'. So when we through thw wormhole, our time becomes slow. Like Einstein-Rosen bridge. But we think that wormhole we can through it. Then we will arraive the future... So... that is the fast way...? Ummm... I think I don't understand this video perfectly yet.😅 *And I don't English well*

  • 1:03 like if you see a SOLID cube with a red bottom and blue walls

  • we still cant cross if there is an exotic matters. We are matters. It's gonna push out us too

  • Backwards ? brown

  • My brain hurts

  • khó hiểu kênh này, tiếng nước ngoài mà lại tên video tiếng việt, chú thích tiếng việt, phụ đề cũng có tiếng việt và nhiều ngôn ngữ khác.....

  • For some reason i find 3:20 extremely hilarious

  • is it just me or does the building at 7:36 look like the citadel from rick and morty?

  • It's a amazing video on quantum mechanics make such more realistic video

  • my head fucking hurts

  • If you have antigravity in the center of manmade wormholes with the strength of a neutron star's gravity, have are you going to get through it?

  • So 5:30 is kinda like Valve's Portal games?

  • I'll open a pizza parlor pit stop

  • The flash gang where u at?

  • WoW

  • To bad but i think that he dark side would be if we have a worm hole in earth if it was to be ct and make a worm hole then our Orm hole that has a black hole on the other side would take everything from our world in it right? I meen thts what i think

  • through my observations , negative energy can be produced from souls.

  • Uhh I know how to make exotic matter! It’s magnets 🧲

  • Tara baap na deekha

  • Did I see the "space dandy" anime's breasturant "boobies" Holy muffins! I love it! ♥

  • 0:03 the clock is alive!

  • Basically: Portal ...which means you can't put one side of a wormhole in your lab and the other on the moon or any planet because you will be suCKED

  • I KNOW HOW TO MAKE 1 get paper flap it on it make a hole don got 1

  • M - Mental A - Abuse T - To H -Humans

    • M - go A - back T - playing H - fortnut

    • I saw this joke when i was born like 3000 years ago

    • +Dopamine I am only directing it to the people who are lazy. I've taught math in school when I was in college. I know some people aren't good at it. But Some are just lazy and using excuse. I know this is a joke (overused one) but the people who aren't really good at it and try hard, don't make these jokes.

    • +Karan Chavda I wouldn't say It's right to put someone down just for having academic troubles. In fact, they should be supported and encouraged to keep at it for even making the attempt. The only ignorance worthy of ridicule is willful ignorance, especially if It's spread as misinformation. Otherwise It's often just empty discouragement.

    • Only if you have weak mind.

  • Could we do time travel in the future with wormholes?

  • What if antimatter is just matter that moves backwards in time?

  • 1:29 i just have one question: what the fuck does time have to do with space?

  • Unfortunately we haven't directly observed a black hole or white hole, just the A holes.

  • Nice theme- matches the topic.

  • Do anyone found the wormhole?